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  1. Sydney and Brisbane are almost at capacity levels for this seminar! Auckland may have a few seats left.
  2. Adelaide is using some of the zoo animals for their working spots. Should be a real treat! Adelaide is now fully booked. Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland still have seats available!
  3. Hey Diva - I hope you got a reply from me? Just an update that Melbourne has sold out all their tickets for Bob Bailey. We still have positions available in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and of course New Zealand!!
  4. I am very excited to announce that registrations have now opened for the Bob Bailey Down Under Tour 2017 !! Bob will be here in March/April 2017 and numbers are LIMITED at each venue. This may be the last time Bob comes to Australia so please, get your registrations in asap so you don't miss out. Dates and locations are: Brisbane 25 - 27 March 2017 http://www.agilityclick.com/bob-bailey-down-under-qld Contact Valerie on [email protected] 0407 128 232 or Contact Cathy on [email protected] 0448 815 135 Sydney 31 March, 01 & 02 April 2017 http://dogaholics.com.au/…/Bob-Bailey-Down-Under-Tour-2017.… Contact Margaret on [email protected] 0403 676 655 Melbourne 7-9 April 2017 https://chewsaustralia.com.au/…/bob-bailey-down-under-tour…/ Contact Tammie on [email protected] 0412 256 655 Auckland, New Zealand 14-16 April 2017 http://learningaboutdogs.co.nz/Cu…/bob-bailey-auckland-2017/ Contact Karen on [email protected] Adelaide, 21-22 April 2017 http://www.petraedwards.com/ Contact Petra on [email protected] 0439 471 440
  5. What time is his last meal? If there are no physical issues that come up in your vet check I would look at changing the time of day he is fed ie maybe last meal no later than 4pm or switch to main meal in the morning and a small meal in the afternoon/evening. I would be trying a late evening toilet run, very early morning and early morning. He may have a sensitive bowel that when it is full he needs to go and can't hold it in. If a pup or dog is stressed it can also cause more bowel movements. I'd also be looking at how well formed his stools are - soft, hard, mucousy, dry etc as well as the frequency.
  6. Last call for anyone who is still interested in the seminar. Email me at [email protected].
  7. Last call for anyone who is still interested in attending this seminar. Email me at [email protected]
  8. Registration is still open for the Newcastle seminar!
  9. I posted this in the training section but I've realised not everyone goes there so thought I'd repost in General. If it is deemed inappropriate I will remove it. International dog trainer and behaviourist Suzanne Clothier(USA) is returning to Australia in August this year. She will be appearing in Geelong and Newcastle only. This seminar is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about dogs, pet owners, vet nurses, trainers and behaviourists. Also for any foster carers that wish to learn more about the world of dogs. Suzanne is the author of many books, notably, If Bones Would Rain from the Sky. If you haven't read it, do it!! Jigsaw Dogs is excited to announce that Suzanne Clothier is returning in 2015! Seminar dates are 15 & 16 August. Topics for Newcastle are WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Unraveling the Puzzles of Behavior, Training & Performance. and FROM MADDENING TO MATURITY: Understanding & Helping the Adolescent Dog If you're interested in receiving further information please forward me an email to [email protected] or comment below with your email address and I'll send an information brochure on to you. Topics for Geelong seminar are: CARAT 1.1. (Two day introductory intensive) Followed by a two day seminar, incorporating: Connection, Co-operation & Control: • Mindful Socialisation • From Maddening to Maturity • You Had Me at Sniff Victorian Seminars hosted by “Walking As One” – contact Jo-Anne Hamilton: [email protected] Please share to anyone or any group you feel may be interested. For further information regarding Suzanne Clothier http://suzanneclothier.com/
  10. I've sent emails to Whitka, VislaMomma and newfsie. Sorry for the delay, I got distracted with uni exams.
  11. This is one of the best muzzle training videos I've seen.
  12. Just sent the info off to you Toshman. Sorry about the delay.
  13. Better Late - your email bounced back. Is there anything missing from your email address? I used [email protected]. Oops, my bad! It's [email protected] :) Sent!
  14. Better Late - your email bounced back. Is there anything missing from your email address? I used [email protected].
  15. I've just sent emails to Better Late, Jumabaar, BC Crazy and Stressmagnet. Let me know if you don't get them.
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