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  1. Sounds like you just opened up the playing field quite a bit. What dogs have you had in the past, what dogs would you like in the future and maybe breeders and owners of those particular breeds could give you a few pros and cons. I have golden retrievers and can't fault them, I breed with temperament as one of my key elements, I have 3 children between 10 yrs and 20 months so a tolerance is very important. My goldens go crazy if a car rocks up. they don't usually bark otherwise. All mine bark to let the visitor know that they are their to be spoken to and played with. There is no protecti
  2. so what is it about the hocks that needs to improve in your opinion to correct all of these GSD's that can't walk properly ? First it was their back legs, now it's their hocks. I don't know I'm not into anatomy. Maybe you should speak to a vet who specialises in GSDs if you're concerned. I have seen enough to know there is a problem but if people choose to ignore the obvious then i can't do anything about it. What i can do is acknowledge that the judges are (in Australia at least) rewarding the correct dogs so hopefully breeders will see this and adjust accordingly. That's all i will say.
  3. I prefer to think of it as maintaining perspective rather than getting a thick skin. Far easier to deal with the slings and arrows by seeing those who fire them for what they are rather than trying to ignoring them. Success brings jealousy and bitchiness from the small and nasty minded in all things, not just the show ring. Very true on all counts. I wasn't meaning ignore it (personally I'm not that type of person) However I have seen some people emotionally destroyed by the goings on of a very few. If your not one to walk off, or bite back and wander off home like nothings happen the
  4. I get my goldens assessed by a Lad breeder in my area. I could ask if she could look at some pictures for an outsider view, I can't promise she will nor can i promise she will think photos are good enough as she is very thorough. Showing isn't the only way to breed. But Conformation is very important maybe talk to a gun dog judge in your area to do a physical exam as well. Or another pleasant gun dog breeder who is willing to help, also people have their own styles even judges so what you get scratched at one show may dominate at another. Plenty of ways to find out her conformation with out
  5. It's not rude nor judgmental to say you believe, or that's what you do. What is rude and judgmental is people say You should not get a dog cause you can't care for it right or that's irresponsible to never have them inside or how cruel or how dare you. It becomes judgmental when it becomes a direct attack, a statement of generalization but in a derogatory way. Your believe is perfectly fine and explaining why you believe it is perfectly fine, if you were to forcibly impose your believes and/or add statements of a judgmental manner as stated above it becomes rude and judgmental. And for s
  6. Magician Make Treats disappear!!!!! not in english but we watch for the dogs anyway. http://www.wimp.com/treatsdisappear/
  7. It's recently 4 as my youngest is only 5 mths My girls get isolated during seasons with no problem before. I quite often bring one into the house yard during the day or night by itself. I specifically do this to avoid problems if 1 dog has to be by its self for reasons like injuries, visiting dogs (stud dog visits and my male gets put by himself because of the way he acts when a female is in season, he can't be with the other girls due to a dominance frustration with the other male) I alternate who I pen who with if they get anyone. I have a friend who is a breeder who has to isolate her males
  8. Most dogs aren't able to come inside, Most people rent and those owners usually don't allow dogs inside, I know my rental property is strictly outside only. I don't know the people and I can't trust the will train their dogs not to go to destroy my house. People allowing dogs inside when specifically requested otherwise is why owners refuse pets to make sure it doesn't happen, tho even then it still does. As for my dogs here, I specifically brought this house to be close to my kids school it's small and barely fits us, My study is my kitchen table because i can't fit a desk, My dogs have a
  9. This is how I have always kept my dogs too, I've had GSDs, Rotty's border collies mix breeds and Currently have 4 golden retrievers 3 of which have never been inside my house. At the moment they sleep outside in a penned off yard with a garden shed (with whirly bird) as shelter. This is where they stay in rain or 40 degree weather. The pen has trees for shade ect they have each other for company, my kids after school and me for training on our structured time, they also have unstructured time when ever which isn't much during uni sessions. My dogs are healthy, obedience out going and super fr
  10. I hate this tattoo can't think of a more stupid thing, the next thought (didn't read the article if it is mentioned) Do they plan to keep shaving this dog's shoulder ? And my tat a little sore, more so when something scraped it (on my thigh) so laying in bed sheets where annoying, and a few days later it was itch as F*** can't imagine healing from surgery and having to deal with that trying to relax with no sudden movements then scrape trying to relax cone on head stitches itching and sore, shoulder incredibly itchy I love tats have my artist drawing my next up the entire one side of m
  11. I must be in minority, I breed and sell on limited, if asked about main for breeding a few nice questions and information about health testing, politics (certain people out their who don't like the prefixs in my dogs), ANKC eithics, genetics and then financial aspect (health test, prog testing stud fees and c sections) and ask then is that something they want to do. If they are keen and seem to have a financial income that would support the worst case scenario we go to the next step of if I have a quality pup available. This may take a few phone calls and or meetings but its no different to se
  12. yep, when solids are introduced. chicken necks, very very (can't fit in mouth) large meaty bones for jaw strengthening.
  13. I will not be doing neonatal desexing If my concerns come to the point of the pedigree isn't worth anything more than a puppy farm name or the risk to to many pups being put in a bad situation not desexed. Then I will stop breeding. for 2 reasons 1 I would hope to find that same home that would offer a pup desexed a good life as before i desexed them. 2 I can not ask any more for a common dog desexed as everyone else does undesexed, then i have more out lay which I can not afford. I already do beyond the requirements in health testing to provide a good dog, I can not and will not breed t
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