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  1. I noted in your post you said you give him toys when you go to work, and take them away when you get home. Other than you and your girlfriend does he have anything to play with when you get home? If not it will partly be boredom I suspect. My dogs always have access to toys. Nice things to show it's ok to be left are bones, treats and aussie pigs ears. He is jumping because he wants attention and to be with you. I have a dog who digs to china when stressed if we leave him outside, so I don't. He is inside when we aren't home, and inside with me 95% of the time, unless he chooses to be outside. It does not mean he's always getting attention but he's always with us as he is happier. He knows he can come on the couch, but he also has his bed we can send him to when he is too much, and that is great. He is 9 and only just became secure enough to sleep in his own bed this year after a lot of work. I also agree with getting a trainer. Good luck.
  2. Selecting a Dog Breed

    On what planet do 'most people ' go for pitbulls?? They're a restricted breed! I can count on one hand the number I have met in all my years of dog ownership. Far from being a common pet and most certainly NOT a breed for a novice owner.
  3. 9th Storey Apartment

    I wouldn't risk it myself as there is too many risk factors. A staffy would not be a suitable choice for your living situation. However if you are set on one, please research your preferred colour as I believe there are a lot of health issues with it. While it's great to have a preference I'd look at the right personality and health of the dog over the colour.
  4. I've used Jetpets to take an 8wo php from Tassie to Melbourne with no issue
  5. Replacement Pan For Dog Crate?

    Its 8 years old, I'm not sure they'll reply. Contact the company directly perhaps?
  6. Seeking samoyed puppy

    You will probably get more answers by posting this in general not off topic
  7. Which out of the 2 please

    Not from a registered breeder? So a per shop? Neither!
  8. Staffy

    Get a professional trainer if you want to keep the dog. If he is going to be near the kids, keep him on a lead at all times so you can control when, where and how he interacts with them.
  9. Dreadful Diagnosis gone Wrong

    The only person who can give you answers as to how they 'got it wrong' would be the vets unfortunately as all we would be doing is guess or share horror stories which will distress you more. Just give them a call and speak to someone for a chat.
  10. Where? I've read the posts a number of times and saw no explanation, only regarding the microchip. There has been mention of her then him in more than one post. Getti g the sex of your dog wrong more than once regardless of how long you've had it, more than once is an odd 'typo'.
  11. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Definitely. I've heard the no bones before too with one of them (maybe the same one, he was horrified i was still feeding chicken raw after the chicken neck thing) so maybe a training issue as the senior vets don't say no bones, just recommend caution with certain types and i know they have a lot of raw fed clients.
  12. Vets and lack of knowledge

    i suggest calling the clinic and passing on the feedback. They are very open to it and always looking to improve. Maybe he was just having an off day and forgot.
  13. Heat Bed for Older Dog - Recommendations?

    Bundy hated the snugglesafe it was too hard. Im considering a heated mat from k9pro.
  14. Outdoor dog ramps

    Oh handrails would be a given! DDD thats a great ramp. My kelpie would still launch down the stairs though.
  15. Outdoor dog ramps

    That looks really good! I thought about leaving the stairs but he would be the same and just keep using them. We also have a disabled family member who struggles with stairs so losing them completely would make it easier for him too.