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  1. I had my dog on apoquel. Expensive but it helped a bit. What completely solved all my allergy issues however was putting my dogs on a raw diet.
  2. The partner would be staying elsewhere until he showed he could act like an adult with a brain. He obviously wasn't thinking/drunk so he should not be trusted around the puppy.
  3. Still got at least 3 more weeks before peak season in Vic ends. Until summer ends though most places are still chockers on weekends.
  4. You need to call pet transport companies for quotes.
  5. Ohh it is. We call it puppy popcorn here as its so fluffy. Its not cheap but its so good, super stinky and puppy friendly. Prime 100 rolls were what I came here to suggest. My puppy is nearly 5 months and only now is he able to stomach liver treats without getting sick and he's on a raw diet. We use prime 100 and tripe for training, or the love em puppy treats.
  6. Kozmicus (not sure on spelling) Hubertus, Graebrook are just a few. Like most breeds there's not many at the moment. Kozmicus isn't breeding for 12 months, they are awesome though. Kenoz/Kenishka in Tassie is where I got my old boy from.
  7. I'd get them medium I'd love to know where you are getting them, I need two as well.
  8. When Diesel had Bowen a free his back injury, the improvement was phenomenal. When Diesel was having a break, she watched Bundy run around the yard, then stop to cough and eat grass. He had been doing that for months and we just thought he was weird. She immediately said that something was wrong (I don't remember). I agreed to get Bundy treated and she did a couple of things to him and his entire posture and mood changed. Since that day he has never done those behaviours together again. I've had Bowen a number of times done to me at the same time and had really great results with one lady and not so much with someone else.
  9. We can definitely organise something He's a whippet.
  10. Maisie is gorgeous! If things settle soon I'll have somedoggy in 5 weeks who would love a puppy pal he will be a little bigger though. How did you end up getting her here?
  11. Honestly if you like vizslas,one from the right breeder could be doable. My Viz is the laziest cruisest soul to grace this earth, if he has his people he is cool to explore or just hang at home. We joke the breeder broke the mould with him, she calls him 'speshul' and he's 10 now lol. He lives to sleep. He is my second and will probably be my last because he is so awesome. Otherwise I think you'd definitely be on the mark with a spaniel of some sort.
  12. Does it smell? He could have blocked anal glands maybe
  13. Good luck trying to police the desexing, you can't make someone do it even if they agree to it. There's been numerous threads here about desexing contracts and people not following them and there's nothing you can do.
  14. When I lived in Melbourne I used Southern Animal Health for my dogs. They didn't need that procedure but all the vets we saw were very knowledgeable and experienced, by far one of the best vet clinics I've used. Worth giving them a call for a chat if you are considering them.
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