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Obedience Clubs

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Hi Everyone

I am looking at joining an obedience club in the new year as I want to continue trialling. I have a male stafford who has his CCD (would like to get him up in the higher levels) and I have 2 female staffords (3yrs and the other only 6mths) that I want to start training for obedience (should be fun :cool: ).

I am after a good, friendly club that provides training for people looking at trialling. I am after a club that is based in Penrith/Windsor/Blacktown area that trains on any night except wednesdays.

If anyone has suggestions on clubs I would love to hear them, I would also like opinions on clubs (good and bad) so feel free to message me privately.

I figured I would get a head start on researching suitable clubs prior to the new year!

Thanks in advance


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