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Dog Will Fetch Dumbell, But No Other Object With High Value


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My girl brandy will fetch, hold, give, Wooden dumbell, and rolled newspaper and will also perform the retieve exercise with both, but..

Anything that she knows has a high value to her she will not fetch/retieve which frustrates me as i don't always bring her dumbell to class but always have a small tug on hand or similar toy.

HIGH VALUE: Tug toy, Squeeky dumbell, lead and tennis balls.

She fails to fetch any of the above obejects listed because she knows that they are a reward for obedience where as the wooden dumbell, has always been my object for retieve in which she is not allowed to play with.

i have tried to do the clicker elimination with these objects but she is just see's them as her fun toys that she can do what ever with.

Is there a way to teach her to fetch these items???

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Are you talking about wanting her to do a formal retrieve or a fun retrieve?

In either case, I would teach her that if she brings the reward back as requested then the game with the toy starts/continues, if she plays keep away then the game will end.

That's easiest if interacting with you is the reward, as opposed to mere possession of the toy being the reward. If the interaction with you is the reward, the dog gains something by bringing the toy to you. If possession of the toy is the reward, then the dog looses something by bringing you the toy, creating conflict & unwillingness to complete the retrieve.

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i would like to do a formal retrieve with the tug toy as in sit, wait send,etc

but i think that could be my problem with the squeeky toys as she will just laydown and squeek the toy and if i were to incourage her along she will drop it as she can't play tug with it as a formal retrieve.

she doesn't play keep away but will not do the "fetch hold give" in a sit position infront of me she just refuses to open her mouth or touch the tug unless she knows it is "fun time exercise complete"

might fiddle around to day with the clicker and shaping today as that is what my other dog is taught but different kettle of fish with toys.

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Yes, that's the problem with training with a squeaky toy as a reward, the dog doesn't need to interact with you to make the toy "alive", so why would he give it back to you?

If she's more food motivated than toy motivated you could reteach the retrieve using a food reward. Or I guess you could take the squeak out of the toy & train the retrieve, then put the squeaker back in when it's solid & hope the habit holds. I can't think of any other ways to train the behaviour without using corrections.

Can I ask, why do you want her to do a formal retrieve with a squeaky toy in the first place?

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