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Pro Plan Dog Dry

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I know this has been talked about many imes which dry is better than others etc but was wondering about pro plan I brought some over the weekend and my girls are loving it they were on the cheaper supermarket ones but I've always wanted to change wondered if I should of got a different one

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I happily feed Pro-Plan to my dogs. I show as well as train for obedience my GSD's. On Pro-Plan Performance my GSD girl gets 1 cup a night mixed with 50grams of mince or a tin of sardines this is a girl that does 8 kilometres a day walk or bike training, my old male GSD gets 2 cups plus meat or fish. Please note the cups are the 250mil size not bigger.

I honestly believe it works out very similar price wise feeding the better quality foods, as the dogs don't need as much. With the added bonus of less poop to pick up.

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my shelties are on Purina ProPlan - have been for years. I forget which one it is, but it's one for dogs with sensitive stomachs. (which they haven't - they just like it.) I think it's fish and rice based.

Barbara B

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