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  1. First of all the puppy owner does need a second opinion. Preferably a new vet as it is not recommended to de-sex GSD puppies so early. Unfortunately, X-rays taken as early as 5 months are not conclusive as GSD hips and elbows are still loose at this stage. Meaning that X-rays show a greater degree of subluxation than will show after 12 months of age. As I understand from attending lectures the vast subluxation at an early age is what a lot of vets misunderstand. I would recommend it you are in Sydney to see either Dr Karen Hedburg - North Richmond Vet practice or Dr Robert Zammit - Vinyard Vet Clinic. Both these vets specialise in GSD's.
  2. Anyone with a catalogue that could scan and post the German Shepherd both varieties please.
  3. I have no problems with what pounds/shelters/rescue groups charge for dogs, purebred or mixed breed. To be honest quite often the charges from these pounds etc only covers the cost of desexing, immunising and relevant vet work. People that buy these priced up to $650 are IMHO getting an exceptional bargain. If the purchaser of a new puppy got their puppy desexed, its annual injections and 3 months worth of heartworm treatment and that would cost them $650. I am a breeder of purebred, pedigreed GSD's, I charge at the top end of the market and am very, very selective of my buyers. I discuss with them long term and short term costs, insurance and obedience. The other issue I don't allow impulse purchasing I won't allow a puppy to go home with their new family, even if the puppy is 8 weeks and hasn't been chosen or presold the new owner has to wait a week. This allows the new owner/family to read the information that I have given them and think about what I have discussed with them. But even though I go to a lot of effort I have over 30 years had 3 dogs come back, 2 due to divorce and one death. I rehomed one and kept the other 2 for various reasons. Additional I had one 11 year old girl end up at the RSCPA due to the neighbour knocking the fence over, her family and I both arrived at the pound at the same time. No matter how much as a responsible breeder I and other breeders are, there are some reasons that some owners/families have to surrender their dogs, these currently appear to be the results of divorce, inability to obtain suitable rental property(often as a result of divorce) and change in economic circumstances such as loss of job. Until such times as it is made harder for pet shops to sell puppies to impulse buyers and websites like Gumtree offering very inexpensive puppies due to "accidental matings" dogs that however will make good pig dogs, or my dog is good with children and so is my friends dog and we thought that the children should see puppies being born!!!! We will have an excess of puppies, I sometimes wonder if we need to encourage some form of cheaper desexation.
  4. Apparently the accused appealed against his sentence and the DPP cross appealed and the DPP won. The accused cannot appeal again against his sentence. When he now gets out will be up to the parole board. I am just so glad that the sentence was increased, Bob Knight was just the most wonderful man and a great friend to all dogs.
  5. I can recommend Border Collie rescue. I contacted them for a dog for someone I knew, the dog had to meet very specific requirements, these requirements were not easy to find, however, Border Collie rescue went above and beyond to help locate the right border collie for my friend. My friend has now had his 3rd Border Collie from Border Collie rescue and each time the people have just been amazing.
  6. Hi Bel Could you please advise which state you are in as the laws can differ between states. Personally and ethically, I never let a puppy go home the first day I meet a new puppy buyer, they have to leave a deposit and come back the following week, that is if the puppy is 8 weeks or older. Younger puppies the new owners need to leave a deposit and visit the puppy at least once before they can take the puppy home. I always diarise when the puppy owners come to visit. I do advise the puppy can be return within 48 hours with a vets certificate stating what their vet believes is an issue with the puppy. I have never had a puppy returned under those conditions. Cheers FH
  7. Anyone wanting to do an ET the Canberra ET has spaces available it is on 23 June, 2013. Just contact ACTDogs or ACTGSDClub they can both put you in touch with the organiser.
  8. I happily feed Pro-Plan to my dogs. I show as well as train for obedience my GSD's. On Pro-Plan Performance my GSD girl gets 1 cup a night mixed with 50grams of mince or a tin of sardines this is a girl that does 8 kilometres a day walk or bike training, my old male GSD gets 2 cups plus meat or fish. Please note the cups are the 250mil size not bigger. I honestly believe it works out very similar price wise feeding the better quality foods, as the dogs don't need as much. With the added bonus of less poop to pick up.
  9. I am concerned about the amount of dry you are feeding, please, whatever you do a GSD should never eat more than 4 cups of a good quality dry food like Advance, Royal Canin GSD formula, Pro Plan Working Formula or Eukanubra GSD formula. More than 4 cups of dry is too heavy for a GSD stomach and can lead to stomach stretching and bloat. Double coated breeds like GSD's Siberian Huskey's and Alaskan Malamute's <excuse spelling> all need higher fat levels in their food than single coated breeds, as well as higher protein content 25%. (I think from memory, but if you have Dr Karen Hedberg's book available at your local library she actually states the percentage.) I have currently a showline bitch 58cm who weighs 25 kilos, she runs 8 kilometres a day, she gets a chicken wing of a morning and of an evening she is on a cup and a half of dry, 100 grams mince/egg/can sardines depending she is perfect weight for height. You possibly have quite healthy dogs that don't need any more weight put on them.
  10. The German Shepherd Council of Australia publishes their Breed Survey Books which list all GSD's that have passed hip and elow X-rays and also haemophillia results. As yet DM is not a required test but I and a couple of other breeder's test for it, I have asked the GSDCA to publish the results of DM testing, but am awaiting a reply.
  11. I am another one who hates their Fisher and Paykel toploader that is supposed to wash up to 10 kilos. I hate it, hate it, hate it. It tangles the washing, it tears clothe,s it catches clothes in the agitator. It doesn't empty properly, if I could afford a decent new washing machine I would be rid of this one like a shot. DO NOt buy an F & P!!!!! In fact I would never ever recommend F & P products to anyone. I have their Fridge - it is a nightmare, and have worked in a place that had 4 of their dishwashers that didn't wash or dry even the basics like cups and mugs.
  12. I would just like to announce that my beautiful Durnstein Divine Miss M ET HIC AZ BSCl 1 has now been tested free of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Additional I have tested all 7 puppies in her litter sired by Yester vom Feuermelder and all 7 have tested clear. For those of you that don't know Degenerative Myelopathy is the insidious disease which starts with dogs sometimes as young as 4-5 years dragging their hind feet and being unable to walk by the time these dogs are 6 -7 years of age. I am hopeful that other breeders will start testing their breeding stock for this disease. At only $85.00 to test a dog, we can eradicate this disease in only 3 - 4 generations, as long as you mate clear to unclear and continue breeding clear to unclear.
  13. I actually meant the comment as a joke, possibly when I wrote it late at night after being woken up, by what I perceived as a very strange call my remarks didn't come across as as humerous as I meant. What I was trying to express was that trying to be an ethical breeder and help and assist the wonderful families that choose to buy a puppy, in which I have invested a lot of time, effort, energy and money into I am happy to help. The person that rang and had the conversation last night was actually quite rude and belligerant, when I didn't have a puppy the colour he wanted and basically named an unacceptable to me company!!!
  14. I am now thinking of putting the price up on my puppies to the following scenario that has just happened, accept I told the person I wasn't prepared to sell them a puppy. This is how the conversation on my mobile went. Phone rings 10:30pm I was in bed trying to sleep. (Not going to happen now until I unwind again) Caller: "Black" Me: "Pardon" Caller: "Black" Me: "Pardon" (gathering thoughts as I try to wake up) Caller: "I want a black one" Me: "Oh, umm you want to buy a GSD puppy?". Caller: "I want a black one" Me: "Okay, so you want to buy a black GSD puppy? Caller: " Yes, I want a black one" (talk about a one track mind) Me: "I have black and gold" Caller: "I want a black one" Me: "Sorry, you need to talk to someone that breeds working line GSDs" The call eventually end with the caller telling me that a well know place that sells guard dogs has lots of blacks and I don't know what I am talking about!!! So now to unwind and get back to sleep. And people want to know why our puppies are so expensive, I did forget to mention that whether I like it or not some prospective buyers expect to be able to contact me 24/7. I am not expected to sleep.
  15. If your puppy is a GSD from a registered breeder, our club code of ethics requires that we provide the information. We get a copy of the hand written results from Lavelle and the club gets a copy and they send us a certificate. Results are then reported annually in the clubs Breed Survey book. I am sorry but no matter what breed you should get a copy even if the breeder writes copy on the paperwork. All I know is that I provide copies of all relevant documents, and most breed clubs require their members to provide them. FH
  16. It is interesting a number of you think that asking the price up front is important and that it should be displayed on breeders websites. I know that a lot of breeders might charge less for a puppy that they feel is totally mismarked, but feel if they put a set price up, they might not get a good home for a mismarked puppy that they are prepared to let go for a lower price. A number of years ago I sold a family for almost half price a very nice puppy, there were mitigating circumstances, they could once as a family afford vet bills, feeding etc, but due to a few issues with one of their children they wanted him to a) have the puppy as his own b)use his pocket money to go to the purchase price of the puppy. This child didn't get a puppy from my first litter but had to wait 12 months to save up more money and also show me via charts from home that he could show responsibility at home so that he could have a puppy, for me after meeting the family a number of times he needed a dog but he also need to mature another 12 months. I still have contact with this child who is now a doctor and got his 2nd dog of me from my last litter 8 years ago. Do I still adjust my prices, yes, if I meet the family and feel that it would be a really good home, I might take a couple of hundred dollars of the price, IF I feel that they are the perfect home. I also know that other breeders will take some circumstances into account. I have also sold friends who compete in obedience a puppy for less as they will do obedience and I am happy that a puppy is going to that sort of home.
  17. Ditto to MonElite. email - send photo of puppies and prices!!! No name nothing!!! I advertise thru DOL, my breed club and my own website only!!! SMS - have youse got pupps - how much????? Numerous telephone calls - "How much are the pups" Nothing no greeting no introduction, nothing straight out with how much, and I don't think I could pin the voices down to any particular nationality, education level, social economic level, it seems to be the way a lot of people feel they should start asking about a puuppy. Or the email I received today - after having the potential buyer meet mum before she had puppies, and her visiting my puppies 3 times in 3 weeks and putting a deposit on. " Have brought OES male puppy a few days ago, don't need your puppy now". Sorry still struggling to work out why this person change from a GSD to OES, but originally also didn't want puppy until end of March begining of April for school holidays as she was a teacher!!!!!!!!!! Last litter was 8 years ago, now I remember why it has taken me this long to do it again... :D
  18. I don't know what to say other than the Diva's puppies will be 3 weeks old on Sunday, born by Caesarean, lost one puppy after 4 days, don't know why as it was not fading puppy syndrome. I would like the puppy buyers, to go without the sleep that I have gone without since the puppies were born. Understand, I drove to Melbourne and back for a "play date" for my girl. Understand that I lose pay being at home with my puppies, spend a lot of money on my puppies having the best food, environment etc that I can provide. I now don't bother to justify my price, if the potential buyer doesn't want to pay my price, I will hold on to the puppy until the person that can provide him or her with the standard of care I wish provided for my puppy.
  19. Hi Molliepop I live in the inner west and like you have tried to find a vet that does progesterone testing. Unlike you I didn't get a quote as I "assumed" that it wouldn't be that expense. This was in the begining of December 2012, it cost me $300 for the progesterone test with results in 24 hours. I have to say for the next test, I left work early and drove out to Vineyard!!!!! After 30 years of breeding in the inner city I still haven't located a vet that doesn't over charge or that has some knowledge of reproduction.
  20. Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club. Sunday mornings, St Luke's Park, Stanley Street Concord. Fantastic instructors, highly, highly recommend. I have done the Delta course and find this club really good.
  21. Freundhund GSD's litter due beginning of February.
  22. Okay, the last information I had and I can't find the link (damn new computer) is that provided you got your puppy from a good breeder with a mother who had up to date vaccinations or good titre levels, that you could take puppy out from weeks of age. However, the article recommended checking with local vet practises to confirm there were no current outbreaks of parvovirus or distemper in your area. (I know someone will a link to this vet article, please post the link if you find it as I am struggling with the new computer.) As an obedience, dog show person, I personally have my puppy out from 8 weeks of age. As I am breeding my own puppy next I plan to have the puppy I chose out and about locally, ie walks up the street, into the next door neighbours for early socialization with a sibling or 2 for company from about 6 weeks but then I have accommodating neighbours.
  23. Can we start the ET thread for 2015 please. :) My new ET puppy will be born in February 2013 but I have already decided that she will do the 2015 ET. If I we do the ET in 2015 this will make 3 generations of ET titles with my girl, her mum and her grandad. My puppy's dad has his German BH which is the more difficult version of the ET. Good luck to those doing the 2013 ET.
  24. GSD puppies tend to be around 8 kilos at 8 weeks. My bitch who is 58cm was 8 kilos at 8 weeks. When I have litters according to my notes most puppies were within a couple of hundred grams plus or minus the 8 kilos.
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