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  1. I've used the subject to highlight awareness around the stolen kelpies around the Goulburn area but pasted the article as it appears on ABC. http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2018-06-11/kelpie-fetches-record-price-casterton-auction/9857018 Kelpie attracts record price of more than $22,000 at Victorian auction Updated yesterday at 19:08 First posted Monday at 15:16 Two-year-old kelpie Glencairn Seven was sold at Casterton for a record price of $22,200. (Supplied: Tash Frankensteiner) Can you imagine paying $22,000 for a dog? The price record for a working farm dog was smashed over the weekend, with an undisclosed buyer in Victoria paying $22,200 for a two year old kelpie called Glencairn Seven. It was bred by Jerilderie breeder Christian Peackock and sired by his dog Pud's Cruiser out of a bitch owned by Dave Seatman called Sunraysia Clair. The previous record for a working dog was $14,000, set in March this year. A second dog broke that figure at the working dog auction in Casterton over the weekend, with Ian O'Connell's bitch Lessi Sally going for $16,500 to stockman Jamie Partridge. High price, but good value Chair of the annual kelpie muster Karen Stephens said the prices reflect good times in the wool industry and the value of a working dog on farm. "They replace an employee basically, they're a faithful servant and they don't get superannuation," Ms Stephens said. People fly in from all over Australia for the auction and telephone bids are also taken from overseas buyers. "Purchasers all need to see the dogs before the auction and there was a huge crowd at the demonstration the day before." Sixty dogs were auctioned for a total over $260,000 with an average price over $5,500. Dog theft on the rise Police are warning dog owners to lock up their properties after a spate of dog thefts in the southern highlands of New South Wales in the past three weeks. FB stolen kelpies Four working dogs have been stolen around Goulburn and Taralga, including an eight-month-old, yellow and white-coloured kelpie and three five-month-old red kelpie puppies. NSW Rural Crime Coordinator Detective Inspector Cameron Whiteside said working dogs are not only worth a lot of money, but are also part of farmers' livelihoods. "It’s not just something where you replace them and get a dog like the last one you had, a lot of effort goes into it and there’s a time lag when they have to replace them." If you see the dogs advertised on social media contact the rural crime officer at Goulburn police station.
  2. Kaos

    So sorry for your loss Teebs, I've just seen this. Hope you're doing better Run free Kaos
  3. WT it sounds like you have a bone to pick with rescue or a rescue organisation (and I am not refuting that is not possible or even probable), but it seems at odds with this topic. Rescues are so diverse, you cannot paint them all with the same brush. For an ethical rescue, if it is the case that no money (vet treatment etc) had been spent on that particular dog (which is the exception rather than the norm), as a consumer I would happily pay it knowing that those funds go to help the next dog who is not so fortunate to have not needed treatment, or even consider backfilling the onerous costs rescues take on and don't have replenished. They're doing the work many of us don't have the money or heart or will to continue with and I'm grateful that they're there.
  4. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    I've read about keto for dogs for the treatment of illness, disease, cancer and weightloss but not as maintenance, prevention or daily nutrition. I'm definitely one to watch new fads work themselves out and prove themselves before trying it so this is certainly interesting. I feed raw because I like the known benefits but specifically that it is fresh, there has been no process other than mixing/mincing of the product, and I know exactly what I put in his mixes. Even the dry I feed is Australian made because I don't want radiated food. @Agota Jakutyte - do you even plan to release in Australia? And if so, given bio security laws, has a site been found to manufacture this food? @Danois - thanks for the facts! knew you would be able to provide the quick stats. Do you know if these laws apply to NZ imported too? I have occasionally used K9 Naturals given they're only coming from across the water...
  5. Thunder Shirts and Adaptil

    The key, to any of these remedies, relies on you as the dog's human, anticipating what's coming. This is often a difficult challenge, because innately, dogs will sense an upcoming storm WELL before you do. The shirt or adaptil or RR needs to be administered prior to the storm signals indicating and being picked up by your dog. Once the anxiety starts, it snowballs and continues for the dog. They're not fixes but more gentle preventatives. I find with all of these that they're usually for dogs at the stages where most dog people believe that the dog will be fine their reactions are just minor. LG - for the DAP, the diffuser is the same as the mortein (or whatever brand it is) for the bug diffuser you get from the supermarket where you screw the bottom bit in, and I think there may be a Glade one as well. BE VERY CAREFUL with these plug-ins, please only turn it on when you are home. The potential for overheating and causing a house fire from these devices is frequently warned by fire authorities. You could also dab a little bit onto a cloth and tie it around your dog's collar. I found the Thursday Plantation Lavendar spray just as useful - again, remember I didn't feel any of these remedies made a material difference in Panto. For your soft crate, consider wrapping heavy blankets around it to muffle sound. I had read of other dogs benefiting from ear mufflers. It wasn't something I was able to train Panto into, she hated something over her head, but if you're capable and your dog takes to it, something worth a shot too.
  6. Thunder Shirts and Adaptil

    A few posters have shared storm phobia stories here on zencrate: PS. to directly answer your OP, we have a thundershirt, adaptil and rescue remedy, all as useless as each other at this level of storm anxiety - and it sounds like tempeh is there.
  7. If the owner is already a too soft woman, perhaps a woman trainer is more beneficial - when the trainer is away, then the owner won't have the excuse 'oh listens to the trainer because it's a man' sort of excuse. Correct - owner needs to step up. A trained dog is one thing but the handler also needs training.
  8. Thunder Shirts and Adaptil

    Hey LG Panto was a long term stom phobic dog. Learnings - static, light and vibrations, make the ones in your control your friend. If her coat can get staticy, try remove it with a dryer sheet or quick groom spray and brush. Vibrations as distraction - loud music with the bass turned up to 'desensitise' the thunder itself. A BRIGHT room - so that it will be difficult to tell when the lightning is happening because a well experienced storm phobic dog can associate the lightning with the impending thunder rumble - Panto couldn't tolerate camera flashes the older she got. Biggest lesson - medicate sooner rather than later (trying all the different 'natural' methods). Get the sedative, not the one that dulls the senses. They'll have diff names but talk to your vet about what is right for her. Big hugs to your poppet. P
  9. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Oh bub I am bawling, I am so so sorry for your loss, what a heartbreaker. Love to you and Mr B Puppas and Bitty at this hard time. Run free Mister Bubby. I'm sorry your body failed you, you were one of the luckiest boys there was, and likewise your mumma and dadda.
  10. True. It's certainly more slippery for football, I'd hate to think about the damage it could to an already ACL prone joint for a dog without a consciousness about injury prevention.
  11. late to reply, but no, it will hold up - they use synthetic turf for football fields and they wear studs and go hard on it. It doesn't have to be the top of the line but just don't get the cheapie stuff, you'll feel the difference in your hands before you buy.
  12. Teaching speak to a quiet dog

    How are you doing this? With a toy, food, dancing on your toes? Have you got your dog's FULL attention when you try this? are they only half engaged (ie not fully in drive?) - you may need to learn how to get them to engage and get in drive first, to amp up the frustration/excitement.
  13. a bit late to the game but K9pro definitely your best bet, and also better giving one really great recommendation than to confuse them with options.
  14. Having seen others go through BB (as they were new to being dog owners), is that their training is corrective, so requires that the dog actually does the wrong behaviour first, in order to 'correct' it. I would much rather than my dog chooses a desired behaviour because that's what we have trained, and doesn't even attempt an undesired behaviour and then develop an anxiety about doing the wrong thing because it might get corrected.
  15. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    That's my birthday!!! :D oh man, I wish I had it in me to take on another dog much less handle an ESS! Alas no but off to FB to ogle some puppy spam...!