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  1. Saturday Senior

    they sure do Pers. I can't wait to meet the old gal my mate adopted. she sounds so delightful
  2. Saturday Senior

    That brought a tear to my eye
  3. Sniffing machine

    this is a great concept - link didn't work though it had to redirect.
  4. Saturday Senior

    This is an old thread but I wanted to give it new life. A few weeks ago a really good friend adopted a 12+ yr old old gal from the pound. She had been there whilst her elderly owner was undergoing medical care. She was ultimately surrendered when this elderly owner was admitted to aged care and no longer able to care for her with a dementia (?) diagnosis.
  5. This thread you are responding to is over 6 years old
  6. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    Council provided bags cost more than 4c a bag, and in smaller towns, that's a bigger budget. I recently came across a very open and transparent page imploring residents to remember their own bags, because they want to keep the council rates low, but still be a dog friendly town (etc.) - my words, not theirs, but the takeaway sentiment should be enough for the dog loving community to look out for each other. Those council rates pay for many things. http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Dogs.htm
  7. Hi Tapua, Not much help with accom sorry but I highly recommend Laggan Pantry 10mins away if you can get in! (Also, I got to meet one of your pups from a recent(?) litter, amazing little guy!)
  8. Tuppence (Edgeof Valiant Damsel)

    run free Tuppence, sorry for your loss Stellnme. she is so lucky to have found you.
  9. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    Not all doggy daycares are equal, and some of those with the flashiest websites may not actually have a great practice.. It comes down to the people who look after the place and other dogs who attend it. If you don't have a need for daycare, the best bet would be to socialise your dog with known dogs you know that could influence your dog with the correct and desired social cues. Unknown dog socialisation is a lottery, just as much as some people get lucky (eg, your friend's dog who came from a rescue scenario and blossomed thanks to doggy daycare), you could get very unlucky. My previous dog had a day at a very flashy and expensive daycare and came back with some very poor social cues which I then had to remediate with controlled socialisation. If you really want to try it out, visit the daycare without your dog and go from there. Otherwise do look into having small meet ups with other dog owners and socialise your dog with you present, that way you get to enjoy it too
  10. So if it doesn't go to rescue groups, where does PetRescue use those funds???? What does that money go to?? Did anyone donate to that appeal, what does it say it will go towards helping?!
  11. Hi Kenny Your honesty is refreshing and I hope this thread can help to enlighten others in your situation too. What's also invaluable is the way a puppy has been raised during its infancy which builds on an invaluable temperament (have a google of 'puppy culture'). All the best finding the right canine companion, I hope this site can help you in the future.
  12. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    I've only just now been able to bring myself to read this. I've shared my condolences but I couldn't bring myself to read this, and even today I'm having a little cry. I hope he's getting lost with Panto up there.
  13. Introducing.... Bolt!

    this was me too!! Bolt is adorable, congratulations, Teebs!! more photos and updates please!
  14. I think the trainer is definitely a good idea. I would also consider getting your mind around having the dog inside in a controlled environment, such as a penned area, and also crate training, to teach the dog impulse control and learn to settle rather than remain anxious. Note, that because behaviours have already escalated badly, this is best done with the advice of a trainer/behaviourist - there are far too many conflicting and confusing tutorials and opininos on the internet to determine what is actually right for your dog. The trainer/behaviourist will be able to assess your actual dog and be better placed to read its behaviours better than both of you to recognise a go forward training plan. "oodles" were made for coming inside as they shed less - according to a majority of oodle owners I have spoken with. You and your GF will need to agree to be on the same page as the trainer on what needs to happen and be consistent. It will be money well spent.
  15. Kira (my sweet girl) 2003 - 2018

    A beautiful tribute MM - Kira was loved by so many <3