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  1. Rescue dog honored at retirement

    so gorgeous... saved 12 lives!!!
  2. @teddybeans this is an old post. AAGM / OP, hopefully you have found a solution. Pen or crate training should also help.
  3. Simply, for me, I would be terrified not have the connection or love of a dog again, and be able to bless a dog with a loving home. Your journey has been heartbreaking but you are deserving of the joy of a canine companion
  4. That's not the point I was making - they have updated the article after I had posted it (quote from snip when I posted the article) - so it seems they did some fact checking, then updated the article, which is rather refreshing. Often, here on DOL, we are unhappy when breed is named and the dog does not appear remotely close to the breed in articles. I was calling out that in this instance, I found the journalism to be more responsible than what we have experienced in the past.
  5. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/woman-dies-after-being-viciously-attacked-by-her-own-pet-dog-20190517-p51oa6.html
  6. Really made me sad to read this one. Cudos to the journalist who did not sweepingly name any 'close enough' breed in the article.
  7. I'm so sorry @yellowgirl He was certainly lucky to be with you, and no doubt both blessed to have found each other. Run free Pip
  8. Unplanned litter

    What makes you say this? It would take a certain level of expertise to determine this, or that it was known and told from the previous seller this was the case. I'm also confused why you're the breeder now and looking after them when this is your friend's dog and your friend's problem?
  9. HELP!

    Couldn't agree more. I was with a couple of dog owners the other day, who were at their wits end. Steve was able to help, and the owners walked out confident with how to proceed.
  10. HELP!

    Have you used a trainer yet? There's been several recommendations made in past threads where you've requested a good trainer. What are you looking for in a good trainer or behaviourist? Have you worked on the other issues that you have previously identified, have they been rectified? Each of these could be feeding into and snowballing into all this undersirable behaviour and will continue on this path if nothing changes.
  11. Hey @yellowgirl How is Pip doing? I have experience with this. We consulted and exhausted all specialists available to us. Feel free to PM
  12. yes, the colorbond extension thingo it's strange it has been stepped down before the fence - I wonder if it is a council requirement? Back, side and front fences have different requirements when you're building.
  13. Hey - if you're going to put something up that's not fixed anyways, but hinder view, it would be neighbourly to sound them out anyways? And the landlord might even pay for it. It's such a simple attachment, they just slot in and you screw it in. When you take it off, you can take the slots out, and rescrew the screws in and leave the screws there so there's no holes.

    There's nothing more to offer more useful than above, but I'm gobsmacked your sister or mother did not contact you for 1-2 weeks? If the RSPCA were even unaware he was gone (because the timeline is ambiguous), or that they didn't tell you (as the owner) they may believe that he was not left in capable care. Just a thought, playing devils advocate which may help consider what might help provide them comfort in discussions regarding ownership. Did you adopt him from elsewhere? (curious, because his microchop is registered as 'CHOP'), could that have anything to do with the claim theory they tried to explain?
  15. All of these!! Is he doing it when you're there too or just when you're away?
  16. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    Sorry to hear of the sad ending and thank you to those involved for doing what they could for this boy.
  17. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    The link didn't go anywhere for me alas. Each time I've been tempted to buy it I couldn't go through with it, because I think a facewasher in a small bucket of water will do the trick. Do you still have to pull the washer cup apart and wash/dry the silicon separate?
  18. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    wow! what an amazing match!
  19. You're doing some indepth research and this is great - and by no means does it sound like you're researching to justify an already made up mind, which is commendable. Have you heard about the theory/practice behind Puppy Culture? This might shed a little more light into your 8/12wk research. We brought our puppy home but continued his development, and had been in dialogue with our breeder in the lead up to make sure we maintained consistent puppy raising. (For us, K9 pro helped us continue this journey based on our needs)
  20. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    :facepalm: I didn't even check the dates. Thanks RP
  21. I don't think so necessarily but if it was a dry skin issue leading to hair loss I theorised that the paws would be quite dry too. I love the photo of the big feller in your new profile pic.
  22. I think this in combination with the extra hot summer seems to be reasonable. When I change my own diet, it's over a couple of months I start to see changes. I view this as his body adjusting to the production of good (better?) body oils, follicle health / hair growth, and the old hair and follicles making way for the good/new ones, so the old ones need to make way. Have you changed anything in his grooming routine, ie the sort of brush you use, frequency of brushing etc? eta: just saw your comment RE the groomer. I don't feel my comment holds much value given that and the timeline - if it did more frequent brushing to help with the follicle stimulation is what would make sense. How are his paws, are they drier than usual?
  23. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Oh Animal House I'm so sorry for your loss. What a gorgeous girl, a gorgeous life. I'm sorry you and your family are aching for her loss. Big hugs your way. Run free Minty
  24. I second this. I have a 6 month old puppy and I have been doing the puppy raising program with K9 pro and I can't recommend them highly enough. It's a one and half our drive (each way) for me but it's well worth it and I wouldn't go anywhere else. What is it that you are not quite happy with when it comes to the programs you have already looked into? another for these guys. It's a longer drive for us as well but the bespoke session at our pace and ongoing program specific to our needs and lifestyle were just what we needed. We get a lot of comments and praise out walking now, and for what it's worth I think we have been quite diligent with the training program. The main driver for using these guys, for us, was the balance between life skills, and training skills (for dog sports and activities etc). They're quite different things, eg, loose lead walking vs walking at heel. Many training programs will lump these two things together.