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  1. This was two years ago I remember it well it was appalling. She got more than she bargained for though and was slammed on social media and went to ground for a while. What a cretin she is
  2. A safe seat held by the Nats for 70 years, the people have spoken including those pesky uneducated, illiterate greyhound peeps. Council amalgamations were a huge part of their downfall but the greyhound ban was the straw the broke the Nationals back Grant has just announced his resignation, we can only hope Casino Mike follows suit.
  3. Maddy if you are so sure that some know that some others are drowning puppies ,how do you think they know this and how many breeders that you know drown puppies have you reported? You cant just rock up and say I think they are routinely drowning puppies and its not something that a breeder brags about. You can say that s not that sire and its easily proven via DNA so if you know its happened then have you reported it ?.How do you know someone else is aware of it or that its not just gossip? If you know these things and dont report them then why are you less guilty of someone else who you thi
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your families horse Westiemum yes nobbling was quite common back in the day, I think there wouldn't be many people who don't know the story of Phar Lap. I wasn't inviting you to the track I was just saying a new track is due for completion next year in Murray Bridge and if you hadn't been to a track in many years I suggested you go along. I understand completely why you would never go near a track again. My invitation was to visit a kennel facility, no where near a track, to see what goes on today but yes, when you're next in Melbs we would love to meet you and so wou
  5. sarcasm alert perhaps, interesting, so they wont have to register as a business, get council permit, get an abn or the 10 million insurance? and allowed to keep their retired dogs? perhaps everyone should call their dogs greyhounds and race them, even if its only once in their lifetime? Well there are still council approvals required - an article on the paper about a council kicking a Greyhound breeder out. A Local Laws issue rather than a welfare issue by the sounds of it. If this is the one in the Cranbourne area they were not "kicked out" by council at all. The council rejected th
  6. WM I'm interested to know how many people you personally know in the greyhound industry. Have you been to a kennel or breeding/rearing facility or at least attended a track? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you only recently meet a greyhound for the first time? Correcting Hazy. I grew up in a racing family - we owned race horses, I rode and I went to 'the dogs' many times and have been to kennels owned by friends of my father (he always had to be fully involved in everything he did ) . It was Andy my westie who met a grey for the first time recently - Harley's beautiful Polly - not
  7. Oh no I'm so sorry to read this FM You were so very loved dear Harry, now do zoomies in heaven
  8. WM I'm interested to know how many people you personally know in the greyhound industry. Have you been to a kennel or breeding/rearing facility or at least attended a track? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you only recently meet a greyhound for the first time?
  9. And thank god for that. Laws concerning animals need to be based on science and our understanding of their behaviour, not on personal preferences of people who don't know enough about the breed but still claim to know what's best for the dogs. I stand corrected. I hadn't realised that had not gone through. I know you think it is best because of the high prey drive of greys, but there are many dogs NOT greyhounds that have just as high a prey drive and there aren't any muzzle laws for them, unless they first demonstrate a problem. Not all greys are unsafe in public, whether or not they have
  10. But the sighthounds, as a group, are very healthy. I don't think you could honestly say the same of brachy breeds? If your dog needs its nostrils widened and its soft palate trimmed just to be able to draw breath like a normal dog, I think you have a massive problem with conformation and the standard that isn't going to be fixed by telling people not to be idiots. 100% agree. Are you of the assumption that well bred brachys need nares and palate surgery before they can comfortably be walked around the block? This is not true. Only poorly bred ones do. It is as simple as that. Long lived
  11. Yeah, be careful, I reckon they're around. :D :) Kirislin. IKR. Silly me started looking as soon as I posted that... I should know better, but I do love me a hound :) You can get one directly from a trainer, there are racing FB pages that list giveaways. Contrary to popular belief dogs of that age rarely have injuries it's their failure to chase that usually has them looking for a home. Out of all the foster greys I had only Maddie had a sprung toe which has never bothered her. There was a black 2 year old male listed yesterday, great with other dogs. PM me if you want the name of th
  12. The death threats I got came from Animal rights people who apparently had links to Oscars Law Greyhound people don't have a monopoly on nutterism and you don't have to have links to bikies to be scary. Aint that the truth Steve. Bit like the death threats Billy Slater the footballer and his family received from the anti racing brigade when he was to appear at a family night at Albion Park greyhounds last month. He had to pull out and deleted all advertising of the event from his FB page, and then there's this AR nutter *sigh* where do I start with Heather Howard? I and many, many othe
  13. No worries TSD thanks for listening. Yes I agree that they must be seen to be being proactive, I think that's where the good industry participants are frustrated because as stated many times breeding had halved in the last 12 months and as the overbreeding of greyhounds has always been my personal issue with the industry I saw that as a major step forward. Unfortunately, like you said, the general public didn't know that, how could they? GRNSW didn't exactly promote that fact did they so how the hell would anyone outside the industry know? That's where all states should take a leaf out of Gre
  14. Yes I have no doubt it will be passed when it goes through the lower house, yet another dodgy move by Baird but anyhoo. I also have no doubt that the industry WILL win in court but the problem there is how long will it take? Years I suspect and by that time the livelihoods of many will be long gone. Pet food distributors closed down and bankrupt, people with mortgages crushed and then there's the reality of suicides. I hope those that are feeling like they can't go on read Baird's link to Lifeline on the end of his facebook post, you know, so they know where to ring
  15. How did a testimony from some bloke in the US from 2005, which clearly had nothing to do with NSW let alone Australia make its way into the report and yes...incompetence from GRNSW for sure. This article is interesting, why was Newson appointed? His appointment was dodgy and his hasty departure even dodgier and what was with the middle finger he flipped at those in the industry via social media, from behind the safety of the back door he snuck out of? Something about the whole thing smells like the skip bin behind my local fish and chip shop and it all points to one person and that prime 10
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