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  1. Working lines vs show lines

    I breed working Springers - conformation (moderate not extreme), health, working ability and temperament is critical but coat is not, except that I would rather it was short. Markings don’t matter in the long run but I do have my personal preferences. My girls compete in agility and retrieving trials and are worked on game. Stud dogs are often pets but you can get a sense of their work ethic a mile away. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. All the pups I’ve bred have very consistent work ethics although physically they vary quite a bit. In the end it’s a balance - I am very honest about my girls’ strengths and weaknesses and I look for moderate stud dogs who complement them.
  2. Advice needed re dog's stools

    Blowing me away with her resilience @Snook ! Bouncing out of her skin, the best Mama to her babies and resigned to the wound flushing that I have to do. She’s counter surfing like a champion The hardest thing now is to make sure the pups don’t push her bandage out of the way as I don’t want them accessing her wound and milk from that teat. Continued care and antibiotics and our 5th vet visit in 10 days on Tuesday. We are celebrating tonight with a glass of
  3. Food suggestions needed to add variety

    Minced frames are great! Eggs are a great source of protein. Sardines/salmon I limit to once per week.
  4. Advice needed re dog's stools

    Thanks @Snook right back at ya! I nearly wept tears of relief when the my vet lanced it. So revolting but so wonderful.
  5. Advice needed re dog's stools

    OT but quick update - my vet lanced the mammary tissue yesterday and Ginny’s temp is back to 38.5. Eating wolfishly, drinking like a fish, milk has come back and she’s cleaning and feeding her babies. Making my life easier!!!! Not out of the woods yet but we’ve turned a corner
  6. Advice needed re dog's stools

    Ironically my darling Ginny crashed on Sunday with gangrenous mastitis. Poor girl could barely walk, vomiting and diarrhoea. Thankfully she’s finally eating again (and cleaning her puppies). You know what she’s been eating? Started on hand fed roast chicken, then roast chicken dipped in mashed pumpkin and finally biscuits, yoghurt, mashed pumpkin, chicken mixed with some warm water. She’s not out of the woods but that pumpkin has really helped soothe her tummy and firm up her stools.
  7. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I’ve got plenty of CDs but thanks! I’ll have a look!
  8. Advice needed re dog's stools

    Good signs! I just mash the pumpkin and lightly mix through chicken and yoghurt with a bit of water. I usually poach the chicken with the pumpkin so the flavour goes through. My lot get Digesticare as a matter of course every night. It’s really good for boosting the immune system in preparation for an illness as much as it’s about recovering from one.
  9. Advice needed re dog's stools

    Definitely back on to the Digesticare. I would swap out some of the rice with mashed pumpkin. Does an amazing job of soothing stomachs. Yoghurt is fine to give (mine all love it) but the probiotics are for humans not dogs so add for taste for sure. Also if his appetite is average try some nutrigel.
  10. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Thank you! Perfect for socialising my new litter
  11. English setters ETA- And English Pointers?

    The working lines of both breeds differ significantly - similar to my working ESS vs show type. Less coat, a bit smaller, less exaggerated features and lovely work ethic. I’d have a working English Pointer from a particular breeder in an instant if I had the time. Soft, sweet temperaments. He offered me one for nothing because he wanted to see me train it but having just had a litter I’ve got a Springer keeper on my hands Good luck!
  12. Megaesophagus

    I had a pup from my last litter with megaoesophagus. I knew as soon as I started weaning him. It was awful. He also had other issues (including a stricture and overshot jaw) and clearly just didn’t develop quite right in utero. Hardest but kindest thing I did was to give him his wings at 5 weeks. Thank goodness my repro vets were 100% supportive as it was heartbreaking. I wish you all the best.
  13. Brewers Yeast & vitamin C for dogs

    I honestly don’t know. But I don’t feed them. On the advice of a US dog sports vet I supplement with a probiotic, joint guard and Omega 3s.
  14. Working (gundog) help me narrow down my breed search

    I am wondering what you want to hunt? And do you want a companion or a dog that will work? So many people want a working dog because they want an intelligent dog. You’ll get that. In spades. But you’ll need to channel that drive and intensity into good not evil If you want an intense, persistent, joyful hunting dog then a working Cocker or Springer could suit. I have two ESS snuggled up with the cats and me right now so don’t doubt they have an off switch. But they are not a dog you can leave outside all day - they are bred to WORK and are extremely persistent. So they can get obsessed with lights and shadows if left to their own devices. My girls are very full on but are an absolute delight to live with. I work long hours but train/exercise everyone when I get home. They spend their days on the lounge or the bed. They have two speeds. Flat out running or flat out sleeping. Otherwise you can look at show lines or breeds where there is no split between work and show. Don’t ever doubt there is a difference between them though. I know folk will say their show dogs retrieve but a good working dog will not give up. Ever. Mine have delivered to hand with teeth literally chattering and then gone back in the water for more.

    100% agree. To insure 3 dogs and 2 cats would cost me the same as it does to insure my house. And don’t get me started on the exclusions. I have continually squirrelled away savings so I can just pay up front. And yes, I’ve had some thumping bills but I wouldn’t change a thing.