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  1. I always am up front about pricing. But yes, in the context of a conversation or email. Not “how much for a female puppy?”
  2. Whilst I tend to agree with you with regards to the extreme price increases, I (and many others) have been seriously undercharging for a long time. In addition, breeding is more than one litter. This time I’ve been very fortunate with a large litter and healthy mum. However it’s balanced out by the costs of every other litter - 3 puppies to sell - one required corrective eye surgery at 6 weeks (not genetic) which was more than my puppy price; 5 live pups, 2 deceased - 1 euthanised at 4 weeks (congenital megaoesophagus); 7 pups - emergency c-section and 10 days later Ginny developed gangrenous mastitis which can kill a bitch in hours. Daily vet visits and antibiotics until it could be lanced and drained of putrid pus. Then the necrotic tissue was surgically removed 6 months later. I hip and elbow score my bitches too. Not cheap given it requires a GA. You were lucky @Rascalmyshadowwhich I’m very happy about. But breed long enough and you’ll experience every disaster in the book at some point.
  3. At the end of the day “contracts” aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Possession is 9/10ths of the law so I make sure I have strong relationships with my puppy people. It’s actually more effective than scaring someone with legal stuff. I have a girl going on breeders terms from this litter - they already have a puppy from me and I’ve told them their friendship means more to me than a litter. They will own the bitch (no charge) but the pedigree papers will be in my name. We may have one or more litters. The girl can come to me when in season or for breeding or stay with them. We will maintain open communication throughout and if they change their mind that’s ok. Costs will be for ongoing discussion, depending on expenses incurred, time put in, puppies born etc. We share the same values and love for our dogs which is more important than anything. These are people who sent me a package of freshly shorn lambs wool as a novel scent and texture for the pups
  4. @Kirislin the masking gene is cool - really messes things up. In ESS, black is dominant and liver is recessive. Pretty simple stuff. But then you have tri-colour which gives the tan points that my Luna has. Her dad was a tri-colour but I didn’t realise Ginny carried tri….we ended up with 5 tri-coloured out of 7!!! The sire of this litter carries tri and we’ve ended up with 3 out of 10. But what’s cool is that the sire’s mother is genetically a tri-colour but also has the masking gene so looks liver and white! Which explains why tri-colour can disappear for generations!
  5. Or an emergency c-section or a myriad of other things than can go wrong… gangrenous mastitis, puppy requiring x-ray, surgery, small litter. All things that stem from bad luck and that set you back thousands of dollars.
  6. Just saw this on FB....not blaming the new puppy owner at all but how do you think this is going to end up.....? The poor Mum being expected to feed the pup on her own at 4.5 weeks! My lot start on solids ASAP, 3 to 3.5 weeks and Mum weans them when she's good and ready. There's a hell of a lot more to breeding than producing cute puppies. I like both these breeds but the combination makes me shudder, particularly without that critical socialisation with litter mates and mum.
  7. Holy moly what a little stunner! Must not let Mr TSD see this - he's got a dreadful soft spot for Whippies
  8. Yep, I’ve always said I work so I can afford to breed
  9. Apologies if I come across a little passionate about this - I’ve had very little rest since last Thursday after my girl’s Caesarean section so this is very front of mind. My Dalmatian is close to 15 years old now. I was without a dog for 2 years whilst I waited for the right puppy from the right breeder at the right time. I was studying at University and saved up so I could travel interstate to meet the breeder and afford the asking price and associated costs.
  10. Totally understand but the COVID situation is impacting the price and scarcity of a lot of things. As per @mackiemad’s post above I have absolutely zero legal rights once my pup has gone to its new owner because it’s considered property. Supply and demand is a reality. It’s like the vets that are accused of being selfish and greedy for charging for their time, expertise and expenses when owners can’t afford their bills. Of course we love our dogs but it doesn’t mean we should struggle to break even or drive ourselves into the ground. That said I’m not charging exorbitant amounts for my pups but that’s the least of the hoops my puppy people have to jump through. Kids can absolutely benefit from having pets in their lives but they don’t NEED a puppy as opposed to an older dog. There are plenty of well deserving kittens and cats looking for a new home too.
  11. @Loving my Oldies that's a far cry from what would have been that girl's fate had she not ended up you and your friend! Whelping under the house, inadequate food and health treatments would be my guess.
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