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  1. @asal look what they've done to my beloved Burmese. It's impossible to find a registered breeder who has the open faced Euro type. Everything is short, snubby noses (American type) with associated weeping eyes. It's heartbreaking.
  2. I put them under the cat litter trays to catch any accidents. Works well.
  3. 2 years old is actually a good age in terms of growth and maturity. Personally I don't desex although I have an entire dog (10 year old Dalmatian) and bitches of different breeds (working ESS). Yes I breed on occasion but I also compete in several dog sports and the relationship between the absence of gonadal hormones and injury is not clear. It's extra work for me so I would say for a regular pet owner, go for it if that's going to make things easier for them.
  4. Both my cats devour legs - but one got SEVERE constipation from the amount of bone. They are technically weight bearing so are more likely to splinter. I generally buy Maryland which are cheap, cut off the leg (cook it for us or use as training treats), take the skin off the thigh and feed that whole.
  5. I've been well and truly hooked on working Gundogs - I breed and compete with (in retrieving and agility) working ESS and would love a working Irish Setter one day. The Spaniels, Pointer and Setter breeds have distinctly different characters so consider whether it's the look or behaviour that you like. I encounter many of the Gundog breeds in retrieving trials and the working ability really varies depending on breeding - whether you can channel that ability into something constructive depends on your skills as a trainer.
  6. Take a million photos Offer them something novel and start snapping. My avatar is exactly puppy meets Dalmatian for the first time.
  7. My friend in India shared it. Now you're really going global!
  8. There's honestly not that much solid research around - which is why it's so tough to give guidelines. Yes the skidding motion after a moving ball puts a lot of strain on the joints. Self play is fine and if you videoed it, it would probably look different to chasing a moving ball. Nice grippy surfaces, balanced diet, keep pup lean and you'll give him the best chance. I'm not sure how my pups survive to adulthood sometimes! Crazy things!!!
  9. That level of structured exercise is fine. My Springer pups run themselves ragged but they get to pace themselves. I never, ever throw balls for my pups or adult dogs. They do a LOT of retrieving but it is all very structured and thoughtful. I use proper retrieving dummies and they don't get to retrieve until it's settled on the ground). What you really need to add into your routine is MENTAL stimulation - training for treats, playing tug in a controlled way (i.e. an offered sit to play tug and then "out" when asked), recalls, impulse control etc etc. Your walk should be about socialisation and impulse control and training rather than exercise. I hope that helps!
  10. I would suggest you approach the various cat orgs and pick out some vet clinics - I'm sure they would be happy to pass it on to their members and clients. The link worked beautifully - I'll share on FB.
  11. Are you able to give me a link I can share on FB please? Now that I've done the survey it won't let me link it.
  12. Done! Really interesting.
  13. That's hilarious. And yes Springers do get exactly that muddy
  14. So so sad for you @Simply Grand but sounds like it was absolutely the right decision. I'm really sorry.
  15. It's quintessential growing up music for me