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  1. Dog barking in the morning.

    Puppy zoomies are awesome. My Dalmatian still does them at 11.5 years old Definitely work on creating a balance. As much as there is nothing worse than a Gundog who gives up in the field, one that is not able to rest, take a drink and conserve energy when you stop for a break is equally bad.
  2. NSW plans $195 annual fee for hunting dogs

    I would guess not Gundogs... seeing as they are bred to retrieve shot game gently to hand that makes sense. “There are 24 dog breeds across both categories, including American pit bull terrier, pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo Argentino or fila Brasileiro, Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario.”
  3. Dog barking in the morning.

    So....from another perspective there’s no way I’d leave my high drive working Springers outside all day. Mainly because when these girls are on they are ON. They are bred to work all day every day and when left to their own devices they don’t rest but hunt. They can get a little OCD and it can turn into chasing lights and shadows very quickly if you don’t have an actual job for them to do. But leave them inside and they just chill and switch off. It’s so important for these hard going dogs to learn the OFF switch. The ON switch needs no encouragement
  4. Dog barking in the morning.

    One of my pups from my last litter is a climber too. Which is why I use the tallest most heavy duty pen from Vebopet. I’ve lent it to them as well as giving them more recommendations and he can’t scale it.
  5. Dog barking in the morning.

    I don’t let my pups run amok either but a large pen with plenty of interactive toys is better than a crate during the day which is simply too restrictive for 8 hours even with a break. Check out Vebopet if you are in Australia - I use their pens for my litters and older pups. Just lent my big pen to one of my puppy people actually! I love crate training and I do crate my pups at night until they are mature enough to sleep on the bed with the rest of us...including adult dogs and cats. Recalls? Well! I’m a scientist with dog behaviour as one of my specialties. I have a Dalmatian and working Gundogs and I will tell you that recall training never ends. I am a good trainer and I didn’t have a reliable recall on my youngster until she was 2 years old. All using positive reinforcement based training. Check out Susan Garrett Recallers for the ultimate skills! Dog parks I hate. But appropriate socialisation I love!
  6. Home alone dog dvd's

    Some of my cats adore the CDs. It’s like putting on The Wiggles for a toddler for Lilly. My beloved Brontë (Lilly’s daughter) thought it was ridiculous when you could get cuddles with your human mum. My dogs would bark at the screen I suspect. Last thing they need is more stimulation
  7. Home alone dog dvd's

    There are cat ones on Amazon so surely there are dog ones!
  8. Dog Exhibitors

    Hi Jake Can I suggest you contact Dogs Victoria and talk to the PR team as well. They are the governing body for pedigree dogs and their members and affiliated clubs run all the shows. They should be able to give you some great info and leads. Good luck!
  9. Pet Insurance - latest opinions please?

    The problem is that there are only two (I think?) underwriters. So plenty of companies but all comes back to the same two.
  10. Pet Insurance - latest opinions please?

    I do get the security of having pet insurance but I think it’s kinda crazy that it would cost me as much as my house insurance to cover my lot and yet there are so many things it won’t cover. Especially as I have 8 and 14 year old cats and an 11 year old dog. And they seem to change their conditions whenever they like. If you can budget well then I’d suggest putting away an emergency fund. Even if you take out insurance for 12 months whilst you save for it. Everyone should have one for themselves anyway. Mine sits on my mortgage but if you will be tempted to spend it then squirrel it away.
  11. The euthanasia process

    It really depends on the circumstances. I’ve had animals of my own PTS and held countless others without sedation and it’s been very peaceful. My Burmese girl was a different story as she’d been very ill and had become sensitised to having needles. I gave her a sedative injection at home and whilst it really knocked her it was still not enough and just holding her vein up caused great distress. I insisted on IM sedation and then PTS once she was completely under via the heart. Sounds horrible but it wasn’t. With a 4 week pup who struggled - we sedated him with gas and then PTS similarly. Every case is different.
  12. 16 days old puppies Diarrhea

    Vet. They are too young to mess around with.
  13. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    I want the yacht damn it @Maddy No dog rego fees for a start!!!
  14. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    I agree @Maddy The same expectation applies to breeders and it's not a reasonable one. I'm not talking LIVING off the proceeds but nothing wrong with a little profit here and there to invest in your future dogs. Honestly the -oodle breeders charging $3K plus must think we are absolute idiots.
  15. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeders - Rude Breeders

    It’s a funny thing. I reply politely to EVERY single enquiry I get - short, rude or detailed - and the vast majority never even thank me for my response. It definitely goes both ways!!!!