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  1. I can second this - love my set up and will be going to see Michael when I get my next car...
  2. Ginny He adores puppies. Especially girls for his harem.
  3. I've been remiss....
  4. Brilliant!
  5. Just a Australia there are NO meat chickens raised with hormones nor are there any raised in cages. It's just clever marketing. And most so called free-range chickens rarely venture outside the barn. There's some good research happening in this area at the moment. Yes ABs can be used.
  6. I've encouraged mine to avoid floorboards when playing indoors - they gravitate to the slate or rug. And Zig would not DREAM of lifting his leg on our large deck even when a visiting dog or one of the girls pees there. So yes, anything is trainable.
  7. I like the idea of lifting the boards and re-laying them. Marine carpet is brilliant stuff - I use it in the whelping box - but being constantly damp isn't going to do the decking much good.
  8. I'd go straight to a specialist I think. I have done that with serious eye issues twice now - first time (cat) they had several vets look at him and they voted "would be great surgery to do but not necessary at this stage due to awesome quality of life" and the second time (pup) it was immediate surgery, not negotiable.
  9. Agree with showdog to an extent but they are super handy to take on the road to training. I have a specially designed bowl that attaches to the crate and can be quickly removed for pack down. On hot days, if we are trialling, I much prefer wire crates despite their weight and I mostly use them at home too as it's generally if I have a bitch in season, or the Spaniels are wet and muddy or if I'm playing crate games. I use my old soft crates for Agility training foundations - better than wire as they can drive in at speed without risking injury.
  10. I prefer K9 soft crates. I'm about to replace one of mine that has been in constant use for 9 years.