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  1. In addition, Susan looks after her alumni line nothing I've ever seen in online courses - opportunities for free and heavily discounted ongoing membership abound. And more challenges!
  2. Phoebe is having puppies!

    My lot just crack it when they get knocked off their favourite teat! The times I have woken in the night thinking someone is getting squashed!!!
  3. She always offers a money back guarantee within a time frame on all her courses anyway.
  4. Some of the videos are super quick and others are longer. The thing is, if you don't understand the layers of learning and you don't know how to problem solve then you won't get the full value. I watch the videos in the evening instead of TV....plan out my training for the next day. Sometimes I might watch an Agility specific video (H360 not Recallers) multiple times until I'm sure I get it. And I video my own training. Think. Plan. Do. Review.
  5. Phoebe is having puppies!

    That's good to hear. I haven't had to use it yet. I did buy latex free sponges as I quite like that method.
  6. Phoebe is having puppies!

    Bugger @Rebanne sorry to hear your little boy is struggling. Hopefully once he gets a bit stronger he'll be able to fend for himself much better.
  7. Raw feeding for pregnancy and lactation?

    Good point @Rebanne I am blessed with a bitch that will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight. I have never seen her refuse a meal. That makes my life a whole lot easier. She's on AB's for mastitis and the vet asked how I was going getting the meds into her. I literally laughed out loud It's just another excuse for something disguised as mince! Then I gave Em a biscuit for lying so quietly for her ultrasound. She devoured it in a nano second and the vet finally understood what she was dealing with
  8. Raw feeding for pregnancy and lactation?

    I feed a mix. Normally Em has Artemis dry, yoghurt and twice weekly I substitute this with chicken frames, lamb necks, turkey wings or similar. Every now and again I toss in a whole egg (home grown!) or tinned sardines and for training she gets cheese, 4 legs, chicken, lamb hearts etc. During pregnancy I increase the quantity depending on her body condition. I'll tend to increase protein too because she gives everything to her babies so a quarter raw chicken rather than a frame. Em's babies are currently 5 days old. Normally her dry food ration is 1-1.5 cups per day. At the moment she is having 2 cups dry plus yoghurt topped up with water for breakfast. Lunch is raw - so quarter chicken OR lamb neck OR chicken frames stuffed with forequarter beef mince/lamb hearts OR turkey wings. Dinner is 2 cups dry food plus yoghurt and something extra - egg, sardines, mince, hearts etc. I will likely add a 4th meal in soon. The main thing with her raw meals is that they they are low fat and high protein. I take the skin off the chicken etc as with the amount of food she just gets the runs.
  9. 6 Month old Kelpie suddenly scared of frissbe.

    To be honest I'm more concerned that you've been playing frisbee with a dog < 6 months for 2 hours a day! I have working Springers and I would never recommend this to tire a dog out. Highly active youngsters can do themselves a lot of damage chasing balls and frisbees repetively. It is extremely bad for their growing joints and tendons. Personally I would be taking the dog for a physical exam with an extremely knowledgeable vet and/or a physio. It's possible that she has injured herself whilst chasing it and is in no hurry to do it again. Either way please relegate the frisbee to the recycling bin. Mental stimulation and controlled retrieves (Gundog) style are a much better way to tire your youngster.
  10. Hidden Fence containment

    I agree. I'm actually lead animal behaviour/welfare for a company that is commercialising virtual fencing for cattle. And it is SO much further advanced than the dog containment fences in terms of welfare.
  11. Puppies front paw knuckling over

    I feed a fit for all life stages now - even a pregnant or lactating bitch gets the same Artemis. I do add in fun stuff like sardines, egg, yoghurt, quarter chicken and forequarter mince too.
  12. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    I see your point but I guess I live in a whole other training world. My dogs are always given guidance and so are those owners and dogs who train with me. "No" or "leave it" simply become associated with the undesirable event and actually become a cue! Mr TSD left his dinner plate on the floor (go figure!) and I turned around to see my dogs making a CHOICE to not lick the plate. No worried faces, no commands, just dogs who have self control. It's not how I've always trained but it's how I will train forever more. It's more fun, more reliable and way less stressful for all of us!
  13. Litters Due September 2017

    Thank you Monteba Could you please adjust mine to Due 11th, Born 11th! Thank you!
  14. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    I would disagree. Leave it and No are both verbal cues. They mean nothing unless you train it. You could say "bananas" and have the same effect. I would be absolutely keeping this dog on leash, putting buckets of value into recalls and engagement PLUS doing counter conditioning with other puppies/dogs. I would suggest that a decent trainer is necessary to help your timing, management and use of reinforcement. "Why" the dog is doing this now is a moot point. I can't read dogs minds even with years of study and practical experience. So I don't waste my time. I just ask "what have I got? What do I want?"
  15. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!