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  1. 4 yr old male Springer Spaniel in need (Sydney)

    Hi @Judy and Kev Hope things turn out for the best. I’m not sure if you’ve had working Springers before. If not feel free to check out my website to give you some info as they can be a shock to the system if you aren’t used to them. Great dogs though - not that I’m biased http://www.thornfield.com.au/
  2. To Puppy or?

    For me it’s about management. Can I make sure the older dogs are not constantly harassed by the younger one? Can I be certain that I won’t use the older dogs as a “baby sitter”? How am I going to keep them separated? How am I going to keep the youngster entertained, trained and exercised given that all 3 dogs will have vastly different requirements? Am I prepared to walk, feed and socialise them separately? Can I afford the vet bills given that very young and very old dogs will likely have more vet visits? Etc....
  3. 4 yr old male Springer Spaniel in need (Sydney)

    Working or show lines? It would be good to give the new owners some training/exercise guidelines as constant ball chasing can be disastrous. Physically and psychologically. I have info on my website if that helps - in my signature.
  4. Whats the go on non refundable deposit for puppies

    Personally I would NEVER take a non-refundable deposit. I don’t take deposits at all. The last thing I want is a pup I’ve loved and raised to go to a home because the people felt financially obligated to follow through. I’ve given full refund to someone who was overwhelmed and wanted to bring the pup back after 24 hours. It worked out perfectly for all involved as difficult as it was at the time.
  5. Finnish Lapphund

    Speak with Taigakoira Kennels in Melbourne. Excellent breeder who will be able to point you in the right direction. I know of 2 litters on the ground but I think they all have homes.
  6. Feeding cat food to dogs?

    Nope. However you should not feed dog food to cats as there are several amino acids, eg taurine, that are destroyed in the cooking process and specifically added to cat food.
  7. Genuine West Highland Terrier

    How lovely! One of my pups has just moved to London with his owners. Is living the life in fields, apartments and at the pub.
  8. Lonely or bored?

    When the discharge changes colour from red to straw coloured they are SUPER ready to be mated.
  9. Lonely or bored?

    My crazy working girls are all on the couch regardless BUT yes, they can go a "bit whacky" when they are in season. It's important to remember that they don't read the text books. With their early seasons, my girls were just sad and sensitive coming into season but would go crazy whilst they were in season! Em just kept going from strength to strength but her daughter goes a bit flat and usually has a bit of a false pregnancy. Generally my girls are ripe for mating around days 12-15....I progesterone test, have an entire male and they live indoors so I pick up the first signs very quickly. But! They are all different. I am hoping she was well confined when she was in season? Personally I love my dogs in the house 24/7 - I have a good set up with baby gates and pens for youngsters. My old ACD used to sleep outside my bedroom window when she wasn't allowed indoors (rental). She was VERY attached.
  10. Showing dogs

    Well done to all the people involved including Dogs Vic PR.
  11. Low down on labradoodles

    I agree @Jed but there are ways to mitigate it. On numbers I need a permit for more than 2 dogs and I’m on 3/4 acre in the hills. It’s very strict here so it’s impossible for me to do anything with my lines long term. Most of my puppies and owners stay in close contact, we catch up for training, play dates, meals at the local pub or my house and sometimes the pups stay for a few days or even a month in one case. And the dogs just slot in together. Although mine would prefer it if the puppies could grow up a bit faster lol But I know I do things differently than a lot of people so you make a fair call for the majority.
  12. Yep I’m going to read the e-book then discuss the ins and outs with my puppy people.
  13. Dalmatian

    Zig is amazing with kids and adults and cats and horses and any female dog. Most male dogs hate his guts on sight so I’ve got to be careful. He’s entire and has always been a target even when doing his own thing. If I can step in he will ignore an attacking dog but if I can’t defend him he will deck the dog calmly and then ask if we can start working again. Phenomenal stuff. They are clowns but are WAY too smart for the average dog owner
  14. Dalmatian

    He looks lovely and in great nick for his age! There are a couple of Dals doing agility but more doing obedience, tracking and lure coursing. Zig is 26kg and is very powerful. The trick is to make them think it’s their idea. I use food and tug in my training. He’s so funny - offers perfect heel position when I’ve trained the girls and not him. We’ve done obedience and the ET as well. This is him: http://thornfield.com.au/dog.asp?dog=93673
  15. If you want to feed alternative to kibble you are better off feeding raw. You need to feed a balanced diet including raw meaty bones and a small amount of offal. What you are feeding now is an extremely Calcium deficient, Phosphorus dominant diet - but please don’t go just adding calcium to the mix. It’s not that simple. As a start you could read the book “Give a dog a bone” by Billinghurst. It’s based on BARF rather than raw feeding but it’s a good start for beginners. There are some good raw feeding Facebook groups too if you are interested.