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  1. I’m a huge fan of the Snooza D1000. I buy a lot of dog beds!!! Some cheap, some not so much. I have two of the D1000 and one of them is about to encounter its sixth puppy! I sometimes take pups for friends for a few months in addition to my own so it’s had a fair pounding
  2. Phoebe has puppies!

    Do you have a keeper @Rebanne?
  3. Setting Up A Digging Area

    I use bags of playground sand from Bunnings. And yes I bury treats and use praise but they still sometimes dig in the wrong spot. Makes me feel good though and my current litter just love it!
  4. Puppy diet

    Definitely not a balanced raw diet! No organ meat for a start! I wean my pups onto raw (chicken, beef, kangaroo, pork, lamb, salmon, (combination of mince, on the bone and fillets) hearts, eggs, sardines etc etc) and then transition them to dry food. I recommend 85% premium dry food for the first 12-18 months plus extras including frames, lamb necks, sardines, eggs, organ meat etc. Grow them right the only chance you get!
  5. Eating own puppy poo

    Agree with Karen. I have a litter of 7 week old working ESS and they are absolute gutses. No way would I expect to see faecal material looking unprocessed. What are you feeding? And then vet check.
  6. Expectations from breeder

    Yes, often we don’t disclose to people we know well just how overwhelmed we are. Let alone our puppy buyers. Definitely pick up the phone.
  7. Expectations from breeder

    Same as @Mjosa but I encourage my puppy people to jump on FB as it’s so easy for me to upload pics. I’ve just allocated this litter at 6 weeks so I’m sending personal videos and photos as well. One person has paid in full because they wanted to finalise everything including the flight interstate. Another person has just paid for the flight so far. I’m happy for payment on pickup or before they go on the plane. I will be sending puppy packs interstate a week before they fly, provided puppy is paid for in full.
  8. How long have you waited?

    I waited 2 years for my Spotted Devil. He’s now 10. So worth it. I’m a breeder of working ESS. I only breed every few years. This litter - 7 puppies, 2 girls still born and 1 little boy PTS at 4 weeks. It’s not easy.
  9. Poo bags and plastic waste

    I use these - from Clean Run if I’m buying other stuff but you can get them locally too. https://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=3754&ParentCat=323
  10. Boarding Kennels in Melbourne?

    I use Cottage Kennels in Plenty.
  11. Litters Due September 2017

    Remember it took me so long to figure out WTH you were on DOL Bloody love those Ghans of yours
  12. Puppy raw meat question

    Whilst I wean onto mostly raw with some dry, I recommend my puppy buyers feed 85% quality dry diet plus 15% raw meaty bones, training treats plus fun stuff like sardines, yoghurt etc. Why? Because a balanced diet is so critical for corrrct growth from 8 weeks to 12 months. You only get ONE chance to grow a puppy right.
  13. Litters Due September 2017

    Nice to see you on here L! Gorgeous Lowchen babies
  14. Puppy raw meat question

    A puppy or dog may resource guard food that is of a high value, particularly if they feel under threat. I always use some super high value food as training treats - so the pup understands I am the SOURCE of amazing food not the person who is going to take it away. Don’t annoy pups when they are eating OR allow other animals to compete with them. If you tried to take a lamb chop off my dinner plate I’d probably growl at you too!!!
  15. Weed detection dogs

    Aren’t they wonderful! Work all day given the chance