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  1. Essentially schutzhund training in Victoria will require you to house your dog as a Dangerous Dog - muzzled, confined, signs etc. I am aware of a few trainers - can’t recall names - who have gone “underground” and are as shady as hell. So be very careful and aware of the legislative implications.
  2. If you can repeat the test and post a video I’m happy to have a look. Please tag me. It’s not always obvious unless you have perfectly healthy dogs to compare with
  3. They don't always show they are sore. Did your vet look at the reflexes on her back paws? Synovan is the next development of Carprofen.
  4. What you are describing may be the beginning of some degeneration of the spine and nerve impingement. My Dalmatian is 13 and is now on Synovan monthly (for the spine), 300mg Gabapentin 4 times a day as required for nerve pain and acupuncture from a qualified human/dog Chiro. Huge improvement after a very acute onset.
  5. Exactly @jemappelle! It’s much better for the dog than ending up with impacted anal glands - painful and can lead to abscess which is really awful.
  6. Psyllium husk is the key but you can also add edible bone (eg chicken frames) or even minced frames if you’d prefer. Both will firm the faeces. However one thing I’ve discovered that across 4 dogs - 3 related - that the nature of the discharge varies incredibly which can also alter whether they are discharged easily or not. I check my dogs regularly and gently express them only if needed. Disposable gloves, tissues and lots of treats afterwards and the response I get to “check your bum?” is waaaay too enthusiastic
  7. You can’t save the world. You can only do your little bit. Applies to a lot in life.
  8. It's invaluable in my opinion. I start about Day 61 (I prog test) and take my girl's temp around 4 times a day. You quickly see a pattern of rise and fall and then you see a drop that is below the diurnal pattern. It's really, really informative when things don't go to plan, for example, my last whelping was a c-section (2 pups trying to get out at once) and the temp drop gave my specialist repro vet great information about what was happening.
  9. I breed every few years. Working Springers not show... Everyone wants one but they aren’t for everyone. I couldn’t live with anything else but I am an experienced committed trainer There is WAY more to them than smaller and less coat I work full time in a demanding role I haven’t taken a proper holiday in 5 years Last litter cost me $6K before I had a litter on the ground My Ginny could have died and broken my heart - unexpected c-section and then black mastitis. Both “bad luck” according to my specialist reproductive vet I do dog sports, so a li
  10. I have working Spaniels who are off the Richter scale when they spot a bird, duck or rabbit. And yet I can whistle stop them at 150 m away and recall them from a lot further!!
  11. I love that you’ve identified what you want. Four on the floor. Now you need to reinforce the daylights out of it every single day. When you are walking is NOT the time to be training this - your dog is waaay too over aroused. In that state he simply cannot think and process information. So take a step back and reinforce it in other environments around the house. Use food, pats, play, permissions, leash on, leash off etc. Add excitement as he gets the game. You also want a few failures so he can see he is a CHOICE and there is a consequence - ie THE FUN STOPS. Try not to lure or bribe. Reinfor
  12. What do you want your dog to DO? Stopping a behaviour is much more difficult than training an incompatible one. I love my dogs when they are high as a kite. I just channel that energy into something productive. Train the dog in front of you. There aren’t any shortcuts, sorry to say. Finally, positive is NOT permissive. And once is always. Reflect objectively and allow your dog to be your best trainer And enjoy the journey
  13. I use Orivet simply because they do all the tests I need. The other Australian lab doesn’t do one test ESS should have.
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