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  1. The old puppy exercise question

    Hahahahaha Springer pup on leash Been there. Got the t-shirt Crazy bloody things! I always say to my puppy people that walks are about training and socialisation. Ball and frisbee chasing is prohibited. Controlled retrieves are a different matter. Free play and off leash training is the best exercise. And as someone with working Springers I have a REALLY good chiro they visit regularly.
  2. New breed in Australia

    I had a Catahoula pup in one of my classes. Gorgeous but a LOT of dog. Way too much for his inexperienced owner.
  3. Don’t discount sudden onset protein intolerance. Happened to my Burmese cat - after an exclusion diet it turns out she can eat chicken and fish but throws up violently and pulls chunks of hair out on beef, lamb and turkey. At 15 she’s a different kitty.
  4. My girls (16kg and 19kg) get a level scoop and Zig (26kg) gets 1.5 scoops.
  5. I use the same brand. My Dally has never smelt better
  6. Buyer breaching contract of sale

    Agree with Anne. Contracts are not legally binding. My approach is to spend a long time getting to know the puppy buyer and developing a relationship. Then it’s about ongoing support and education. If I included my expertise and time in the price of a puppy I shudder to think how high that would be
  7. Lagotto or GR/Pooodle cross as first family dog?

    The issue with the poodle crosses are that the coat can be unpredictable. Will it be low shedding? Maybe, maybe not. It’s luck of the draw. Are you prepared for the high amount of grooming required?
  8. Desexing a Bernese Mountain Dog

    Personally at least 18 months for a medium breed. Let their growth plates close and musculature develop. The gonadal hormones aid in both. So I would allow one season for a bitch and hold off as long as possible for a male. My Dalmatian is entire, 12 years old, never sired a litter (I breed working Springers) and an Agility Champion. Best dog ever. I encourage my puppy buyers to keep at least the males entire as long as they feel comfortable. There are pros and cons to desexing.
  9. Pennhip Cost and Procedure

    Personally I recommend desexing not before 18 months for my working Springers if at all depending on bitch vs dog. I am VERY careful about who I sell to and they are mentored through any issues. I don’t Pennhip but AVA hip/elbow scoring so I can’t help with prices. Love Bernese - wouldn’t desex until at least 2 years old personally.
  10. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Stress is stress. Physiologically speaking. So excitement and over arousal can produce similar responses to fear! It’s just that the former is - mostly - good stress!
  11. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Psyllium husk is a much more effective option than oats.
  12. Children's probiotics for my dog

    What you describe isn’t all that unusual to be honest. I feed edible bone (chicken frames) some nights and balance that out with psyillum husk on other meals. All my dogs receive dog specific probiotics every night. The canine and human gut microbes are very different. You won’t do harm but you will waste your money. At the moment I’m using Blackmores Digesticare: https://www.vetnpetdirect.com.au/digesticare-60-multistrain-probiotic-for-companion-animals
  13. Rose Hip Vital - Experiences Please Any Animal

    Always the way
  14. Rose Hip Vital - Experiences Please Any Animal

    All my dogs (3, 8 and 12 year old) receive the following daily, based on discussions with a US sports vet: Probiotics: https://www.vetnpetdirect.com.au/digesticare-60-multistrain-probiotic-for-companion-animals Omega 3 (there’s a small breed version): https://au.iherb.com/pr/Nordic-Naturals-Omega-3-Pet-8-fl-oz-237-ml/43656 4-Cyte for Joints: https://www.vetnpetdirect.com.au/4cyte-canine-joint-treatment I haven’t been keen to put them on Rose Hip - I’m not quite convinced on the science. My youngsters receive amazing chiro/massage from a human and canine qualified specialist every 4 weeks with Zig seeing him every 3 months. I do massage and light trigger point work on them several times a week. That’s made such a difference to how they ALL move.
  15. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    @Loving my Oldies also try making him work for his food just a little. It actually improves satiety just by doing the searching and finding and consuming small amounts.