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    Dogs(Labs) but i love them all, have yet to meet a dog i didn't like.

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  1. No one is in danger when Chloe is on duty, but she has been known to sit on tradies or stand in front of them showing them where their tools are. So yes ,unless we want them sniffed and licked, we keep her away from visitors who are here to work. ☺️☺️ She's no good at the front door either and has been known to make a break for freedom and run out. She's no idea what to do once free though and only makes it next door. She doesn't bark at strangers - only will bark at us, to remind us to fed her, let her up/down stairs.
  2. One thing I wasn't prepared for first time we took our then 6 month old lab camping was a) he was scared of the roos like terrified and 2) he ate bluebottles on the beach. Bring long leads , stakes to tie them to with the long lead, big tent as the dog will be in there with you and first aid . Portable canvas water bowl are really Handy for beach camping .
  3. So many funny stories , had no idea the mistaken dog identity there is out there. I must admit while I'm the biggest dog lover ever,I get mixed up with some breeds and I'm the one asking what breed is it, but I don't guess unless I'm fairly certain of the breed . However I'm am still laughing at the Labrador/ Rottweiler mix up- he also pronounced it as Rott wheeler ????????????????
  4. We were at a Father's Day outdoor event today. Dogs were welcome so we brought Chloe. As we were leaving, this man approached me and said "I've never seen a brown one before" I was think huh Brown labs not exactly rare! Then he goes is it a Brown Rothweiler? Me no she's a lab Him oh really ,she's big Me to myself- best put Chloe on a diet but am positive she'll still look like a lab not a Rothweiler. ????????????
  5. I went through this last year with our beloved 7 yr old lab. We found a lovely vet( not our regular one) who was willing to come out to our house on a Sunday morning at 9am. We sat with him all morning and said our goodbyes, the other dog was there as well as our 3yr old. Hub and I were a mess but it was actually quiet peaceful . We held his paw at the time of injection and let the other dog sniff him for as long as she wanted afterwards. The vet was amazing even down to sorting all the paperwork beforehand, which seems logical to do , but it helped at the time as I couldn't even speak afterwards. I was so glad afterwards we didn't choose to bring him to the vet to do it, nothing wrong with doing that ,it's just for me it felt like he wasn't distressed leaving the house etc as he could barely move at the end. We buried him out the back and had a little funeral , mostly so our son would understand. Good luck with it, my heart goes out to you xx
  6. I know after listening to two people at our local farmer market bang on about how amaze balls their little oodle are, it was lovely to see this little darling . Beautiful little thing and the best temparment.
  7. Just an appreciation post. We were at the Brisbane French Festival today and this lovely French lady brought her little Bichon Frise. OMG I normally don't swoon so much at the little dogs done with the bows and fluffy hair but this one !!! ???????????????? She was getting a lot of attention and the lady was so lovely with people , that dog had its picture taken so many times. My 4 yr old had a pat and was still talking about her on the way home . Swoon lol ????????
  8. So I was at a local park today with my son 4. The park is a really good one, has two kids area, a adult exercise area, tennis court and a dog fenced area. All a reasonable distance from each other. So I like to preface by saying I strongly believe in including dogs in family activities- anywhere I can I would bring the dogs when we had two ,now just Chloebear. That includes kids parks- i have her on short leach beside me on a bench, sitting . I'm happy for kids to come give her pats- so long as they ask and if they are little there is a parent. Today at this park this lady turned up with her beautiful GSP and sat at next park bench - then proceeded to tie dog lead to bench- dog had halti Now the bench was about 4 metres from the kids play area and it was about 3pm so pre school and younger . Mine seemed to be the oldest there . Her little one wanted to go to the other little park which was a walk across the park- probably 70-80mtrs away . So off she went and left the dog. This is why I'm mad- there is a beautiful dog and of course he was a kid magnet - all the little ones were running over going doggie doggie . The mums were saying to kids as they intercepted them "yes lovely dog but you can't run up to a strange dog as we don't know him" Why do that as a dog owner , I understand the dog was probably very friendly but isn't it irresponsible to leave your dog loosely tied to a park bench alone 3 mtr from kids who aren't yet at an age that know not to run to every dog. Am I wrong to think that?
  9. This poem is just lovely just what I need to read now. I was ok Christmas Day as it was so busy, but Boxing Day all I could think of was I wish Bru was here. Then I had a memory pop up on my Facebook page of a pic I posted last year of our two furries chewing their second lot of Xmas treats with small boy watching them sitting on the deck. I miss Brus beautiful face xx Love to all missing their furry friends .
  10. I love the grey one - it's like he's going , can you stop can you just stop, we're going to get in soooo much trouble... Stop Norman !!! Meanwhile his other two mates have wandered off, nope don't know that cray cray hound ????????????????????
  11. Chloe has yet to meet a person she doesn't love , she doesn't even bark at the door knockers selling religion. Bru on the other hand did bark at the door knockers and sounded fierce , but once they saw his body wagging behind the door the game was up ???? One time he took an instant dislike to a tradie who came to quote for a job. He normally loved everyone so it's was very strange, he positioned himself outside DS door and refused to move or stop barking at the guy until he left. It was very out of character for him. Ps the guys quote was crazy so I like to think he had good judgement ????????
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. When we lost Bru in augt, Chloe his partner in crime missed and still misses him terribly. I have to watch her closely as some days she is just so lonely ,so I get her out to a park to see other doggies. I know she's having a hard time when she'll head off to a corner somewhere and just curl up - which is not her doggie personality at all - she's normally in the middle of everything The days I'm home with my three year old are better for her. thinking of you and Tyson xx
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this , it's really hard and sometimes it takes a few months for things to really sink in that she is gone. Big hugs.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear this Labadore. You have given him a wonderful 18 mth since you rescued him and I can only imagine how happy he'd have been with his doggie friends and you. It's hard and so unfair but spend the time hugging and taking pictures if you can. Big hugs to you xx
  15. Thanks for all the really helpful replies . DH thinks we should wait a few months, so I figure I'll research abit during that time and I'll get that book- thanks for the link . It's interesting idea and probably a good one to consider fostering dogs that aren't your favourite breed.
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