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  1. Litters Due September 2017

    Congratulations to all on your puppies have updated the OP now sorry for the losses
  2. Litters Due November 2017
  3. Litters Due October 2017

    We have 3 -4 shown on ultrasound
  4. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Top two are boys bottom two are girls oops missing lol in post below
  5. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Will put some up tomorrow
  6. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Thanks Poochman so very true
  7. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    So hard going through even the breeders in the breeders section here on DOL Finding reputable can be a minefield at times making sure testing has been done is paramount
  8. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Been a busy week at Monteba with 4 beautiful babies born on Tuesday so happy all are doing wonderfully have had 2 boys and 2 girls all Black and Tan ( all are spoken for so not for sale) So nice to have babies in the house again
  9. Litters Due August 2017

    Thank you both So far all going well, fingers and toes crossed it continues All Black and Tans from a Ruby mum and Black and Tan dad
  10. Litters Due August 2017

    Puppies born and doing well
  11. Litters Due September 2017

    she is looking good Rebanne
  12. Litters Due September 2017

    Have updated the OP good luck Appleisle with your first litter
  13. Litters Due October 2017

    fingers crossed for us both