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  1. Litters Due December 2018

    It seems a mess for those with Anatolians ( I dont know much about the breed at all)
  2. Litters Due December 2018
  3. Litters Due November 2018
  4. Litters Due October 2018

  5. Litters Due September 2018

    Looking forward to seeing photos
  6. Litters Due October 2018 Starkehre - Rottweiler due 13th October
  7. Litters Due September 2018 bridgie_cat - Shetland Sheepdog due 30th Sept
  8. Litters Due August 2018

    Litters Due August 2018
  9. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I have sold pups and some people want to be more involved than others some have become good friends after getting a pup from me and others I may not hear from for years Generally the amount of involvement is lead by the pet person as we dont like to intrude, but the majority of breeders are very interested in hearing updates and getting photos Planning things out and thinking through all scenarios is a great way to be, most breeders will have waiting lists so doing your research early is a great thing
  10. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I think breeders should be doing some sort of dog sport with their dogs be that showing, agility, obedience, endurance etc ( Some folk have retired from some of these sports after many many years in I would include them in there as people I would buy from as well) Health testing is a must but just like humans there are no guarantees as the amount of gene combinations that can happen. All breeders should be doing DNA testing for Curly Coat/Dry Eye and Episodic Falling and breeding can be done with a carrier as long as not to another carrier ( well I would never mate a carrier to a carrier) MVD has no DNA test, all breeders should be getting their breeding dogs and those who have been a part of their breeding programme heart tested by cardiologist and there are heart clinics in most states at least once a year. All breeds have some health issues sadly just a matter of doing the best you can by choosing a breeder who is there for the breed, doesnt necessarily mean the most ribbons or awards but those who have the breed at heart
  11. Litters Due April 2018

    Litters Due April 2018
  12. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    My Cavaliers live with a Leonberger so I dont think having a cavalier with a bigger dog is an issue, obviously you dont let a pup out with the large breed until both know the limitations and are watched. As for breeds everyone needs to be happy with the choice What breed is he wanting
  13. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I think a lot of us here our dogs live inside with us and I feed a raw diet as well A smaller dog when you have back issues is a great idea Always good to plan, There are a lot of great breeders around the place, just when you are ready make sure to ask about health testing for the breed
  14. Litters Due March 2018

    Litters Due March 2018
  15. Litters Due February 2018