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  1. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    Have you had a vet check her hearing? *edit: Ive lived with 2 oldies who have gone deaf. Its not easy, but it's not the end of the world if she is.
  2. Akita Dog Food

    They really are the most amazing puppies
  3. This seems all a bit too "one size" for me. Not sure who'd want to self describe as "flexible" (seems way too relaxed) or strict. Personally, I'd want to know the individual rescue policy.
  4. A little nervous, breeder advice

    Well that sounds positive. Hope it all works out ok for you!
  5. A little nervous, breeder advice

    How did you find the breeder? (Here or on another website?) Have you spoken to them on the phone? What specific tests have they said they do? & why? Do you know Mum & dads registered names? Have you seen photos of your puppy as it grows? Have you asked how they match a puppy to a new home? What are the plans for transport to QLD? What are your payment options What support do you get now & after your pup comes home? While I mostly agree with Rural pug it is becoming more common for people to pinch genuine peoples details off websites such as DOL & impersonate them (I heard of one where the DOL page said they were in NSW, the breeder number was from Victoria & bank branch was in WA. The person lost their very large deposit on a pup that didn't exist). Not saying this is the case with you, but good on you for asking questions go with your guts. In short -ask a heap more questions.
  6. Thistle The Work In Progress

    I adore your updates! Theyre both looking well & sound well
  7. Me too - back when Guinea first got sick and I thought she'd been sent home on palliative care (miscommunication from the casual vet) I was a total mess and took two "Mental Health days" snuggled up in bed with my beautiful girl. I'm very fortunate that I've always had bosses who've been pretty good at letting me come or go early for urgent vet appointments or emergencies. While I'd happily take flex leave or short notice annual leave for sickness, I'd really like to see more support for bereavement leave for pets.
  8. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    Fixed that for you ...
  9. We Welcomed a new Dog to our home on Saturday

    Me too... Scottie was a mumbler.. She's sweet @dogbesotted. Lucky to have found you..hope the both settle quickly.
  10. I think the big thing the "ruffled my furs" (an expression on our home) was this: My crime (Maudie's crime to be more precise about it, but we take it on the chin for our dogs): failing to maintain what they call "effective control" of my dog in an off-leash area. My penalty: $238. (Emphasis added). Ah yes, good old "effective control" AKA recall AKA "getting your dog to come back". Personally, anyone who thinks good behavior for their dog is optional, especially in public, ruins it for the rest of us...
  11. 110%!!! Amen!!! Could not agree with you more Mrs RB!
  12. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Oh boy... tears here too. Big hugs Bub.
  13. 52/2017

    41: Nothing particularly special. Just a pretty dawn over the back carpark at work.
  14. 52/2017

    40: I just love this time of year. Duckies galore at work
  15. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    I know someone who "always wanted a Labrador" Rest of the story is oretty much the same