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  1. Kaos

    There aren't enough words.
  2. Countless dogs (and cats) over the years have ensured my covers stay firmly on my bed during the day when I'm not in it....
  3. Thistle The Work In Progress

    I think I say it every time. I love your updates T
  4. Golden paste reviews

    Swallow & chase with a warm drink - even just water
  5. Heat Bed for Older Dog - Recommendations?

    Love mine. I had two - gave one away after Scottie departed and kept the other one for me Worth every penny!
  6. Golden paste reviews

    I) It's safe to be on long term so long as its real T, not the supplement stuff. But you must tell a vet as it can interact with other medications and you would absolutely have to tell them if you were going in for emergency surgery. You'd also have to stop prior to routine surgery just to be safe. II) Scottie and I used it for ... 6 ish months. I stopped because I read there was a possibility it wasn't compatible with his anxiety meds and when I no longer had the drive to make it for him I stopped making it for myself. I noticed a huge difference when I was on it - so can only assume he felt better on it too. As I mentioned in on the other thread - I have a bad back and knees - didn't think it was helping much but then missed a few weeks worth of doses and really noticed a difference in my self. III) Start small and work up to a larger dose - I think its about a tablespoon over the course of the day. You don't want to start high - it makes you poo like no ones business. I accidentally O/D Scott in the start and he did like 4 massive poos while we were walking around the block - poor boy. I think, from memory, it has a short half life (is that the right term here?) so it doesn't stay in your body long - so smaller doses more often is more beneficial. There's a very active facebook group - the Turmeric Users Group - if you're interested. In short, I highly rate it and say so long as it doesn't interfere with other meds give it a try. As a side note, it is messy (I preferred making it with coconut oil to give it some structure), tastes nasty as hell and you can overdose on it - an acquaintance of mine reported getting dizzy and faint headed after discovering Turmeric chai lattes and adding a lot of them to her diet on top of golden paste.
  7. 52/2018

    Kids these days 2018-04-16_06-27-39 by Superspanger, on Flickr
  8. 52/2018

    @persephone - I'm sure you live in Paradise. Looks like Tits does too @mingaling And yes - that pink is stunning @Roova
  9. So sorry to read this.
  10. Sounds normal enough, as others have said. Its hard to say without seeing. Id also add -just double check he hasn't got any sneaky knots causing discomfort.
  11. A lot of this has been covered.... but I)Entirely possible - as others have said II) I bet he does know how. Or would soon figure it out. III) We all have to do things we don't like at times. For his own sake he should ALWAYS be secured while you're not able to supervise him. You owe it to him as his caregiver to provide him with a safe and secure yard and home. I don't blame your neighbour for being annoyed. I'd have had him impounded weeks, months ago.
  12. 52/2018

    14 I rocked up at an "indoors garage sale" LOL.... to find this: 2018-04-08_05-39-33 by Superspanger, on Flickr There was a little hand written note stuck to the door kindly asking us to remove our shoes. It just made me smile.
  13. Ned 2003-2018

  14. Kaos - lymphoma

    I was only thinking about you earlier -it's going to be bloody tough on the kids.
  15. Hi!

    Hi Judy, Welcome. I think (hope) my next dog will be a rescue Grey. They seem really lovely. I'd suggest that you find a local GAP (Greyhounds As Pets) group and introduce yourself. They're often after volunteers or even foster homes and have lots and lots of knowledge on all things hound. I see you're in Victoria - there's a pretty active sighthound group down there. Maybe @Kirislin will see this and be able to direct you to an active group. There are also Whippet fun days - which I ***think*** from memory are open to other dogs??? I stress ***think*** https://www.facebook.com/pg/yvwhippets As for sitting - I believe it's more comfortable for them to go into "down" than it is for them to sit. Anyhow - hope you enjoy your time here - we have some stunning photos of a range of sighthounds where you can just waste hours! Oh, I mean - do extensive research! Sm.