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  1. Sad news to read she's passed. Love from all the way over here, SM.
  2. He's a real little boy these days @persephone! And we're very lucky to have Rox.
  3. She even puts up with G feeding her then pushing her towards the bowl saying "eat your yummy kai" (kai =food). It's kinda hilarious, she's very patient, he's Incredibly gentle, for the most part.
  4. Here's my contribution, if it's ok to jump in on your thread. Roxy "the cat from next door" has all but moved in. She's such a darling, and so good with George. She plays a very special role in our otherwise currently pet free home.
  5. Mine almost 100% consist of a blurry toddler these days. I'll see if I can get into Flickr and share something, but lifes ... just too hectic at the moment for 52!
  6. New kids on the block are delightful too, but "old" Don will have my heart forever
  7. Donny! Is Don, is worth coming back to DOL!
  8. And in the mean time my wee "Tato" turned one recently...
  9. Kia ora! I'm alive! Hubby is away and I'm solo-mumming and back at work 3 days a week. I barely have time to scratch, let alone take happy snaps! But seeing as its my thread I'll see if I can maybe catch up. Maybe one per fortnight or something.
  10. Uh. 1. I wouldn't trust him around any of the kids & would be setting very strict rules for all of them. No kids in the back yard unsupervised. No strange kids near him ever again kind of thing. 2. Being "caged up 12 hours a day" isn't the absolute worst outcome. You just have to create a suitable, safe & fulfilling environment for him. Have a look for enrichment activities for him.
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