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  1. 52/2018

    On the move & just so busy
  2. 52/2018

    Whoops. Double up
  3. 52/2018

    27: Colours week at Baby Sensory
  4. 52/2018

    26. Nothing is safe.
  5. 52/2018

    25 to 28. 25: I did some baby sitting. I was offered a baby and heck it was hard to say no* (*even though I know I don't want a barky d*$k of a Hunterway cross )
  6. 52/2018

  7. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Yay! Well done!
  8. Continuation of “The Universe has Spoken"

    Looking good!
  9. 52/2018

    Oh my
  10. Thankyou-with pics

    That's such a great photo RMS
  11. 52/2018

    Thank you. I think so too. And re: your question on the other thread. You didn't miss it, it wasn't discussed here. He just appeared.
  12. I am in love ..... breed not in Aus.

    Oh those first two @Thistle the dog !!! *heart eyes face*
  13. 52/2018

    I love it. Shame it's not blue.
  14. There are probably (definitely) people out there who don't understand why examination needs to happen - so good post there. But .... the issue with the movie is that the dog finds his testicles being handled uncomfortable and he's told to accept it and "go to his happy place" and THAT is unacceptable in a kids film. This isn't a factual piece of work or doco of any kind -its a kids cartoon and not at all the right vehicle for the message. Go to the vet, go to the groomer, watch a documentary, drive past two cows getting it on in a paddock - sure you've got questions to answer. But the answer would never be "Mrs cow just has to stand there and let mr cow do what he likes" or "Rover just has to go to his happy place because its good for him". Rare occasion where I don't personally think this is an over reaction!