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  1. *squee* Thistles mum! Too cute - both of them!
  2. Scrolled through a few - LOL. They're brave little beggers!
  3. looks like I need to do weeks 11 and maybe 12... We're not getting out much at the moment - with a sore back and crazy hours at work and uni being back in. ... scratching the bottom of the phone camera for these ones. And with that..More duck pond photos. It's a nice easy walk, LOTS to sniff, an occasional bolshy duck to look at and dream about chasing and I can easily carry him back to the car or sit on a lagoon side chair while he rests. Ideal walk for an old man. Week 11 by Superspanger, on Flickr
  4. beautiful Perse.
  5. Tapua Labs. Drool.
  6. Sorry my bad - I read " NSW Mid Coast area" earlier in the thread and assumed Taree . Head's a bit fuzzy at the moment. I stand corrected. Either way, I stand by my previous comment - I personally think the rangers / pound were in the wrong in this case.
  7. Also, you've got to remember that things are just different in other states. Taree to Gloucester is an hour drive - you might not necessarily realise that they'd been taken over an hour away. (Same in Sydney - Scottie was picked up in Hornsby and taken to Carlton - minimum 90 minutes away and literally on the other side of the city.) I totally agree with Simply Grand, laws were broken and something very fishy has gone on here.
  8. Couple of adult dogs listed on the DOL pages that might suit you (and pups too).
  9. Hi. Welcome. Sorry it's not under better circumstances, but hopefully you'll get the support you're after here. Eagerly await photos! SM.
  10. Just gently and sensibly please and thank you! ;)
  11. Saw the dog chiro the other day - she was excellent and seems to have made a really positive impact on him. He's moving a lot more freely. So that's great. She's also given me some massages to do to help keep him a bit more limber and we'll see her again in 2 weeks when she's next in the region. She made similar observations about my vets, without even prompting. Which was re-assuring and not at the same time. Wish I'd called her first thing!
  12. Well the weather is clearing here. Hopefully you get nice clear weather for the next few days too. Sm
  13. Hilarious Tk! Pure gold!