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  1. Thanks Trish
  2. Makes me laugh every time I see it!
  3. Lots of good points fron PK above. We've recently been through this. I think the big thing is that every medication works differently, but especially in dementia. We were using vivitonin & it wss really amazing - until it wasnt. You can get diets fror CCD (Aging). Im on my phone at the moment but will try to pop back much later today.
  4. Its a tough one isn't it. We basically stuck to "mines not" and took the occasional abuse that came with it. Plus side was for the majority of the time weve lived in NZ we only walked in on leash ares do if we encountered any problems we were in the right. This issue just shits me to no end. Absolutely number one pet hate!
  5. Thanks @Simply Grand. You're right we had a really wonderful time together & I'm so greatful for that.
  6. 1. How many dogs do you have, and what are their names, ages and breeds? NONE AT THE MOMENT 2. Do you have plans for a new addition? NOT IMMEDIATELY 3. Did you have dogs growing up? YES. MY WHOLE LIFE. 4. Do you have names saved for any future dogs? TWO, IF THE RIGHT DOG FITS IT. 5. What is your favourite breed? MINI FOXIE 6. What is your favourite group? TERRIER 7. Is there a breed that you admire, but probably wouldn't own? MANY. GIANTS - TOO SLOBBERY, HUN DOGS - NOT THE RIGHT LIFESTYLE 8. Do you compete with your dogs in any discipline? WE DID SOME NOSEWORK. LOVED IT. 9. Have you had an achievement, large or small, with a dog that you're particularly proud of? GETTING AN OLD SHELTER DOG TO LEARN A NEW NAME & RECALL! 10. What games do your dogs most enjoy playing? SCOTTIE LOVED FETCH. 11. Are you drawn more to male or female dogs? NO REAL PREFERENCE 12. What are your favourite coat patterns or colours? NO REAL PREFERENCES - DEPENDS ON BREED. BUT WITH FOXIES BKACK & WHITE / TRI 13. What discipline or sport in the dog world do you find most interesting? NOSE WORK / SCENT WORK 14. What would be your dream household of dogs? OH.... UM... A FOXIE, A WESTIE, GREYHOUND & ... MAYBE A KCCS 15. Where is your favourite walk? BY THE DUCK POND 16. Does your dog have any funny habits? HE HAD MANY 17. Do you have a favourite piece of dog gear? GOOD, THIN, WATERPROOF LEASH. I ADORE THE SYNTEK ONES FROM K9 PRO 18. What are your goals for your dogs? NO REAL GOALS. THAT MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE, BUT JUST FOR YHEM TO BE HAPPY & HEALTHY & GOOD DOGGY CITIZENS. 19. Have you had what you consider to be a heart dog? YEP. I THINK SCOTTIE WAS IT. 20. List five things you love about your dog GRUMBLES (HAPPY SOUNDS) WAGGING TAIL ENDLESS ENTHUSIASM THE NEED TO BE A GOOD BOY (HE REALLY WASNT A RAT BAG) THAT SPARK OF CHEEKYNESS.
  7. Ever since I learnt about Portuguese Podengos I have thought it would be hilarious to have one of each size in both smooth and wire. Never happen, for a million reasons, of course, but still think it would be cute. I'd love a giant breed - like a Leonberger or Neo Mastiff - but they're not even remotely on the list. Westies are absolutely top 3. They seem like such great little dogs.
  8. Totally agree - which is why some dodgy operators can give out vet work or a chip record and people think they have their dogs "papers". Safe to assume, you don't know what you don't know. Especially if it's your first time owning a dog.
  9. This made me teary when I read it earlier. Now I've composed myself... I'd say you miss him because you've been such an amazing support to me over the past few months and I have said it before, and I will say it again now publicly. You've been an amazing friend & we're there for me for a lot of the bad times. You were the one who sat with me and chatted while I was held prisoner by anxiety and was being used as a human security blanket. You were also the one who always checked in on me last thing at night when I told you it looked like it was going to be a long one. Big loves and thanks to you and your quirky little man for the support and laughs when I needed them. And there goes any composure I might have pulled together to write this. LOL. Oh and P.S. - @Papillon Kisses - You were the one I spammed with millions of photos because I knew they'd be genuinely received and always matched with an equally cute or silly photo of Mal.
  10. We got my last girl as a puppy - picked her from the litter and had her for about 15 years. She was a demon and never really house broken. She was trained, and knew, but when it suited her she'd pee - occasionally coming inside to do it! As she aged, she got worse. Then we got our boy from the pound as an adult - we think he was about 10. In the 3.5 years we had him, he had exactly one (wee related) accident - in his crate - and I firmly believe that was my fault - it was a very wet day and I should have insisted on a longer wee break before putting him in his crate. No real point there - I just wouldn't be picking a sex based entirely on a bad experience with a cat.
  11. Found it. Week 15 was missing - so here it is. Dogs say ... Bark? I'm going to break the rules here. Sorry. Not sorry. This is the photo - he stole some bark from the garden. This is the outtake, which is so much more accurate. So, Week 15, photo 2.
  12. 17. Looks like I've missed a photo in there. Will go back and see / figure out what I've done. In the mean time: View out the back this morning.
  13. Oh. And I know this is easier said than done, but try to see if there are ways to stop her jumping up & down from the bed.
  14. Could be a few things. Maybe you can find a vet who does house calls. Otherwise, or in the mean time, I'd be keeping her quiet & warm. There could be other things going on too. It might be worth chatting to your vet & sedating her for a really good senior check up - full physical & doing a full senior blood panel. Good luck with it all.