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  1. I think it takes a very special person to foster full stop and an "even more specialer" one not foster fail. I don't think I'd have it in me to foster - and I'm sure I'd fail with the first. Of course you'll miss them - they seem like lovely little pooches and you've poured your heart and soul and time into having them. Glad to hear it sounds like they both have great homes. The best possible outcome!
  2. Im a bit behind. Week um ???
  3. They're adorable @Canisbellum
  4. @Papillon Kisses ???
  5. Killer backyard TK
  6. is SO good.
  7. Ah @Zombie Bait - you went through such an intense time with Brembo It does get easier. Not sure how or when, but it does.
  8. I was thinking more....
  9. They're awesome! Good job clever clogs!
  10. Thanks everyone ;heart:
  11. This one is my fb profile pic at the moment. Gets me every time.
  12. And well ... why not ...
  13. On a very rare occasion Scottie woukd look like Guin, my last girl, & it would make me catch my breath. Knew this time who's be hard as its hubbys first work trip since scottie went.