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  1. Little from col. A, little from col. B.
  2. Personally can't wait.
  3. No harm done. But your friend is very, very wrong in this particular case. Mutts are wonderful, but sadly, being "shed free" isn't one of their superpowers.
  4. Thanks Mjosa. So I am learning.
  5. 29. The sky really turned it on for me this week. I had to pick a photo! (Will kerp the other up my sleeve in case). This was the result of a quick glimpse out of the spare room window at just the right time.
  6. The dog walking route was flooded the other day. I was actually grateful I didn't have to try & 'splain why we couldn't go for a walk.
  7. 3 months today. It's still hard. I know it gets easier and never really goes away. But its still really hard. I still feel terrible guilt when I've been out doing things we couldn't do 'before'. New white doona cover for the guest room. Guilty. Weekend away. Guilty. Saturday yoga. Guilty. Especially if there's brunch after yoga...super guilty. Still also have pangs of worry when I'm running late thinking I need to get home to him. The house is quite & empty but I am thankful we're not facing a wet winter trying to convince a dottery old dog as to why he should or shouldn't be outside at a particular time. I miss the antics, the routine, his ears and most of all the cuddles
  8. I thought they were exempt. Could be wrong... Edit: I am wrong.
  9. No. Not new - she grilled me on grain free back before Scottie was really sick, but in the time that I've been in NZ - so its been going on less than 2 years. Or I've been aware of it for less than 2 years. She says "all tests are clear" but who knows what that means exactly. I'll check to see if / when she last had a full plain old "normal" blood panel done. That's about all I can really say. Like I said - old school mate who I text with every so often and chat to even less often. I knew it was a super long shot vague question to ask.
  10. Good point. She did mention a possible steroid - but also said the vet said the effects of it would likely to be short term too. Suppose that's better than the green dream. Well... No. I'm not sure. But she does live on her own 40 minutes out of town. So there is no family or neighbours or random people walking up the street. That said, she could well be getting into any number of delights hidden over the 20 odd years shes lived on the property and had various pets come and go. Also my bad on the link - I linked to an international one which does have chicken in it. I'm not sure you've linked to the right one either - she was amendment that it had NO meat in it. So don't think the venison one is quite right either. Edit: found another D/D also with chicken in it: Who knows... is the short version.
  11. Ok. So this is likely to be long and vague and um... its an odd topic. I have an old school mate, lives off the disability allowance (money is very tight), has limited access to the internet, lives 40 minutes out of a small/medium country town and a has a few old dogs, one of which has a terrible skin allergy. She has a vet who's great financially. They always offer her levels of solutions - eg with the last old dog she had they quoted full hospital but also gave her the option to take him home and nurse him with regular check ups & showed her the signs of what to look for and the offer that they'd do an emergency home visit if needed at the cost of a regular consult. They also let her pay off her accounts - which she's been doing for years - she pays off as much as she can every pay day. All that aside... this old girl with the skin is not showing any improvement. Originally she went onto a supermarket brand grain free, and showed some improvement. Today she texted and said she was on this special, very expensive diet and had shown signs of improvement originally but was again back to square one. And it was now getting to the point where she was wondering if it was time to put her to sleep. So I said I'd ask some doggy friends (that's the DOL brains trust) What I know - as I said: Tried supermarket brand grain free went on to an "elimination diet" which consisted of Hills D/D (Which I've never heard of) the friend says "tests don't show anything and vet thinks its old age" (dont know what tests they are) after a while they introduced chicken eggs back into her diet and then (and I promise I'm not making this up) "rawhide treats dipped in honey" which she also had a reaction to! I have asked if they'd tried single protein diets other than the hills or novel proteins but she tells me the dog can no longer eat any form of meat. (not sure what would be available to her locally and in her budget - delivery to her home isn't really an option). I'd be inclined to try a balanced raw, maybe single protein of goat or something else. Maybe even an unbalanced raw... The freaking D/D still has chicken and "animal fat" in it - so it's no wonder its not helping. No idea what the dog/s were fed before this girl was swapped. I've also told her no more rawhide and honey! Anyhow - She's not in a position to change vets or get a second opinion. I certainly don't want to drive a wedge between her and her vet but none of this sounds right to me. What would you guys suggest?
  12. If you say where you are someone night be able to recommend a speciaist.
  13. Where are you based Frizbee? (*approximately? )
  14. I really don't have an opinion on Dunham one way or the other. But I will say, dont judge til you've lived with an anxious / reactive dog. And if you have lived with an anxious / reactive dog then you probably wouldn't judge. Just feel bad she has to publicly justify her actions. Living with Scottie was the best 2.5ish years of pet ownership in my life & by far the hardest & most draining at the same time.