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  1. This is a great resource https://www.balanced-canine.com/nutrition
  2. Liquid Tramadol

    If it's just a mil maybe in a mince ball?
  3. I'm so sorry to read this. She was so fortunate to spend her last few months living with you.
  4. 52/2017

    Popped into town to visit the big man in the red suit this morning. Had a coffee after & then went to investigate the dulcet tones we could hear drifting over from the local square. Not sure what you actually call a bagpipe competition - there's probably a few nasty terms but it was really interesting to watch. Shame we only had an hour on the meter. Would have liked to watched more.
  5. 52/2017

    Gorgeous Roova! We went to the orchid garden in Singapore a few years ago - could have spent all day there! Such lovely flowers.
  6. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    Such a tough time. She's lucky to have you caring for her RMS.
  7. Dog Stairs

    Sure am. Don't think I need to guess who wins. Scotties predecessor was pretty similar. Stubborn old lady dogs!
  8. Dog Stairs

    Actually my parents use a foot pouf for their old cat. Just breaks the jump up for them.
  9. Vet N Pet Direct

    Same here
  10. 52/2017

    49: Just like that I'm back in the land of the living. Out for walks & everything. Back to the rose garden fit this one. I'm glad we got there. I'd forgotten they'd be in bloom. Thanks for the lovely words - little baby fatso will bring much happiness - Im sure.
  11. 52/2017

    Well I've had a backup that I've been saving for after he was here. The only one taken post birth is of him, obviously
  12. 52/2017

    George John. Decided to arrive late & was "evicted with force" (ceaser) 11 days over due. Weighing in at 4.95kg (just over 10lb in the old scale) I'm mostly glad I didnt labor with him. Not sure how long he is as the midwife on duty that night said they dont measure that??? So Ill deal with that when we're home. Super chill Lil guy. Appears to take after his Dad. Oh. And to come back on topic. I've been very generously gifted a dslr which I collect in Feb - so Ill probably be back here next yeat..
  13. 52/2017

    Thank you!
  14. 52/2017

    46: Mountain of love & gifts from the work family. 47: The reason for "illness", absence from DOL & life in general in 2017. Turns out growing 5kgs of baby is hard yakka.
  15. 52/2017

    45: Every yoga studio should have. ..