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  1. 52/2018

    I think I *just* missed it Roova. I was there 5-7th feb. It was stinking bloody hot in Wagga - but Dad has Air con & even had it serviced before our visit
  2. 52/2018

    8. My "baby brother". Turned 18 this year. I didn't think I'd get to see him this visit to be honest.
  3. 52/2018

    Yup! He's not even my grandad, he's my hubbys, but that one photo & visit was worth every hour, cent & all the solo flights.
  4. 52/2018

    Naw Mr Tits.
  5. 52/2018

    I'm exhausted :D NZ -> Sydney -> Gold Coast ->Wagga -> Tumbarumba -> Katoomba. Due to go back to North Sydney tomorrow & Fly home on Monday. Lil G has been an absolute star. Hasn't missed a beat! It's a canon eos 1000d! Can't wait to get it home & play.
  6. 52/2018

    Week 7. A boy & his Great Grandad.
  7. 52/2018

    It's seriously impressive!
  8. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    So sorry for your loss.
  9. Lulu

    Awe. I never "knew" Lulu but I'm really sorry for your loss.
  10. 52/2018

    Its week 6. Early / right on time unless Im mixed up. I've got a baby still living on NZ time - its like living all the bad aspects of daylight savings by choice! Snd nope. I'm still on the phone until later in the month. Looking forward to it!!!
  11. 52/2018

    Wk 6. Ok. So I've already lost my carrier but otherwise this gig is ok.
  12. 52/2018

    Week 5 here (I think) 2018-02-01_08-03-42 by Superspanger, on Flickr And with that - I'm off on holiday. I'll be around but might not be around. At least there will be photos not taken from my couch. I also pick up my new (to me) camera. See you all soon! SM.
  13. Labrador Retreiver breeder recomendations

    Don't know why that's so funny. I'll ignore you Whoops. I actually meant the whole package not just physical looks.
  14. Labrador Retreiver breeder recomendations

    Yup. They look amazing. They'd be my first choice for a lab
  15. 52/2018

    Phew. Too warm for that caper Perse!