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Calling Lab Rescue

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This boy is still at his old owner's place but has been surrendered and is available from Cootamundra pounnd. Please call Dennis the ranger is you are interested in this dog 0417465228

Here is the description from his previous owners

Buddy is nearly 4 years old (We got him around Australia Day 2010 as a puppy) he is a desexed male and is chipped and registered. He does need his vaccinations bought up to date.

He is fairly boisterous and bouncy at times and barks a bit at things "behind the fence" that I think probably might frighten him. He doesn't chew things up anymore and has never been a digger.

He doesn't really like other dogs much and needs to be kept in an escape proof yard.

He is a truly loveable rogue who loves our company and is very loyal.

Buddy loves our cat but he doesn't like other cats that may try and come in to our yard.

We are concerned about moving him to our new place as we will likely be away from home a lot with employment commitments and he does get lonely if he's left at home too long on his own.

We would really like him to go to a home that will love him as much as we do and also a home where his owners will understand how "rogueish" Labradors can be at times.


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