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Kong Squeakair Balls

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my poodles favorite toy was the kong squeakair ball extra small. The composition has now changed with the new model and my dog does not likes the new ones at all. We searched for old stock and have bought any we have been able to find but can't find any more. We take the cover off first and she just loves these balls. The new ones are of a different material and are harder and a different colour. Any suggestions.

I am writing this post on behalf of a good friend who loves her dog dearly and wants to keep her happy.

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The new ones are terrible, a lot harder and not as squeaky. A lot of the Kong products don't seem as good anymore.

You're not wrong! After first buying a couple of regular Kongs for my dogs 10 years ago, they held up for ages. I recently bought two bigger ones for my new dog, and they've faded considerably, which makes me question the integrity of the rubber. There's obviously some cost cutting happening there, as is often the case when businesses are 'on a roll' so to speak. Very sad.

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