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Ok, I have found myself in a situation where I am a bit stuck and am hoping to find a solution to this before I take the horrible step of having to permanently rehome my boy :( I now have to go back and forwards between Perth and Brisbane and cannot afford to fly my coolie back and forwards with my own fares and I also can not afford to board him in between at either end.

What I would like to do is loan him out to someone who would like to have a herding trial dog almost ready to trial, preferably for a period of 12 months. For someone just getting into herding this would be a good opportunity to have a dog that is well started, or someone that needs a worker or are experienced. They don't have the lifetime commitment as well and I don't have to lose him forever. If I am stuck and it is best to rehome him I will, but I am trying this first before taking that step.

So asking if anyone here is interested or knows someone that might be. He's a red merle, desexed, around 6, not a barker, not destructive and has an excellent off switch but a good worker. He's got good brakes and steering and soft enough to work poultry as well as sheep but will probably push enough for cattle too. I have done a lot of work on his herding and he is quite good. He hasn't seen sheep for a few years so the first 15 minutes will be a bit scattered but he can be cast and will gather stock. Registered with the Koolir club and was on the sporting register in SA.

I am in Brisbane but will be driving to Perth at latest Friday, through Broken Hill etc, but I can deviate a bit to meet people.

I have put the word out with my old herding club and the working koolie people have put it up on their page but nothing yet.

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