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  1. Litters Due October 2018

    Thanks guys xxx
  2. Puppy Spam Time

    Thanks so much guys They are little gems that's for sure. Having only 2 is so much easier, but still a lot of sleep deprivation at the moment.
  3. Puppy Spam Time

    Been ages since I've popped in here. Thought you guys might like to see some cute puppy spam Seven gave birth to these little guys 9 days ago. Their temporary names are Enki (after dad) and LilBit.
  4. Litters Due October 2018

    So sorry for the delay Monteba, I've been having difficulty logging in from my tablet and phone and had to wait until I could get hubby to puppy sit to get onto the desktop Seven had a boy and a girl
  5. Litters Due October 2018

    Thanks Monteba Seven had 2 gorgeous puppies on Sunday 14th Mum and bubs doing great
  6. Litters Due October 2018

    Yippeeee, we're expecting a litter of Rottweiler puppies around 13th October.
  7. Collar for showing

    If I'm wrong and you are referring to an all breeds show, then the lightest lead/collar set that you can control your dog on is ideal. The two styles of shows are chalk n cheese in our breed and equipment is definitely different.
  8. Collar for showing

    Hi Debra, if you are referring to the RCV Champ Show this weekend, you will need a fur saver chain. These are the only chains exhibitors are permitted to show their dogs in at specialty level. Some judges permit martingales for babies. The reason we use fursavers is so they can be locked off. In specialties the dogs are encourages to pull into the chain and we can have them choking themselves. Don't panic, you should be able to buy or borrow one at the grounds. If you're planning on showing at specialty again, contact Tract Lane or Heidi Yule to purchase a suitable fur saver chain. Good luck and have fun
  9. Phoebe has puppies!

    Congratulations Reb and Phoebe. 4 beautiful babies. So sorry for the lost puppy and hope Phoebe continues to do well after her procedure. Sending love, sniffs of puppies and energy and toothpicks for you Reb xx
  10. Phoebe has puppies!

    Good lord!!! LOL, Phoebe is huge. Hopefully it will all happen pretty soon
  11. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    Come on Em...we are all getting very impatient
  12. Phoebe has puppies!

    Very exciting Can't wait to see the bubbas
  13. Dobermanns and other dogs

    All Dobes are definitely not like this. Difficult to say what went wrong, but more often than not (regardless of our experience and qualifications) unless we highly socialise them (guarding breeds) to other dogs and continually right through the first 3-4 years this can happen, particularly if it is stamped on them with their parents genetics. Neutralization is ideal, but tricky to getting the balance right unless you are prepared to work on it almost full time. Getting that perfect level of confidence and relxation being around novel dogs without our dogs becoming overly stimulated or valuing the other dogs too much can be hard or almost impossible for some people, again regardless of experience. Since neither of your dogs hit the fully finished dog by the time they became DA, it is likely as you say you did everything right. There is most definitely a genetic predisposition in DA and this may be your answer. Also it has been documented that early desexing of dogs can predispose them towards becoming DA. Personally I think the reason for this is more about the reactions from other dogs towards neutered dogs, rather than it being about the lack of sex hormones in your own dogs...but who knows? Such a shame though really. You must be highly disappointed. Was your 2nd boy from the same breeder? I'm sure your breeder is ethical and breeds lovely dogs. But if it is dog social dogs you want, next time you will have to research breeders who put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the genetics behind all their breedings are ticking this box. We have very much the same thing going on in our breed.
  14. Mange??

    Fantastic. It's wonderful you got straight onto it
  15. Mange??

    Yay Ben, so glad you have it all sorted and a plan to move forward. I'm sure it will start to settle down over the coming weeks. Take this time to do plenty of research into avoiding over vaccinating and drugging when and where possible. Also perhaps look at a raw diet if you have not already. You need to build this pup's immune system and try to prevent it taking any backward steps I hope the vet explained to you that all dogs carry demodex at all times. They live on all dogs. When we see the skin being affected and the hair loss this is because the demodex have increased in numbers and are taking over. This occurs when the dog's immune system is compromised. This can be happen when a bitch comes into season (so hormonal based) or after vaccinations, cortisone or contact with any pesticides or other poisons or disease. Sometimes it is impossible to find any reason (idiopathic) but just be aware that there is an immunology issue there. Your pup may grow out of as usually happens when pups mature or there may be some immunology based problems on going. Some common ones are are yeasty ear fungal infections, skin allergies, hot spots.