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  1. The knuckling over and the east/west are usually 2 unrelated things. East/West is super common in larger breeds that usually have straight forehands and carpus when they are younger. The feet typically start appearing to go east/west around 12 weeks but it can occur sooner. Puppies have little to know chest depth and little spring of rib. As they develop the chest will push out the elbows which will inturn straighten the a degree. What we end up with is either genetics and diet related. Also when puppies are young they will sit east/west as it is easier for them to balance this way. for a pet dog I would not be concerned about the east/west. Definitely be extremely concerned about the knuckling over. The knuckling over, like others have said, definitely diet. Off all puppy food and it should rectify pretty quickly.
  2. And this is exactly what good breeders freak out about with their puppy people, and why I advise them all to insist that the vet DOES NOT palpate the puppys' hips. A diagnosis cannot be made this way, nor does it do the puppy any good. You've been given loads of great advice here. I would be restricting exercise and hoping the lameness settles. Take your puppy to a reputable canine physio or bowen therapist. Your puppy may have a hip issue, but there is just as much chance that it doesn't...or didn't until the vet palpated. I wouldn't be doing hip surgery now, but definitely get some advice from a non pro JSP/pennhip vet.
  3. Get her spayed, leave him entire. He's exhibiting behaviours that will be remedied when you get some assistance in how best to deal with him
  4. Lurve me a high food driven dog. I wouldn't be trying to curb it at all. I encourage it. You are doing the right things to ensure he east safety. The attitude I would leave alone. "It's your choice" (food refusal) is so simple to teach to help you keep your fingers. Use his food drive to your advantage and revel in the ease of training him ;)
  5. Hi Jonathan. I'd like some more information please. I may be able to help out with some dogs Please PM me
  6. There is a big difference between the questions prospective puppy people should be asking breeders and the questions the breeders ask the puppy people. I can see how advising of the latter might create knowledge in inquirers that might assist them in securing a puppy when perhaps they might otherwise not qualify. But providing info on the former is definitely helpful. I have done this on my website. In no way does this assist a person in obtaining a puppy, but it helps them negotiate their way through the labyrinth of information they should know when researching the purchase of a particular pedigree dog... required health testing, registration types, breeders and so on. Feel welcome to have a look if you wish
  7. If there were internal stitches the first time, this could have caused an issue. sometimes they don't dissolve or so extremely slowly. Often they part break down and come out through the skin. This slows down healing incredibly. A couple of years...hmmm, I guess possible but unlikely unless your dog was upsetting the surgical site during this time.
  8. Are the sire and/or dam wet and/or have loose lower lids? The breeder should know if the pup is likely to dry up as she matures or remain wet throughout her life. And given you know the dogs and have researched, I would expect you would likely know the answers to some of these points too? If it seems unlikely her lids will tighten as she grows into her skin (that her skin will also keep growing) then I'd be sending her back. Nicely explain you are disappointed. Expect a refund and if you don't get it, be prepared to fight for it or back down. Good luck, not a nice situation to be in. Difficult when you have a sweet puppy with you that you don't feel you can become attached to
  9. What do you mean by "pick" Collie? That could be another point of confusion. To breeder the word "pick" means their opinion of the best puppy in the litter, or of that sex or out of what is available. And the virtues that made a particular puppy "pick" could be whatever that breeder is particularly wanting from type, structure, temperament, color, health. It would be pet buyers who would think the word "pick" means the opportunity to select your own puppy. It is not uncommon for a breeder to offer a pet buyer the opportunity to choose from a couple of puppies that would be suitable for that particular home. I select all my puppies for their homes and I make this very clear to any inquirers during the screening process. The average pet home have very little idea about temperament and type and often get very emotive in their selection. I even go as far as to say to potential puppy people when they visit that I do not wish to hear them start mentioning favourites or getting closer to any individual puppy. This puts unnecessary pressure on a very tired breeder that they do not need.
  10. Rose, I have no intentions of removing anything from my post. Please feel most welcome to write your own post If you did not want attention drawn to this post, you should not have bumped it, it had already died a natural death.
  11. Teach them to Mand
  12. Awesome, well done Roova. I hope it all pans out. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to NZ. Would be wonderful if Jane and crew could come to Aus also to conduct a seminar here.
  13. Hi all, a puppy person of ours may need to board their boy (who will be 2 years old by the time) for a couple of weeks in April 2018. As I offer to board dogs we have bred they asked me first, however I will a bitch in season, pregnant or baby puppies at the time, so will likely not be possible or at least sensible. I'm after up to date recommendations/comments for boarding kennels preferably northern/western side of Melbourne although I'm sure they will be happy to travel. They live in Bacchus Marsh area. We definitely DO NOT want group exercise or kennelling type of arrangement and wish to feel confident that our request will be followed. Honest, transparent, reliable, trustworthy, large breed savvy staff is a must. Really appreciate any suggestions and thanks Please feel most welcome to PM me if you feel more comfortable doing so
  14. You are so right grumpette. When Jag was diagnosed we were sitting quietly travelling in the car. Lost in our own thoughts, trying to come to terms with it all. Then I said to Mark, I know this might not seem like an appropriate thing to bring up right now, but are you thinking what I am thinking? He said Legend can stay now right? I gave him that knowing agreeing look and we went back to silence.
  15. Try now perse, I thought I had posted it public, apparently not LOL