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Facial Swelling In 6 Month Old Staffy

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Hi guys need a bit of advice before i rush of to the vet. I walked my staffy on monday night we went to the park and at around 10pm i noticed two lumps near her mouth. One is bigger then the other and is quite firm.

She's her happy self, not sooky and is eating and drinking fine could she have had an allergic reaction? Or is this something more sinister.

I have given her an antihistimine and if shes no better by thursday we will be going to the vet or sooner if she gets worse

I also gave her her flea treatment and wormer on sunday this was using a different brand to last time.

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maybe she had an encounter with a centipede, scorpion or spider ...in this case, after more than a day / 24 hours there is not much you can do (and nothing needed)...if she is eating and drinking and pooing and weeing fine she should be ok...

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