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Bichon Frise

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Introducing Hamilton & Rosezea


I just love my two Bichon's male is Hamilton he is nearly 3 and our female is Rosezea she is 2. Both have very different personalities, Hamilton is happy to laze around the majority of the time, however has the odd burst of energy and is blitzing all around the lounge room. Rosezea just loves to run a lot, she can be a real tease to Hamilton and to the cat. She just loves to follow the cat everywhere, and the cat equally loves the attention she gets from her.


The majority of the time both prefer to stay indoors. There is limited time during the month when they are left inside all day whilst we are at work. My husband is a shift worker so he is home more times then I am during the week, the kids know the routine of letting them out as soon as they arrive home from school. For 5 days of the month when my husband is on day shift and I am working during the day they are inside for 7 hours. This is the longest time they are left inside during the month when our two working hours cross. Neither seem to mind at all, generally during the day they like to laze around the house for that same amount of time whilst we are home.


They have learnt rules very quickly, like sitting when I put out the food in the morning/afternoon, sitting at back door whilst I open it to let them out in the morning, not going down the hallway of the house to the bedrooms unless they have been invited (they have been naughty in the past leaving surprises in the kids rooms).


They were the quickest dogs to house train, I had an English cocker spaniel previously who took 10 years before she was house trained, these two were done within 3 months of having them. They do occasionally have a slip up but that is usually when I am not home and the kids are too engrossed in the TV to listen to the dogs telling them they need to go outside. Hamilton will go to the back door then come to you and bark and you say "do you want to go outside" and he will bark back and then run to the back door. He is very vocal about letting you know he needs to go outside, if I am up the other end of the house and the kids are not listening he will come and find me to let me know he needs to go out. Rosezea just sort of hangs around the back door, she is very quiet and doesn't bark to let you know unless it is first up in the morning then she will put on a display then. During the day she just gives you subtle hints that she needs to go out.


They get very excited if they know I have been to the pet shop and have just bought them back new toys, Rosezea especially loves new toys. She will steal the new toys off Hamilton and claim them as her own. I am forever with a needle an thread sewing the toys back together, they get a bit of a beating at times.


They both love sitting on the lounge with me at night time and during the day they love snuggling on the couch with my husband. We will give them a bit of a brush each time they come for a snuggle. If you give Hamilton a big brush usually this takes well over an hour because he is so thick and fluffy, he will then get the cranks with you and will sulk under the dining room table.


Washing time, as soon as Hamilton hears me making noise in the laundry he knows it is washing time, he will go and hide from me. He just does not like getting his wash, although you get him into the tub and he is fine. So usually I wash him first, he takes the longest to dry also, so the blow drier gets a good workout with him, but he does not mind it at all, it is just the brushing bit that he hates the most. Rosezea doesn't hide at washing time but she puts on a bit of a show in the tub, she will not just stand in the tub she wants to stand up on your arm, so you kind of have to wash her with one hand and supporting her with the other, it is a real talent to say the least. She also is not overly a fan of the blow dry, but she loves getting brushed. Rosezea is always hanging for her treats during this time, Hamilton can not be bribed and will not take his treats until he is sure you are finished.


Nail clipping is always a challenge with both of them, my husband is the best at doing this he is so quick so it is done with minimal complaint.


We generally only give them one good clipper once a year, usually before Summer officially hits and then let it grow back to full length in time for winter. Hamilton is at his happiest when he is super fluffy, Rosezea really doesn't care she is not phased either way in the slightest.


Rosezea loves it when I am preparing veggies for dinner in the kitchen and can't wait until I give her a carrot to munch on, Hamilton is slowly getting used to carrots, but can take it or leave it. They love it when they get freshly cut chicken breasts or rump steak, it is a bit of a treat for them to have it at least once a week on top of their crunchies. They also get a bone regularly, Hamilton is a super bone cruncher and his is usually gone in seconds whereas Rosezea takes her time.


Hamilton can be naughty at times, if the front door is open a crack and he can get out then he is like the wind and flying down the street, it is a bit of a chase to get him back and I always hope that he stops to say hello to someone in the process to they can grab him. He will not fall for you trying to bribe him back with treats, he just loves to be free. You can see this when he goes walking, he snorts the majority of the way and we can not walk fast enough for him, a good 5km every now and then tires him out for the rest of the day. Rosezea on the other hand loves to run off with Hamilton but if called she will come back. She loves to walk but is not busting for a walk like Hamilton, she is happy to just go down the end of the street to the park and just walk around the tracks and home again, or with hubby to school with the kids just short walks she is happy with. Hamilton can go for kilometres.


We have two totally different dogs, they love each other very much, but they have times when they need their own space and let each other know. Hamilton is just such a smoocher and loves to come for cuddles but if he is on my lap guaranteed Rosezea won't be too far away and before you know it, she is up on my lap pushing him off, she can be very jealous.

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How much daily/weekly grooming is required for a bichion? (For a pet, not a show dog). What health problems can they be prone too? What is the àverage price to buy a puppy from a reptuable breeder?


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