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luxating patella surgeon Melbourne please

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Hi everyone,


I am here hoping you would help me in my search for a skilful and experienced surgeon to do luxating patella operation on my precious baby. He is a lhasa apso at 4 years of age.

I am located in eastern suburbs of Melbourne. So far, I came across Southern Animal Health (https://www.southernanimalhealth.com.au/veterinary-surgery/patella-luxation-sub-luxating-patella-loose-kneecap/) with a good writeup and appears to be experienced with good practices. It is about an hour from where I am located. I am not fuss on the distance but only concern the long travel for Jino day after surgery. Vets on parker (https://vetsonparker.com.au/) and Thrifty Vet at Boronia, from one of the forum here.  

Please if you would kindly share your experiences/recommendations, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you


P.S I am resubmitting the post in this group. I put this up at "General Dog Discussion" and wasn't garnering responses. Sorry for the repetition. 

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