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Trainer banned from owning greyhounds for five years after sick dogs seized

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There is only the one picture of a very emaciated greyhound, but still super horrible treatment to read:






A registered greyhound trainer has been banned from owning the dogs for five years after a dozen sick, emaciated and parasite-infested greyhounds were seized from his western Sydney property last year.

Charles Sultana, 80, surrendered 12 greyhounds when RSPCA inspectors went to his home in Marsden Park last July after receiving a complaint about the condition of his dogs.

One of the emaciated dogs seized from the property of greyhound trainer Charles Sultana.

One of the emaciated dogs seized from the property of greyhound trainer Charles Sultana.Credit:RSPCA NSW

The greyhounds were inspected by an RSPCA vet, who found six were so heavily infested with fleas that they had developed anaemia. Many had severe dental disease, pressure sores from sleeping on concrete, and heavy intestinal parasite infections.

An emaciated female greyhound, which was later put down, gained 1.9 kilograms over two weeks of being fed commercially available food. The dog had a series of other significant health problems, including severe swelling from pressure sores, ear infections, a jaw issue, and an infected 10-centimetre wound on the shoulder.


Of the remaining 11 greyhounds, one was treated and handed over to an animal rescue agency, while 10 were adopted.

Sultana pleaded guilty in May to seven counts of being in charge of an animal and failing to provide vet treatment. Last week, he was sentenced at Blacktown Local Court and fined $2800, part of which will be given to the RSPCA.

He was also placed under a prohibition order, which means he cannot purchase, acquire, or take possession or custody of a greyhound for five years. Last month he paid the RSPCA $4998 for veterinary and shelter costs of the 12 dogs.

According to court documents, Sultana told inspectors when they arrived at his property last year that he was licensed with Greyhound Racing but not presently racing dogs due to a cancer on his eye.


He said the dogs belonged to him, one of them had been sick for "a few weeks" and had not been taken to a vet, and he had not had any other dogs in his care for the past 12 months.

The dogs' living condition was described by inspectors as "very poor", with an exercise yard overgrown with weeds, and kennels that had no bedding or insulation. Failing to get treatment for the dogs resulted in "unnecessary pain and suffering", the court documents said.

In a statement, an RSPCA spokesman said "several greyhound carcasses" were found buried at Sultana's property but, despite "extensive forensic investigation", court proceedings were not commenced over the bodies because there was insufficient evidence to prove they had been there for less than a year.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, proceedings must be brought within 12 months of an alleged offence.

Aaron Purcell, a deputy chief inspector at RSPCA NSW, said greyhounds were quiet and sweet-natured and it was "delightful" to see 11 of the dogs would live out their lives in a loving home.


The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission imposed an interim suspension on Sultana's registration in August 2018 pending the finalisation of the investigation into the greyhounds seized from his home.



I remember when first looking at dogs, I was turned off greyhounds purely because of the leash BSL. I'm finding as more and more are taken out of situations like this, when it becomes an option for me, will re-evaluate that. Such lovely dogs :( Would love to give one the care it deserves.

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