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Contamination on Sunshine Coast Dog Beaches

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The Sunshine Coast Council intends to pump water which is contaminated with the carcinogenic compound PFAS from the airport and discharge it into the ocean at Mudjimba beach. This is a popular dog on leash area and close by both to the North and the South are busy off leash areas. If you would like to help stop this action can you please sign the petition at http://chng.it/jVtQrPv7CJ Thanks PS please delete if this post is inappropriate.

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Friends we need your further support! New E-petition to sign! Please sign and share!

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition and showed such amazing support. We are truly grateful to be a part of community that cares.

The current petition has been submitted to Sunshine Coast Regional Council. We’ve received no response to date from them.

As we are running out of time, and we really want to see any pumping of contaminated water stopped, we have decided to go above SCRC and have been in contact with Queensland Parliament. The Clerk of Queensland Parliament has agreed to sponsor our petition, which will be tabled at Parliament the week beginning 14th of October 2019. The minister is obligated to respond, so we will see further action, hopefully in our favour! This does mean we are starting again with an e-petition which has been set up through the Queensland Parliament website.

So friends, we ask again that you follow the link and sign this petition. We need at least 10,000 signatures to have it tabled in parliament. Please share the link as much as you can! We are confident we can get the number of signatures needed, plus more! Thanks again. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.parliament.qld.gov.au%2Fwork-of-assembly%2Fpetitions%2Fpetition-details%3Fid%3D3205%26fbclid%3DIwAR1Rmu03uUVreIiEI0VhHuILGplzkxQuAv-ZSrbUA3sJtaFmemqvE1OO3Z4&h=AT3YPutIg64MpSTgtavncmJkQIwUn_BS6MwlkFqOYkdrtqyO5-YBIoQcmGXOJ9oA11kZ-HBChluWNIBzR-0fkphiqYh7QauVcZ0yxVMAOSa0TIkDWRpQylt4jnCN-F5UrIfmTgv-oNJlJn1Yv1LMQZl_K3r2_LRn_c1F0FAc0IWlFv9Om7MVuq7g4i67V8qYWzlHaIa9U_ZMkZdaAPAPqpf-AENYU6dKeYbgts4usCgZn4VHSd5iRlz-m7w12yg6fJrSWqGgwh6-jk9aSwT9_Vh1K1Um6FmuWrIdr-c2u4g9oMpjAjzIlfiekXm0fqvSi30gYL2E12FEPAus9-9sMBa1VFifBpancDIs5-io0G-qwG6jXAx4Kz9QmY9uhcMT7wpbIUjSTBRpjKF61-OanBg_iId3NOuy4PC3xhME9Mru_i9uuOjGcB9QkC5I-3XPA15WGe5LLnWKC-t5noSBAywsmUgHyIu0opM5YUlqgNxPM3ne2L0Mv4R2ivA8iGSPAX2eglIkXKZMffombYJxy5JRYgGelLeQicVuGFNKkSH51czFBC8IIFQ2Nux6tdLtSr8lstFjQELIuy7w3dug2e-cH2G6XYGhlJoI6KtDWoVkIoIBwyjO7rlVqVPPG64nc3drPdA

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