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  1. Someone To Show Puppy

    If you are in Brisbane, why not head along to the show training classes held at Durack on Thursday nights? they only cost $3 per dog and they are very relaxed and friendly. This way you can learn before you hit the ring, and when you feel confident enter some shows.
  2. Hi, Ive lost my catalogue, does anyone have the total entries for show 2 at the dog of the year support committee shows held on saturday at Durack?
  3. French Bulldog Thread!

    Just a reminder for any of the QLD DOLers The French Bulldog Club of QLD is hosting a Beach Picnic this Sunday at Labrador on the Gold coast from 2pm, lots of fun and frenchie frolicking to be had by all, so please feel free to come along, more details can be found on our website www.qldfrenchbulldogclub.com
  4. French Bulldog Thread!

    Just a quick reminder that the French Bulldog Club of QLD is participating in the RSPCA million paws walk at Cleveland on Sunday 20/05/12, we would love for all you QLD Frenchy people to come along and join our team, you dont have to be a member of the club to join the fun!! please send me an email at [email protected] to find out the details, registrations for our team entry will close tomorrow night. Cheers Mell
  5. Show Stackers

    Sorry I was offline over the weekend! I have sent you a PM and can bring them along to the next show so you can take a look at them. Let me know
  6. Show Stackers

    Mine are the medium size, if that helps
  7. Show Stackers

    I have a set I never use anymore as I have switched to a small breed, they are in perfect condition and I am happy to sell if you are interested, I am showing at Durack on Sunday and can bring them along if you would like?
  8. 4 Berth Trolley

    Hi all, I am on the hunt for a good condition 2nd hand 4 berth Trolley preferably in the Brisbane area - I Just missed out on the one currently being advertised in the market place. So if you have one you are no longer using and would consider selling please let me know! Cheers Mell
  9. French Bulldog Thread!

    And our little man:
  10. French Bulldog Thread!

    Our Babies:
  11. French Bulldog Thread!

    I believe the Cleveland walk is pretty good, and hopefully by the end of May the weather should have cooled off. But I would still recomend everyone bring a water bottle and a water bowl for their frenchies so we can have a few pit stops along the way!
  12. French Bulldog Thread!

    For all of the Brisbane Peeps, The French Bulldog CLub of QLD has just announced our next social event - The club will be participating in the RSPCA Million Paws walk on Sunday 20th May, at Shore Street East, Cleveland. We would love to register a team of fabulous frenchies to enjoy a great day out and support a good cause. So please check out the clubs website : www.qldfrenchbulldogclub.com for more details!
  13. Thanks, thats fabulous, we have been feeding VAN for over 2 years with our show dogs and I couldn't be happier!
  14. Hi I currently feed VAN complete mix and love it with great results. I have my first litter on the way and will be raising them on the puppy mix, however for my puppy buyers I would like to include samples in their puppy packs that we provide. Is it possable as a breeder to purchase sample packs to send with our pups to their new homes?
  15. French Bulldog Thread!

    Hi Iron Butterfly No issues at all with Frenchies in WA, there is even a very active social club: http://www.frenchbulldogswa.com.au/ and several long term breeders and an active show community over there, as a breeder I have no issues sending a dog over west to the right home. obviously you need to be aware of the breeds needs etc but in the right home, I dont have any concerns..Cheers Mell