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  1. Rule book - victoria

    Thanks the spotted devil and tassie
  2. Hi all Haven't trialled for many years, hoping to start again soon, having a go at CCD and Rally for the first time. Rally didn't exist when we last trialled. Do they still sell an obedience trial rule book/guide? Couldn't find it looking on the Dogsvic website. Thanks
  3. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    After a lovely weekend away showing at Maffra under international judges Jimmy achieved his Australian Champion title at 9 months of age. He will now be known as Australian Champion Tobenlee U Take My Breath Away (AI) (pending DogsVic)
  4. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Hi DogsAndTheMob Jimmy's doing great thanks, looking all grown up- 9 months old now.
  5. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Congratulations on Honey's first CCD pass DogsAndTheMob- fantastic!!
  6. Hi all, new to showing our Brittany pup and learning how to clip his coat for the ring. Been getting great help/tuition from his breeder when we visit them. Wanting to buy our own gear though -but on a bit of a budget being new to it . So far have managed to buy a reasonable set of clippers- Andis AGC Super 2 speed clipper, plus some Wahl Single sided 6.5" Thinners plus a pair of Wahl 5" Straight scissors. Now we are looking into a pair of double sided thinners to do more finer blending/finishing off. Can anyone recommend any reasonable ones not too expensive? Our breeders pair they use are over $400, hoping to spend less. There seems to be less of these type on sites. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Best Soft Slicker brush?

    Hi RuralPug, yes I definately bought the Tendercare one- I still have the packet. Maybe it will soften up over time. The breeders one is years old. Hers felt much softer and flexible.
  8. Best Soft Slicker brush?

    Hi mowgliandme My breeder showed me their slicker they have had for years. Thought it was same brand-it looks identical - so bought this one- but feeling hers- and this one-hers is a lot less stiff/softer/gentler than this new one.
  9. Hi Just purchased a Lawrence Tender Care Slicker brush. Was surprised when it arrived how stiff/hard a 'tender' care still is - I was expecting it to be a bit softer. Anyone out there know of any softer slickers out there. Thanks
  10. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Wow how time flies - our Jimmy is 6 months old already!!
  11. Endurance Test 2017

    I did the endurance with our 2 dogs - we had a lot of fun doing it - they really loved it! A quick easy cheap mod you might want to consider doing to your bike to make it safer for you using the bike brakes one handed (especially if you need to brake suddenly) I had our local bike shop do a quick swap over of the bike brake cables, so when holding the dog lead in my left hand as required ..... my right hand could operate the bike's rear brake -not the front brake that is normally fitted on that side of the bike. Much safer this way - you can lose control if you just slam on only the front brake!! Those 2 dogs are sadly now over rainbow bridge. I will be definitely be training our new pup for endurance when he is older- he will love it too Good luck with your endurance
  12. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Lovely day for some river play time
  13. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Gorgeous pup!
  14. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Thanks DogsAndTheMob. Growing like a little weed Hoping to start showing him soon.
  15. Brittanies - beautiful Brittanies

    Long weekend so our dog school wasn't on. He enjoyed walks in the nearby hills instead