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  1. I remember that frenzy I still have my panels but have considered going and getting some more at some point.
  2. It sounds like they are just snipping them off in one go? They should be using the clippers to take small amounts off at a time, a bit like whittling a piece of wood. Lots and lots of small bits taken off from all angles. Its easy to see the quick before they reach it and it doesn't leave the nails sharp. My preference, especially with black nails, is to use a dremel. You can see the start of the quick easily before you reach it and you can file the whole nail around and leave it with no sharp edges. Another option is to create a scratch board and teach your dog to scratch it themselves. That way they are controlling the action. If you are on facebook there is a really good group called Nail Maintenance for Dogs which has step by step instructions for all the different methods. Definitely worth checking out.
  3. If you have worked out that you will be saving money by feeding those rolls, you need a better source of raw food! No way could I afford to feed that to my dogs, I couldn't even afford a kibble diet for them! Steggles factory at Beresfield is definitely a must visit. 10kg of frames for between $8-12 (depending on their specials eac& month) plus wings, necks, livers, hearts etc. Most butchers will have lamb and beef brisket for really cheap (about $3/kg), also the pet barn mince is really good quality. I buy the 5kg bags of roo mince but they also do beef, chicken etc. It works out to be about $4.50/kg.
  4. Wow! no way would I pay that. Better off getting drumsticks from Coles/Woolies for $3.50 a kilo
  5. I work near a Steggles wholesale factory place and pay $8 for 10kg.
  6. Great advice! Whip is easy enough to hold the lead and work the brake with one hand but I found it much harder with Boost. I hate using the front brake, too dangerous and I feel like I'm going to go head first over the bars!
  7. I haven't got anything yet, money is just too tight at the moment for luxuries
  8. I will be insisting on Boost running on the left pretty quickly, even if I have to walk the bike at first. She has never even seen a bike before so today was more about seeing if she was scared of it, would try to attack the wheels like she does with the lawnmower, or decide to pull me on some horror downhill rollercoaster ride I was just happy that other than a few glances back to see what on earth the thing was that I was pushing, she settled into a pretty comfortable pace with me riding. Now that I know she is happy around it, I can lay down the ground rules I just had a look at the FB group, I can't believe how many ETs there are in Vic! Too far for me though I had a quick look at the Dogs QLD site and cannot find any info for anything past June, so maybe it just hasn't been released yet?
  9. After saying for many years that I wanted to put my dogs through it (and having dog after dog become too old) I am finally pulling my finger out this year. Whip will be 7 in July so really, this is my best chance to do it as next year will be very limited as most states hold it in August. I am aiming to enter Whip in the ACT (July 2) and then Boost in NSW (August sometime). Both dogs are ridiculously fit and I have no doubts they could do it tomorrow, but I need to condition myself and get used to riding with them. I started off trying a running program but that lasted 3 sessions Physically I could run it, mentally I could not. I don't enjoy running and give up long before my body does. So yesterday I bought myself a bike and already I realise how much easier that is! Both dogs have had a quick 1.5km ride around the block with me and coped fine with that. Whip trots nicely beside me and I hardly even notice he is there. Boost keeps wanting to run on my right though, so I will have to work on that. When I was running with them together she was always on my right so maybe she is more comfortable there? If I let her stay on the right she trots effortlessly beside me, on the left she keeps pulling ahead to cross in front of the bike (the lead is long enough for her to do that safely). I have a walky dog somewhere that I will use if I have to for now. Is there anyone else planning on doing the ET this year? Which state? Also, closer to the time is there anyone who would like to meet up at DogsNSW one day? It doesn't have to be someone doing the ET this year, just anyone with dogs who will run beside a bike. I would like mine to be able to see other riders and dogs and experience riding in a group. I don't see Whip having an issue but Boost can get worried about other dogs sometimes after a few nasty experiences. She is an anxious little thing so I would like to set her up to succeed.
  10. I feed once a day but never at the same time. Usually at night (anywhere from 6pm-midnight), but sometimes it's in the morning or early afternoon. Any dog that needs weight put on gets a second meal (same size as main).
  11. Both my boys were done as adults, Charlie at 2yrs and Whip at 6yrs. Both bounced back ridiculously quickly and were their normal selves by the following day.
  12. Yep, it takes 2-3weeks for drug to stabilise in the system and the side effects to start fading. You will probably go through it every time the dose is changed. They start off with a really low dose and chances are it will need to be increased until the right level is achieved. Shock has been on phenomav and potassium bromide for a long time now and regularly trains and competes in agility and lives a perfectly normal life. Running in the park, swimming at the beach etc. She still has clusters of seizures every 6-8 weeks but is a normal dog in between. If you are on FB, this group is wonderful and full of very knowledgeable people. Unfortunately it is the sort of disease that requires owners to do a lot of researching etc themselves as every case is so different that regular vets are never going to be able to keep up with all the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanineEpilepsy/
  13. I feed taste of the wild as a first preference, or the VIP grain free stuff when money is tight. Having an epileptic dog means I have to avoid anything with rosemary as a preservative (rosemary is a neurotoxin) and it's ridiculous how many companies insist on using it! Kibble only makes up a very small component of their diet, though. Usually just as training treats or as an extra meal to anyone that gets too thin. They eat mostly raw. Lamb brisket, roo tails, chicken frames, roo or beef meat, offal etc
  14. Go very, very slowly with the roo. maybe a teaspoon at first mixed in with the other meat. If he copes fine then 2 tsps next time. It is very rich and dogs need to adjust to it Maybe best to do the same with the beef if he didn't cope with a hope meal of it. Just introduce everything slowly
  15. My puppies are always fed raw right from the word go, with kibble as training treats throughout the day. I'd be wary of only feeding chicken though. A healthy raw diet needs a variety of protein sources. Lamb, roo, beef, turkey, fish etc are all very popular with my pack :D
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