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  1. Dog barking in the morning.

    Hi @Gwp_owner I think everything with Willow is going so well, what a great job you have done so far with training her , She knows so much at 4 months old. Some people on here love drama & being negative with new members, My mum is from the UK , and calls this the CHAV, attitude . I hope you stay on this Forum it's nice when new people share their dog stories here.
  2. @SmokeyR67 PAGANI a car worth $1.4 million, what a waste of money. Maybe you should look for pups in a shelter or rescue and get your hands on them, take them for a walk & play
  3. Hi @Ludo Stay Loyal have a large breed puppy food, & have a look at their website it's good reading,
  4. Stop scratching door?

    That is fantastic news, good it was sorted out quickly , lucky dogs turkey necks, that should keep them happy
  5. Taste of the wild dog food

    Hi @sandgrubber the site has lots of information, if you click on PHOTOS the different topics will display One thing on Balanced Canine I disagree with, they say kibble can only have 28% meat in the formula , post on 1st may, Robert from Stay Loyal told me, via email Stay Loyal has over 45% meat meal in the kibble, with over 80% of the protein in the food coming from meat. April 27th, Topic Kibble Data , is in the photos under a bowl of kibble, then click on the green link at top, On the spreed sheet press, Overview, hope it works for you.
  6. Stop scratching door?

    @Thistle the dog Is the screen door still quiet , are the dogs liking the setup,
  7. Should I report an incident.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy, my daughter has been trying for a baby , for 2 years now!. Yes I would report it with the local police, just so they have this dog on record
  8. Aggression towards other puppies.

    That's good , you can feel better about Nugget & his behaviour now
  9. Sad poor little pup won't live very long, have you spoken with the breeder, what is their position on the vet report.
  10. Taste of the wild dog food

    Hi @Christine_72 Have a look at Stay Loyal small bites Salmon & turkey, my dog loves this & they have a great website.
  11. Taste of the wild dog food

    @sandgrubber The Balanced Canine Sydney, Facebook page, has a great website link about Clean Label Project , TOTW tested 1 star only for Toxins ! Canidae has a 5 star score for clean food, so that's really interesting. 5 star- being best, 1 star- worst score. Balanced Canine also has a great Data Spreed Sheet on kibbles & meat content % @Christine_72 you may find The Balanced Canine Sydney, Facebook page very helpful reading.
  12. Taste of the wild dog food

    The ( Clean Label Project) tested TotW & found it has a high level of toxins & contamination in the kibble
  13. Augustine Approved Faith

    I saw Phivo on a TV show a few years ago talking about his Boxer dog, interesting , but i have not tried any of his products.
  14. Dryfood - An on going problem

    @Stitch Hi, you could email Robert, at Stay Loyal he has lots of good suggestions for helping dogs get better, And has helped many people with dog problems
  15. vet suggested kibble not raw?

    What good news the Costco fish & potato is helping Zelda feel better does she eat 2 meals a day now , any bile vomits ?