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  1. I'm so upset now , I wish I had not seen or read that , sometimes I just want to stay in bed and cuddle PANDI
  2. My little girl loves kibble in plastic drink bottles , she throws them up & down, runs around shaking it by the narrow top end , all up it lasts 30 min , she ends having a good crinkling chew , then it's put in the bin , so much fun to watch
  3. Why could you never own a Basenji , are they difficult dog's
  4. I know my Toy poodle 8 month old , PANDI would love going in & out the door at her pleasure Sometimes she thinks or wishes , I am waiting to fulfil her every wish , but that is futile wishing
  5. I agree sprinkle some kibble all over the lawn , for his breakfast ,& leave out side for 1 hour max. Curtain or one way sticky contact sun cover , so he can't see you .
  6. So happy for you Phyl , I hope you have lots of fun with your new pup , When my Toy poodle PANDI first came home she was good about doing wee on the lawn with a leash on , but at night in the dark I will not go out side because of cane toads , I found it tricky for her to potty on her toilet tray , some times she would and got a treat , dry kitten kibble, some times it was late i needed to sleep ,so I found that she would always wee in the shower tray so i put a potty pad in there for her & it was easy. Now at 8 months old she toilets out side with leash on in day time & at night time she pottys on her tray & some times gets a treat. I think JUICE must be a little over tired, looking after her new Staghound pup
  7. Would Kennel Cough be needed if my dog will not be in boarding kennels she only walks around our 40 acres on lead & never meets other dogs, except for vet appointments .
  8. So happy they found each other again
  9. Do you think you have enough time for this dog , locking a dog in the bathroom every work day must be quite boring for her. I think being half Beagle she should be enjoying a nice out door grass yard. Will you be moving into a house with yard any time soon , good luck with toilet training if you are not home much.
  10. So glad you are feeling better about the dogs behaviour , that is good to hear
  11. Hi Rascalmyshadow , how is Hugo feeling now about the changes in the house , are the other dogs being nice for you & family
  12. We have seen the vet , he looked at the dew claw & said it was quite abnormal the way it is growing So he will remove it next month when she is being desexed, vet said it should not be a problem after that is done properly . I hope it does not hurt to much after the op
  13. How is the whole family coping now with the dogs , what does hubby think of all this going on. my hubby would ban the dogs to the garden he is not very Tolerant . Try and look after yourself, so you can think clearly ,
  14. I'm trying the pork just now, with warm water added it looks good and PANDI pup ate it all up , no coughing at all . I think we will buy more of this raw frontier pets food , instead of Ziwi-peak which she coughed on a lot when eating the dried squares. I emailed Diana Scott from frontier pets .They launched in February , after 2 years product testing to get it just right I hope everyone using this food gets good results. I think it's great to support Australian made & owned