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  1. Does tinned Salmon have bone included
  2. @Rascalmyshadow What do you use for a snack before bed & how much. @crazydoglady99 So you feed 4 small meals a day, I find it hard keeping portions small enough for Pandi, I love feeding her, also I don't want her to put on weight & get fat. Thanks for the help & advice
  3. Thanks, @Rascalmyshadow so do you think only large dogs could deal with 1 meal a day , Why do the Stay Loyal guys suggest this for all dogs when it does not work well for tiny dogs, What do you think about the FDA caution on lentils & peas in dog food, Dog Food Advisor, has lots of people talking about these ingredients & heart problems in dogs. How many hours should I have between meals for Pandi, she would eat all day if I let her, so her showing hunger signs is not reliable
  4. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Thanks @Boronia 15 kg would be 2 years worth! Pandi weighs 2.5kg so i would only use 1 icecube square a day I'm thinking , when i add this bone into her Frontier Pet food I'm looking at buying around 1kg of minced necks at a time
  5. I like the truth, with 8 kids , you learn when funny stories are being told, I wish the OP well, BUT I THINK SHE or HE IS HERE FOR A LAUGH
  6. The OP has changed the dog from Female to Male even in the first post & many thereafter, Maybe the OP likes telling stories, if they can't even remember if their dog is male or female
  7. Do you know what sex this dog is, you have called the dog HER & HIM,
  8. Do most small dogs need feeding 2 or 3 meals a day, To stop frothy bile vomits I feed 3 meals a day at 6am - 12, & 6pm, I was just on the phone with my sister, & she leaves a full bowl of dry food down all day, Free feeding her small yorkshire terrier , Pandi loves her food so much I'm sure she would eat it all straight away I followed the ( Stay Loyal ) advice & fed 1 large meal at night, Pandi ate it all, loved the large bowl full , But then felt sick, you could tell she was very uncomfortable all evening So we only did that 1 large meal once, No more trying that advice. Pandi is 2 years old, She is my first dog, I would love some advice for her sake.
  9. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    I saw Diana on shark tank, she does a fabulous job with this food , & the new Webpage for Frontier is great, looks nice with all the reviews & photos of happy pups on 1 page. Would the butcher make minced turkey necks , or where do i get these minced necks from @crazydoglady99 You sure are a gem, tell me as much about dog nutrition as you like, PLEASE !
  10. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Pandi my toy poodle weighs 2.5 kg , feeding Frontier to her little body is easy on the wallet , She must have at least 1 meal a day of dry kibble if not then those anal glands really annoy her alot , Pandi loves Frontier meals the best & if anal glands were no problem it would be for 3 meals a day She must now have 3 meals a day, because she use to, vomit frothy bile if meals were over 7 hours apart, so 3 smaller meals fixed that. Pet Food Reviews has said the Pete evans food is as good as kibble gets & was impressed by it, also Stay Loyal has 5 stars, but the FDA warning about Lentils, Peas, Beet pulp, Potatoes &rice is a worry, so i would rather not feed food with those in. Which dry kibble would you suggest for Pandi, I don't know anymore, I thought if i followed what PFR suggested that was a good thing to do Thanks for the link
  11. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    @crazydoglady99 could you explain what is not good with the Pete evans food , I was thinking of trying this, because Stay Loyal has peas & lentils in it , FDA warning , don't give these foods , because of heart problems, I would love to feed Frontier pets freeze dried, mixed with warm water every meal, Frontier smells really nice, If I do then my dog starts rubbing her bottom on the floor, maybe add rolled oats into the Frontier meal What would you suggest
  12. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    I just looked up - The healthy home economist - website, Hydrolyzed yeast extract is a natural form of yeast digest. MSG is a Synthetic form of glutamic acid, not good for you, definitely not the same.
  13. I have been watching with much interest this very topic unfold on Dog Food Advisor Forum There are quite a lot of upset people, not knowing what to feed their dogs anymore
  14. Everyone if you pop over on ( DogForum.com.au ) you will have a better idea of this girl & dog , and her 5 questions . Also note how they respond helpfully , Best not judge so harshly, this girl is trying her best & loves this dog.
  15. Help! Dog fashion alert!!

    I vote rainbow, hope you have a nice day with the dogs