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  1. New here!

    Yes a Red Toy Poodle Girl,
  2. Online Pet Shop

    Thanks for the links everyone, I've had such fun shopping online, since i learnt about computers 2 years ago.
  3. Online Pet Shop

    Hi all i just found a great online shop PETHOUSE DIRECT there is no shipping fee & no minimum spend & their prices are very good I bought blackdog shark cartilage & Curly dog shampoo. What other good online stores don't i know about YET!
  4. Socialisation

    Good on you @SmokeyR67 i think that sounds wonderful, you will have so much fun with 2 pups watching them play . Have you a breeder in mind at the moment, when will you bring the pups home. I wish you lots of fun times ahead , keep us posted when the pups come.
  5. New here!

    That all sounds great @Poppy78 , Pandi stopped waking at night about 4 weeks after she came home to me at 8 weeks old, She was 12 weeks then & sleeping all night , it sure was nice getting more sleep again. I'm looking at getting a new pup in the next few months & was thinking about them both sharing the same crate, for comfort at night if they get on well together , what does Chip think of Cricket sharing his bed, do they sleep well together
  6. New here!

    Hi @Poppy78 how is Cricket settling in , is he eating & drinking well , & being good for you, I hope you post in puppy problems soon about him growing up & favorite toys he likes to chew.
  7. Grooming fuss

    I have been watching youtube videos of Dr Sophia Yin suggested by @mowgliandme it has helped me understand fear in dogs & how to change their frame of mind , not keep going if the dog is worried but stop & rub her nose or ears gently, to calm her behavior & change her thinking to a happy place. I now groom pandi with no problems calmly , & can even put Bows & Clips in her hair , I'm so pleased with this result.
  8. Which vet would you choose?

    Thanks so much for posting this article mowgli, I've found it very helpful in calming pandi down at grooming time.
  9. Veal Tendon or Kangaroo

    Both Veal & Roo Tendons say they are high protein & low fat , I don't feed bully penis sticks , I've heard they stink,
  10. Veal Tendon or Kangaroo

    Little pandi had some hard yellow tartar on the last 2 teeth , back of mouth , top jaw, even eating chicken wings twice a week , still there. Then i gave her a kangaroo Tendon, she chewed on it for over 2 hours ate most of it , when i checked her back teeth the hard tartar is 90%gone , i am quite pleased with this result. Next i will try the Veal Tendon for her , i only just found out about these things being so good for dogs teeth.
  11. Two Dogs 1 Crate

    I have got 5 different crates , buying for pandi was very exciting I was thinking to let them share after the new pup is not needing to toilet at night , and a good sleeper. I will wait and see how much they like each other first. I close the door on pandi's crate or she would be on my bed in a minute i move around a lot & don't think it would be safe, she could go flying off the bed in the middle of the night .
  12. Contact

    I'm looking for Toy poodle breeders in QLD , that are Trusted, no one seem's to reply.
  13. Two Dogs 1 Crate

    With 2 dogs would it be a comfort to share the same crate at night , for warmth as well, or don't dogs like doing that. I put pandi in her soft crate at night door closed, next to my bed, she sleeps all night & loves it in her bed. I was thinking with my new pup when it sleeps thru the night ,i would let them both share a bigger crate so they could cuddle together. Thanks for any replys
  14. New here!

    Cricket is lovely , what is his pedigree name, look forward to lots of puppy drama's! did he sleep well last night.
  15. Toy Poodle QLD , Recommendation

    We have Virus protection for the computer so that was good, now i know never click on or call these ( panic pop-ups) Would any one have information on Toy Poodle breeders in Qld , dog's known for nice natures & calm for cuddles.