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  1. I just discovered Somerford Raw, on ebay and the formula looks really interesting, I ordered a few different meats that are sent frozen to your house by courier. I'm excited for Pandi having a new raw balanced meal to try. Does anyone here use Somerford Raw & Natural, Did your dogs do well on the recipes?
  2. Where to advertise

    That's interesting, I thought most dogs would be upset leaving home, then the back & forth for grooming with his mum, and then going again I'm probably thinking about this emotionally, I would be so sad to lose my girl
  3. Sheltie puppy

    @JulesP Has your mum found any sheltie babies she likes yet
  4. Where to advertise

    @Rascalmyshadow if Hugo comes back home for grooming, he will want to stay home with you, he might be upset with that situation, my little girl would cry for me
  5. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    Maybe your older daughter could take care of Hugo, keep him away from the babies & become his special person who feeds him treats. I think you might be too upset about Hugo living in someone else's home, not knowing how he is being looked after & trained, Please don't give up yet, Best wishes
  6. A 2nd Dog?

    Good decision, hard but best for Jax- I hope he has a speedy recovery
  7. Thanks, @Papillon Kisses very interesting link, I have quite a few different treat toys & puzzle feeders, Pandi loves them, thanks to you for sending toy links The one toy she can't figure out is tug a jug, bottle with rope, this one gets her very wound up & upset, so I've put it away for now , Her special toys at the moment are a 3L orange juice bottle put inside a shirt sleeve knotted at both ends, & the washed lids from milk bottles 5 or 8 in a shirt sleeve knotted at each end, Pandi chews them crazy, shakes them & plays chasey games, she has so much fun with the plastic she loves the noise it makes, & best thing when the toy is ruined I can make another one easy, no problem it's free
  8. Thunder shirts

    @Papillon Kisses Do you know why Malcolm is anxious , when did his anxiety start
  9. Cork tiles and dogs

    I like the colour & warmth of cork tiles, a friend has them in her kitchen, she said she hasn't broken any coffee cups or dinner plates since the cork tiles have been down, said they bounce
  10. Different suburbs, different dogs?

    My mum lives in a retirement home & they can have small pets, the favorite dogs are Italian greyhounds & Toy poodles Mum has always had a fox terrier, she loves the breed.
  11. Genuine West Highland Terrier

    I've heard other countries are more dog-friendly , although we did find a sidewalk cafe in Toowoomba that allowed dogs recently, We met friends for a visit to Queen Park, nice day
  12. 'auto dog wash in 30 minutes' hong kong

    This washing machine looks horrifying, I'm sure my girl would hate it
  13. Where to advertise

    I'm so sorry for you that Hugo is so jealous of little kids, I hope you have great success in finding him a quiet home, best wishes
  14. Aggression towards other puppies.

    Nugget is showing other dogs how tough he is, funny little fellow What a lot of fun, a day at the beach, good on the female for standing up to Nugget, her behaviour probably made him happy & thinking she is fun to play with , that's fabulous
  15. Aggression towards other puppies.

    @Christine_72 How is Nuggets behavior now with other dogs, is he enjoying time playing