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  1. Car Sick

    @sheltiesrule has your little girl grown out of car vomiting? That must be difficult for you both, I haven't dealt with that problem in a dog, only with children
  2. Plastic chewies

    I found a plastic squeaky hotdog toy, it got chewed up after a few days & went in the bin Nylabones don't get chewed on more than 5 min when new & then left in toy box The plastic spatula handle sounds like a great idea, I'll try that one
  3. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    How funny are dogs & their little ways Jeune has reached a very good age, how long do these little guys have for a normal life span
  4. Help! Looking for Specific Brand of Dog Toy

    We can't have long-haired stuffed toys because Pandi loves pulling out the long threads over & over then eats them,
  5. great video

    Thanks for posting @asal I love finding new games, I will have to try downloading some more from youtube
  6. Couple of quick questions

    I never left water in the crate overnight, Pups love putting their paws in for a paddle & splash
  7. Licking stitches

    I've seen a swimming pool hard foam noodle cut in smaller lengths, it makes a good dog necklace with rope thread thru the middle, adjust for any size
  8. Feeding Dry Only

    Hi, @Rebanne this discussion about food is very interesting, do you still feel this way, which foods are you feeding your dogs now I have tried Pandi on raw bones & raw meat quite a few times & she will get an upset tummy for days & sometimes vomit funny thing is she can eat small amounts of K9 or Frontier freeze-dried foods & is fine as long as it is only a snack Currently, she eats Royal Canin Digestive Care mini for most meals, she loves the taste & her tummy is doing very well 1 small poop a day & I can see she is feeling happier She also can eat a small bit of cooked meat with no problems
  9. Some puppy enrichment here

    Wow great fun for puppies, Pups got a bit confused in the water pool section, that was lovely to watch thanks for posting it
  10. Jaxon goes to Bunnings

    What a nice day you both had, Jaxon is growing up!
  11. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    Thanks, @Rebanne I had no idea this could happen with dogs teeth, Dog & cat teeth don't seem to last very long which is quite sad, I'm glad it's not the same for people
  12. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    What does the c3 vaccine cover is this enough, can dogs have the c3 vaccine as Adults What does c7 cover, that's a lot in a vaccine, I'm not sure about all this stuff
  13. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    @Rebanne your dogs have bones for chewing I thought, Don't bones stop dental problems? What happened, Why did he need all his teeth removed, Sounds awfull for him
  14. Itchy dog

    Hi @teddybeans What breed is your dog & how old Does your guy have fun licking all the QV cream & oil off his body, mine would I use Alloveen Oatmeal shampoo & conditioner , Smells great & keeps skin healthy, Which shampoo do you use
  15. @mymatejack have you tried a Halti or Gentle Leader head harness for your dog, With one on you have good head control