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  1. @mymatejack have you tried a Halti or Gentle Leader head harness for your dog, With one on you have good head control
  2. In my face

    Wow your computer sure had a major hissy fit this morning Sounds like a full bed
  3. That is truly terrifying, what would cause your own dog to attack you so viscously?
  4. Thanks for posting that link, I found the info very interesting, definitely something to think about!
  5. Meet Banks

    He is a beauty, Will he be learning serious gun dog training in boarding school, how long does this take? Your house will feel empty without him
  6. Puppy Becomes Hyper Active After Having Food

    Good job, you have put a lot of thought & effort into the training of your pup ,
  7. Unplanned litter

    Can you post photos of Mum & pups, Someone might let you know if the puppies are purebred or not
  8. Playing Music to my Pup

    That is such a great idea, he sounds like a lovely pup, how is he liking the diet you chose for him?
  9. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    I think you need Vet help with your dogs problem
  10. Unplanned litter

    @juice Jetpets would only cost $120 - $150 you could look into that, maybe you can have a sweet little pup, good luck
  11. Meet Banks

    Puppy chat is a lot more positive than puppy problems, I like it @JRG what has cute little Banks been up to lately , not much mischief for you!
  12. Puppy Becomes Hyper Active After Having Food

    How is your pup @Jhunt is she enjoying her meals calmly & having a nap still, are you enjoying her company & does she sleep all night peacefully
  13. Pet insurance

    Was the new adult dog not settling at home very well @KJ she must have been quite distressed to jump through a window, what did the breeder say about that happening
  14. Unplanned litter

    I was wondering what breed the female was, strange the breeder didn't keep the mum while pregnant & sell the pups registered
  15. Frantic weed eating

    How is your dog feeling now @Octogenpleb has her tummy settled down