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  1. Oh so sweet, congratulations she sure will make your day brighter & busy
  2. Yes I could smell the grain Wellness, Pandi loves it, but I think she would eat anything, She loves cold carrots & frozen green beans, even leftovers of Christmas tinsel !
  3. @Christine_72 Great minds, HaHa, I also started feeding Wellness complete health small breed Turkey, Chicken, oats, the omega 3 is 2% , so I think it's great for skin , SAME reason DCM
  4. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    This topic is really interesting I'm learning new idea's as well as Sunny & Tuffy
  5. VAN Balanced Life Dog Food

    That plan sounds good, I hope Justice does well on the new routine, What do you think of the sugars in Balanced Life Enhanced kibble?
  6. Nutrition

    I give raw carrots cold for chewing, Pandi loves them & yes there are orange chunks in her poo! You can peel carrot if you think the skin is bitter or not bother, up to you I think for most dogs rosemary would be fine it's a tiny % in their food, Unless your dog is prone to Seizures I wouldn't worry about it sandgrubber my hubby & I have holidayed in NZ , South Island 3 times, I love the snowy mountains & cooler temps, I would live there if I could, it's SO Beautiful
  7. VAN Balanced Life Dog Food

    Great Justice enjoyed his new meal, I hope it helps him, Does Justice have 1meal or 2 each day, maybe he could have 2 different foods each day
  8. VAN Balanced Life Dog Food

    I did try Balanced Life air dried BARF, & it smelled a bit nasty, also had a lot of Alfalfa floating on top when I mixed with warm water, The ingredient % is deceptive when the meat content is weighed fresh & the Veges& Lentils are weighed Dried, So 70% meat water weight is lost, putting meat after the veg & Lentils, My dog had a little & didn't seem to like it. I had a look at their new kibble with Raw bits, it has - Molasses & Caramel - I don't think sugar needs to be in a kibble, Enhanced with sugar
  9. Introducing.... Bolt!

    OH Wow she has grown so much, Bolt sounds like a lovely dog, lucky Nick a boy & his pup growing up together
  10. How to tell if your Dog is a Dingo?

    @BigD Has left us all hanging for a photo, while he goes off on holiday, Hope his family have fun, as we wait in anticipation
  11. Nutrition

    @sandgrubber Do you think nutrition is different for a Large dog vs A small dog, I had read somewhere that small dogs need more protein & fat, compared with Large dog needs Where it says Overseas under your name, do you mean Tasmania!
  12. WOW! @Christine_72 Thanks for letting me know, poor Nugget he must have felt really sick, I'll ring my Sister & suggest she try an Australian made food, Did this info come from The Clean Label Project when they test all the dog foods? What are you feeding Nugget now, does he enjoy 1 food more than others
  13. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Hi @Sunny1979 Tuffy looks lovely & healthy, I'm so glad for you both, Tuffy was probably a bit upset over the big move from his mum & litter mates & then a different unknown house, Fantastic that is sorted out now & you can enjoy him playing & eating well. Do you think that first Vet wanted Tuffy ( put to sleep ) Maybe to keep & Sell pup, being so cute?
  14. Location, Location, Location

    Jeune must think the canned food is delicious, fantastic she is enjoying it so much, I hope this enjoyment of food keeps up! & Jeune stays healthy
  15. What about Taste of the wild , my Sister is going to get some for her dogs, as a change from Stay Loyal, I haven't checked their formulas, do you think they're both comparable