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  1. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    I saw a video on RSPCA shop site , it was a square thick plastic mat with little raised prongs or square bits & the dog licks at the food for ages. I like tennis balls in the bowl, that should work. Throwing kibble all around the lawn, would be good fun for the dogs, watch them so they don't fight for the food.
  2. Shih Tzu

    @Ngaire Ingham Has your pup had the op on his palate, is he ok now , did you let the breeder know about this problem.
  3. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    @Caitlin888 People on Poodle Forum, stop counter surfing by leaving traps , like tin plates with meat & tobasco sauce on it , or a line of saucepans tied together with string so when dog takes 1 the whole lot bang on the floor, it alarms you & the dog. See what you can come up with, all the best.
  4. It sure is amazing how a little dog can put so much life into a home I hope you feel better soon
  5. Fox taming experiment

    Nesting birds are very territorial, we have Willywagtails & Crows nesting at the moment, they chase each other a lot.
  6. Taking for a drive

    Yes surely something can be done , anything to keep pup with mum just a few more weeks. 3 week old pup is incredibly fragile & very difficult to look after well.
  7. This could be good for Pandi, she reacts with way too much barking when little kiddies come over & play, I have just been putting her leash on to calm her down.
  8. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    @blackberry maybe if you spray the dogs coat with a silicon grooming product it might help the burrs come out easier.
  9. With any donation for people or pets, it's not likely you will know if it lands in the right hands.
  10. presence of bone shards in Dog Roll ?

    Dog roll food reminds me of devon roll i put on kids sandwiches, I have not tried this type of dog food
  11. How frightening to see this happen, poor little Orla, it's good you were there at the time , to help her.
  12. Taking for a drive

    This does sound very odd, i would like him to explain all about the pup.
  13. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    HI, Dogs at 1 year are still like silly pups sometimes , all you can do is put every item up high, like you would if a baby was crawling on the floor. My little dog is 1 year also, & silly sometimes, but is getting easier & calmer each month. One thing she will always find is the toilet paper roll, loves it, she runs all over the house with toilet paper flying behind her, very funny, so i must put the toilet roll up . Eating chocolate is very dangerous for dogs, you will have to keep it in the kitchen.
  14. @Boronia How is the barking , is the collar still working.
  15. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    I'm sorry this has gone so wrong , Claudia is really not happy anymore, you must be walking on eggshells waiting for the next attack