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  1. PANDI loves eating frozen green beans & carrots she thinks they taste great , She also likes chewing on a raw chicken wing, YUK!!
  2. Hi Poppy78 I love Poodles , I'm sure you will have lots of fun with your new boy
  3. Nice for a change of colour , in a new dog , makes life interesting i think On the Poodle's Australia website 2 days ago , clicked on grooming & it froze my computer screen and said ring this phone no. I nearly got scammed , they nearly got their dirty little hands on our details, Hubby came in saved the day , turned off computer when turned on after a few hours all fixed.
  4. Thanks for the pm every one. How do i ensure that the red poodle lines have a nice happy & cuddly nature, i have spoken with breeders they all say their dogs are calm & happy. PANDI'S breeder only breeds Black and Brown Poodles or i would go back for one of her puppies, as PANDI is a lovely girl now at 1 year old. Has anyone info for calm red Toy poodle breeders in QLD
  5. Sunshinestar Poodles is the pedigree name, the price for a red girl would be $2500 , has anyone heard of these Poodle breeders.
  6. Hi does anyone have information on Jandowae poodles, QLD , or know people who have a poodle from her. I would like a puppy and she is about 2 hours from us, they don't show their dogs, I have talked with Jeannie on the phone and she seems very nice . I'm looking for a bright red, black nose girl hopefully to play with my 1year old black PANDI.
  7. I bathed & clipped PANDI this morning , she behaved quite well for me , only 1 growl , i just looked her in the eyes & growled back , then she was very good. I would like people's opinion on the growling back at dogs OR stopping what your doing because their warning you , I thought dogs should do as their told by the owner, to show respect for you.
  8. Yes quite right, Curlys are just like people , some very nice , some not so nice
  9. I groom PANDI on top of non slip washing machine it's waist height so no sore back. I think her grumble & growling is like a human ( teenager ) not liking the rules, so makes a big fuss, to see if she can get away with it,
  10. Thanks every one for the reply. I have been doing the softly softly routine for months with her feet touching & brushing & treats , she just thinks that I'm not serious, & she wont have to stand still , unless i restrain her with 2 leads , so that is how it has to be done. What breed do you own showdog?
  11. We were in town last week and had a stop at the local park , a lady there had a Curly coat retriever, she told me he was very cranky with small dogs , so don't come to close, we had a chat about our dogs, lady said she found him difficult too manage some times at home & in public but that is the only ccr that i have met
  12. Phyl how are you going with the little pup, do you have any news about her antics I hope you are all doing well & having lots of fun & cuddles
  13. Hi all my pup is fussy with me holding her feet very gentle, she also makes a fuss with the brush , the only time i can brush her is when she is on 2 leads tied up like at the groomers , is this good to continue with as a routine, when she is on leads , she lets me do anything grooming, i don't want to tip toe around her silly behaviour . Every day with her is lovely and we love playing games, then she sleeps on my lap, most of the time she is very sweet
  14. Hi all , I don't have much experience with dogs , i have been busy with my own children , & foster children for many years ,now every one is grown up & away , only hubby & me left, Hubby was wanting a small herd of goats , I thought they might need a guard dog for protection , but need some advice. Hubby has working cattle dogs on the farm for the beef cows, these 2 dogs stay in the big shed when not working. We have wild dingo , foxes & feral dogs here, so I think we would need a dog for goat protection . Thanks for your advice
  15. gillybob is that age right , 21 , is a good age for a dog , what is his breed . I heard there was a mice plague coming soon too QLD.