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  1. Yes quite right, Curlys are just like people , some very nice , some not so nice
  2. I groom PANDI on top of non slip washing machine it's waist height so no sore back. I think her grumble & growling is like a human ( teenager ) not liking the rules, so makes a big fuss, to see if she can get away with it,
  3. Thanks every one for the reply. I have been doing the softly softly routine for months with her feet touching & brushing & treats , she just thinks that I'm not serious, & she wont have to stand still , unless i restrain her with 2 leads , so that is how it has to be done. What breed do you own showdog?
  4. We were in town last week and had a stop at the local park , a lady there had a Curly coat retriever, she told me he was very cranky with small dogs , so don't come to close, we had a chat about our dogs, lady said she found him difficult too manage some times at home & in public but that is the only ccr that i have met
  5. Phyl how are you going with the little pup, do you have any news about her antics I hope you are all doing well & having lots of fun & cuddles
  6. Hi all my pup is fussy with me holding her feet very gentle, she also makes a fuss with the brush , the only time i can brush her is when she is on 2 leads tied up like at the groomers , is this good to continue with as a routine, when she is on leads , she lets me do anything grooming, i don't want to tip toe around her silly behaviour . Every day with her is lovely and we love playing games, then she sleeps on my lap, most of the time she is very sweet
  7. Hi all , I don't have much experience with dogs , i have been busy with my own children , & foster children for many years ,now every one is grown up & away , only hubby & me left, Hubby was wanting a small herd of goats , I thought they might need a guard dog for protection , but need some advice. Hubby has working cattle dogs on the farm for the beef cows, these 2 dogs stay in the big shed when not working. We have wild dingo , foxes & feral dogs here, so I think we would need a dog for goat protection . Thanks for your advice
  8. gillybob is that age right , 21 , is a good age for a dog , what is his breed . I heard there was a mice plague coming soon too QLD.
  9. I'm so upset now , I wish I had not seen or read that , sometimes I just want to stay in bed and cuddle PANDI
  10. My little girl loves kibble in plastic drink bottles , she throws them up & down, runs around shaking it by the narrow top end , all up it lasts 30 min , she ends having a good crinkling chew , then it's put in the bin , so much fun to watch
  11. Why could you never own a Basenji , are they difficult dog's
  12. I know my Toy poodle 8 month old , PANDI would love going in & out the door at her pleasure Sometimes she thinks or wishes , I am waiting to fulfil her every wish , but that is futile wishing
  13. I agree sprinkle some kibble all over the lawn , for his breakfast ,& leave out side for 1 hour max. Curtain or one way sticky contact sun cover , so he can't see you .
  14. So happy for you Phyl , I hope you have lots of fun with your new pup , When my Toy poodle PANDI first came home she was good about doing wee on the lawn with a leash on , but at night in the dark I will not go out side because of cane toads , I found it tricky for her to potty on her toilet tray , some times she would and got a treat , dry kitten kibble, some times it was late i needed to sleep ,so I found that she would always wee in the shower tray so i put a potty pad in there for her & it was easy. Now at 8 months old she toilets out side with leash on in day time & at night time she pottys on her tray & some times gets a treat. I think JUICE must be a little over tired, looking after her new Staghound pup
  15. Would Kennel Cough be needed if my dog will not be in boarding kennels she only walks around our 40 acres on lead & never meets other dogs, except for vet appointments .