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  1. What to feed puppies

    Will do, My husband & children have never accused me of nagging, so I don't think I do, but thanks for telling me about your Mother. I'm not on facebook, don't know what that is about, if you can complain to your heart's content, @juice should have a ton of fun on facebook New forum members who receive harsh negative comments often don't come back, if anyone has noticed!
  2. What to feed puppies

    @juice Maybe if you did-- care-- about how other people feel, you could give kinder comments Let everyone see the nice & friendly side,
  3. My girl loves them, they last a long time, chewing slowly grinds them down, not messy inside the house, Yak cheese are lactose free, gentle on digestion
  4. What to feed puppies

    Maybe your feeling now what you make others feel--with your harsh comments
  5. What to feed puppies

    Trust @juice seeing the negative again! Didn't your mum teach you the motto -- If you can't say anything nice - don't say anything at all - I hope you cheer up soon & enjoy your life -- Most people have good intentions you know -- Try to see the positive in each situation -- you will feel happier for it
  6. Scratching couch

    Might be mice inside the couch!
  7. Phoenix dog food

    Thank you @Sagittarian I like to know who makes which foods & if they are made in their own factory or by a third party manufacturer
  8. Phoenix dog food

    @Sagittarian Would you know which company makes this new dog food ( Phoenix ) I found it on Habitat online pet store
  9. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    @sheena have you found a good solution, cordless clipper or scissors which is best for you
  10. Crumpet - 17/6/08 - 24/12/17 My Beautiful Little Girl

    Fond memories never leave, they just get sweeter & more calming
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas I've snuck away for some quiet time on the computer, just me & cuddle doggie on my lap, very happy Hope everyone has an enjoyable day
  12. Hi, this sounds very strange, the breeder must have someone minding her other dogs. Which date had been agreed on for puppy pick up, or was pup going by plane to your airport? I hope you can get help with your new puppy @Bexrose
  13. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 9 April

    @Loving my Oldies why do you think Jeune has to be fed this way? is it just because she is old or she doesn't have any jaw strength
  14. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 9 April

    Looks delicious but I'm sure Jeune is thrilled with this food on tap, good luck moving forward with mealtimes