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  1. Long quicks

    Pandi has black nails & i was nervous about cutting the Quick , so i found a Codos small dremel it's great for toy breeds Breeder said the dremel grinds the Quick & stops it bleeding, the Quick will shorten the more often nails are filed
  2. Good idea dog beds

    Beautiful , they would be very comfy for small dogs
  3. Water Bowl Drama!

    @Dame Danny's Darling Jeune must love the colour of the other bowl, she thinks the other doggy's have something better than she does
  4. Water Additive for Tartar control

    Can this product be found in any stores in Australia , or only from vets where do you buy yours from
  5. Owner not happy

    Certainly does not add up to a Wheaten Terrier very much
  6. Water Additive for Tartar control

    @Papillon Kisses do you buy the Healthy mouth leave on gel & the water liquid for drinking, the site say the drink is green I asked my vet & he is looking at bringing it into his practice Healthymouth website is very informative , so i hope using it for Pandi has good results, i have been cleaning her teeth with dry gauze squares.
  7. Water Bowl Drama!

    @Brambelle Hi, I hope you enjoy this forum Cats and small dogs must share this funny behavior ,They make life interesting for us.
  8. Wow that would be a very long flight Do you send puppies or would they have to be a bit older, to help them cope with a long flight
  9. Water Bowl Drama!

    Dogs do have their strange little quirks , i thought my girl was a bit dramatic, good to know others do this as well.
  10. Water Bowl Drama!

    That's so funny about cat behavior Pandi would look at the used water bowl quite disgusted & very shocked someone else had drank from it first.
  11. Barking Older Dog

    I think dogs like & understand a dog friend & feel comforted by them.
  12. Water Bowl Drama!

    We had family visit for 2 weeks over Christmas, their little Shetland Sheepdog stayed indoors with us also. lovely visit. Funny thing was Pandi would not drink water from her bowl if the other dog drank from it , even with water bowls changed 2 times a day. She would walk around the bowl & look at it from all sides, then look at me , I felt pretty bad when Pandi started pawing at my shower door trying to open it, all for a drink of water. I had to leave a fresh water bowl for her in my bedroom, Funny dogs , i thought dogs would drink from anywhere & anything.
  13. Why dogs eat poop

    This post from ( talking dog ) reminded me of how @Willem would talk about his ideas & theories. Maybe the same guy 2 years later
  14. @juice DO YOU STILL HAVE JACK & ZELDA, I thought you had 2 lovely dogs for company. My brother sprays his dogs with fly repellent for horses , said it works well for them.
  15. Shetland Sheepdog sub- Forum

    My brother in law came for a visit over Christmas , his wife & him drove in their caravan with a lovely pretty little female Shetland Sheepdog This little Shelti was very well behaved & played nicely with my Toy poodle. I was thinking about adding a Shetland Sheepdog, instead of another poodle, I would love 2 dogs playing together