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  1. Would you feed Orijen?

    Yes @Christine_72 I think Orijen looks like a top quality food, I gave my Mum a bag for her 2 dogs & they are loving it & looking really good, so my Mum votes yes also
  2. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Pete Evan's healthy everyday pets is the food Crazydoglady said someone was harassing her about & giving her " unwanted attention " over her review for the food It must have been awfully bad, now she has gone & deleted her posts
  3. Would you feed Orijen?

    Bravo! @Maddy exactly my thoughts
  4. Would you feed Orijen?

    Does anyone else think it's very strange, on a dog forum, to be censored talking about the pros & cons of different food brands? Clearly, something has happened with crazydoglady99, she won't even talk on PM with me, is this forum run by the dog food mafia? Sags might be stunned at the price of Orijen, I'm stunned by the mafia attitude on this forum, NOBODY wants to chat anymore!
  5. Would you feed Orijen?

    WOW, what happened to free speech, I'm sorry about whatever happened, I think Dog people would absolutely love talking about all possible New Dog Products! I'm sorry if my asking for advice upset you
  6. Would you feed Orijen?

    @crazydoglady99 Hi what do you think of the Orijen 6 fish recipe, the fact it doesn't need lots of vitamins & minerals added must be a bonus Love to know your views on Orijen
  7. Kibble+raw

    Do they still post, & have a new username?
  8. Kibble+raw

    @Maddy are you talking about the fellow with the pointer pup & then his adult dog was killed on the train line & he wanted a new pup same day it happened! I saw he got quite nasty
  9. Kibble+raw

    I didn't notice any of it , what happened, what is their new username, I thought all they did was talk endlessly about the Lab pups weight
  10. I'm so happy you found Agi safe & sound, good luck with her health
  11. Kibble+raw

    @Ricky2 Your doing a good job of feeding so many nutritious foods, your dog is lucky you care so much Hey everyone where did Labrador owner Charbearsmum go she would love talking with Ricky about their dogs
  12. Would you feed Orijen?

    Hey @Christine_72 do you think we are to Swayed by fabulous marketing , into trying so many new foods, I know it's lots of fun, like shopping, BUT maybe not the best for dogs like mine who don't seem to handle eating so many different mixtures , I'm sure some dogs do well eating all of the new foods, What do you think?
  13. Would you feed Orijen?

    Lucky he likes the flavor , How did Nugget go eating Frontier pets, do you use that food sometimes, I tried Pandi on Pete Evans healthy everyday pet kibble, WOW she had the worst sore bottom & scooting I expressed the glands & kept bathing with a warm compress, I'm not going to try any more new rich food on her it never ENDS well! I'm keeping Pandi on Frontier pets & Stay Loyal with my own added extras of egg, tin fish, veggies, leftover meat
  14. Wishing for good news today, I hope Agatha finds her way back soon
  15. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Sooty is looking so healthy now @Loving my Oldies I love her haircut, That is so sad Sooty was not protected, she has been treated so badly, I'm very glad she has recovered nicely How is Simba liking his new home, is he doing well
  16. Would you feed Orijen?

    Hi @Christine_72 I saw My pet warehouse now has Orijen for sale, have you tried Nugget on the food, what does he think
  17. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    How much weight does Mezza the boy! have to lose now, it's difficult losing weight
  18. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    @Loving my Oldies how is the doggy weight loss going, are all your dogs well
  19. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    I dampen my dogs furry feet & that keeps the hair out of the Dremel
  20. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    @Rebanne seems like it could work, I'd love to see your dogs using it
  21. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    @Dogsfevr gee you always sound so strict, like a school headmaster or Hospital matron! Your a dog expert & probably had dogs for many years, Some dog owner beginners will feel a bit unsure with different dog-related tasks, I know I did. I use a small Dremel tool on black nails, weekly or monthly depending on how the nails look
  22. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    May the saga continue long & often, it's a fantastic read, makes my day
  23. behaviour

    My little Poodle barks at me when she wants to play with toys & have me join in, usually more likely she just sits & stares at me till I get up & play, so your pup is wanting to play with you, which is hard if you have been out at work all day, He is excited your home & wants your attention to play, you can make a plan on how to give him more play with both of his humans
  24. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    Hi @Smb091 How is sweet puppy Hazel going , is her heart health getting better