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  1. I was considering BARF if I can get it locally . I’m guesing that comes under the raw category.
  2. I used to cook up my small dog a gourmet home made feast once a month and freeze it and feed it daily. We now have a mastiff and there’s no way I can keep up such a labour-intensive, freezer-filling indulgence. Please tell me what the ABSOLUTE best commercially available soft food on the market? (No Heath-issues).
  3. I've done a search, but only found a couple of posts. I've taken no precautions myself, I regularly let him lick my face etc!
  4. My 8yo bully has just been diagnosed with Toxo after 2 weeks of hell and $9000 worth of tests and hospitalisation. It started with 5 seizures in a day and then loss of cordination followed on. He had bloods, MRI, spinal taps, ulttrasounds, you name it. The initial blood test showed only a very slight rise in toxo, which is why they kept searching for other causes. When his bloods were restested 2 weeks later, toxo registered as significantly higher and so treatment only commenced at that point. He's just been started on 3 lots of antibiotics, so I'm hoping for a
  5. My white mini bull terrier is suspected to have this and is currently on steroid treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd be very interested to hear your stories please
  6. Not prickles as such, but the bushland we walk through is definitely hard and dry. He has some booties already so I might bring them out of hiding and see he goes in those. Thanks for the assistance everyone
  7. Ha, he's a bull terrier, the ones with the big, fat Roman noses, so,if anything he's got extra breathing room! You may be onto something with the feet. He doesn't like our pebble driveway, he gingerly tiptoes across that. I'll try evenings in case he just wants a sleep in. 2 years ago we still lived where we do now, and it lasted for about 4 months, then he came good.
  8. When I stand at the door with collar and lead in hand and call 'walkies' , my 6yo mini bull will go and crawl into his crate. I'm at a loss as to what is the go with this. Background: he's healthy, had recent check up and bloods tested. His energy levels and behaviours otherwise are all normal. He does mad spak attacks round the house. Nothing traumatic has happened on our walks. When he meets other dogs he is friendly and relaxed. We walk in the cool of the morning, so it's not too hot. The March flies were bad, but they're gone now. This has been going on for the last month. Prev
  9. Ha, well I'm still perplexed, but I've had a good laugh at any rate.
  10. My bully is 5. We have a great relationship. He stares at me though - a lot! It can be very disconcerting and puzzling! What the heck is he trying to communicate to me? It's probably not a stare as such, but he will just sit there or lie there and look at me. He's fed, watered, loved up, is quite calm and relaxed, but looks and looks and looks. He doesn't look away and can sit at a distance from me and just look for a good 5 mins or so. Does anyone else's dogs do this? I never know if I should be doing something or not doing something or what!
  11. So very, very sorry for your tragic loss. My heart bleeds for you. He is at peace now and he had a lovely, lovely life
  12. If its a puppy I am physically unable to restrain myself from crossing a very busy road and gush nauseatingly. I'm sure it's a medically recognised syndrome of some sort. Totally out of my control
  13. Inside with the air on on, whether we are home or not. They have a dog door so come and go when they need
  14. When you have to manage your own bone because after 10 mins your human has got tired of holding one end while you chew the other end.
  15. There are some great suggestions, thanks people. I use revolution monthly, but didn't even know these products existed. Thanks
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