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  1. LOL. Others did the hard yards (and miles - yesterday was a terribly hot day here in Sydney ). So congratulations to Cazstaff and those incredible people who find links on the internet. Research champions. My first thought when I saw Minnie's gorgeous pics was how you'd be wowed by her if she'd come to you for fostering. :) That was the plan, but Cazstaff was able to return her directly to Pete. :thumbsup: I thought the very same thing mita, Id have loved to have taken her visit DDD. She is so petite and very pretty. An absolute credit to Pete, she is so well behaved,
  2. So this is darling little Minnie on my lap in the car after I collected her from the pound, isn't she the sweetest little thing This is Pete reunited with his precious girl, Minnie went crazy when she saw him, she leapt into his arms and just about turned inside out with delight as she wriggled and squeeled while covering him with kisses. I have a great video of their reunion, hopefully this link works.. Minnie and Petes reunion Thankyou to everyone who helped these 2 get back together, It wouldnt have happenned without you! xxxxxx
  3. Im so sorry to those who tried to contribute through the pound today, I thought they would be happy to take payments under the circumstances I will post some pics soon, Im not long home :)
  4. Thanks If anyone would like to contribute a little bit to Minnies release fee that would be very gratefully received. Any donations could be made directly to Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter by calling them on 97100401 and asking for it to be put towards Minnies release fee. Another friend of Petes has raised $150 through her work colleagues and family to go towards Minnies fees, I can put in $50 so just over $100 left to find!
  5. Almost a happy ending in sight! Just in the process of raising the $305 release fee and then I can pick Minnie up from the pound tomorrow and return her to Pete in the city. I think I'll film the reunion, they will both be very happy to see each other! Sadly Petes father died on Saturday night, before Pete got to see him , so he is missing his best buddy even more at the moment.
  6. Is there anything this amazingly wonderful dog community cant achieve? We have found Pete! Thankyou fbaudry Pete was taken to hospital and his belongings including Minnie were left behind . I spoke to a friend of his who will see him tomorrow. I am so relieved. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart
  7. She's not coping very well, they said she was very scared Cynthia and I can imagine she would be. She as spent all day, every day of her life in the company of Pete or Tania. Would you really be willing to foster her Cynthia? That would be so lovely for her. If so I can ask the pound when I call them in the morning. xxx
  8. Thankyou so much for your great ideas everyone, I'll get onto all of them! xxx
  9. Some of you may remember that 2 years ago I helped a homeless lady called Tania get her tiny foxi companion dog called Mini desexed, vacc'd, chipped etc. As Tania didn't have an address or a phone we put me as contact on her microchip. Well Mini is in Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I might be able to find either Tania or her her good friend Pete who also spent alot of time with Mini. They hang around Central but not in a regular spot and sometimes I don't see them for months. I know they will be beside themselves about Mini. Are there any
  10. Tammy's story Tammy was in her 20th year, I miss her terribly She was amazing!! She is my sig pic :)
  11. I am so sad to read this MW. I met your beautiful Tess at Steve Courtneys DOL training day about 5-6 years ago when my newly rescued Rocko was outrageously out of control. I fell in love with Tess on the spot, such a special beautiful big girl. Hugs to you MW, no words can help the sadness you must be feeling, only time and knowing fellow dog people are thinking of you and will remember your special girl too. RIP gorgeous big girl
  12. Thankyou everyone for your offers of help and information. Little Minnie had all her vet work done yesterday and came through beautifully thanks to DABS :) Andrea contacted me very soon after I posted about Minnie and said this is something Norma would want to do so lets do it! Tania was so grateful of the help for her best mate. The staff at the vet commented on what a beautiful happy social little dog she was and they had all fallen for her. PS: We did Taxi's from Central to the vet at Randwick and back (and then again to pick her up) and even though a couple of taxi's refused us w
  13. Taxi drivers might refuse the fare because there's a wee dog involved. Often they would be concerned of damage and down time. Anyone ever tried to get a taxi in Sydney with a dog tucked under your arm? You've buckley's. Doesn't matter if the dog is a 2kg tiny and the taxi drivers look as though they haven't bathed or shaved for a week and the taxi cab is a health hazard on wheels. Ooooohhh nooooooo!!! A filthy dog? No way. LOL , so true! I wouldn't expect her to catch a taxi, Im happy to drive in and take them wherever they need to go and get them back home.
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