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  1. Loving home for my dog?

    Hi Yvonne, I will send you a message to see if we can chat and I can help. And thanks for all the positive votes guys!
  2. Dog wanted- Melbourne

    Handsome little dude!
  3. Training a greyhound not to chase

    I love greyhounds, no doubt about it BUT there are some who are unsuitable to go with small dogs and it sounds like you have one. I'm appalled that the rescue hasn't tested properly before rehoming. Prey drive is not curable and will result in something terrible happening and I've heard first hand accounts - not only greyhounds, other large breeds but they have killed small dogs, happens far too often and usually because owners involved are clueless. I'm a rescuer and foster carer. I love dogs of all sizes but my golden rule is that my own dogs' health, happiness and safety come first. DO NOT risk your own dog. Or you can rehome your own dog and keep the greyhound - some people do that - yes really!
  4. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    How is the dog door training going?
  5. Where to advertise

    Fair enough but i've never been lucky enough to have a dog that asked to go out!
  6. Where to advertise

    I have to confess - even as a seasoned rescuer who has had many fosters since 2002, my foster dog was driving me crazy - every day coming home to clean up so much mess …. It was someone on an Italian Greyhound page that suggested the shower curtain and it was immediate success. Italians are a nightmare with that sort of thing and i'd tried for weeks and weeks (they aren't the sharpest tool in the box) to train her to use it.
  7. Where to advertise

    Is it clear Perspex? If it is, cut out a square of wrapping paper and stick it on the Perspex flap - it gives them a target. Then spend 5 minutes 3 times a day with treats and hopefully someone on the other side and put him back and forth . Sometimes they are better if you can hold the flap up and I cut a shower curtain into strips and pasted that over the hole - my last foster was here for a few months and wouldn't go through the flap but once I replaced it with the cut up shower curtain she was immediately out of it!
  8. Where to advertise

    Completely understand, rehoming any dog is hard but even harder when you truly love them. I'm happy to help you with the applications if you like.
  9. Where to advertise

    Just ignore them, you may have missed my post but I've been in there challenging their ignorance.
  10. Judy and Kev - i'm here to help you! I've replied with my phone no and look forward to chatting soon! This boy is good with other dogs and lives with a staffy type girl currently.
  11. Where to advertise

    A great page but some of the people's comments have been really inappropriate. Keep the faith, some of the replies sounded promising!
  12. Sweet Rosie. Only 3..too soon!

    Judy and Kev, my condolences on your loss, what a terrible shock and how unfair life can be sometimes. Hugs xx
  13. He will only suit a very active owner, he's a working breed, so plenty of space in the yard and time with an owner. 3 other dogs could be too much.
  14. I've been asked to help owners rehome a 4 yr old Springer male. All vet work done, good with other dogs but living with young children under 4 yrs of age and not coping with being poked and pulled around so no children. He is fine in a single dog home, a consummate ball chaser and can be exercised that way as he wears himself out. He's housetrained and all vet work done. If anyone is interested, please pm me. Owners have done their best but he needs a different home.
  15. What do I do now

    Might be handy to know that many Jack Russells aren't great with other dogs and often have to be rehomed as single dogs. I've had a few and been lucky but some are better as single dogs. Jill of JRT Rescue does an amazing job, she's a wealth of knowledge on the breed as well. Don't hesitate to reach out, I was out there about 3 weeks ago for a visit.