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  1. Have you tried VIC Dog Rescue? Good rescues in VIC - have a look at www.petrescue.com.au and see who is rehoming similar dogs. I'd avoid AWDRI (rescue for working dogs) but plenty of others. I've also had to return a dog i had on trial, he was not good with my other dogs and was getting worse rather than better, it can happen to anyone but the golden rule is always your own pets must come first.
  2. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    So you have a pug as well or is it a visiting dog? Best to desex all dogs. If the 2 females fight that will be that pretty much, they don't get over it so you are best to avoid anything that brings on issues. Brain tumours can cause sudden aggression or a change in one dog's health.
  3. You would be best to get a desexed male. It would be unsafe to bring a female in to a situation with another undesexed female. As a rescuer, I've had the nuisance situation of bringing a female rescue home who turned out to be on heat (from the pound). I've only had one of my males react (and that was a desexed male Italian, they've always got lead in their pencils!). I've usually had mostly male dogs, it's my preference. None of the male desexed dogs I've had, have ever reacted to a female in heat.
  4. An aged fox hound

    He doesn't look like a pure Foxhound to me, more like a Bull Arab? Definitely not going to be an easy placement, much harder when they can't go with other dogs and then they've got a massive bark if you go out. Like finding a needle in a haystack sadly.
  5. Long Term Boarding Help!

    I'd ask your original breeder, some do offer support for people with their dogs, in desperate situations. Alternatively they or the breed club could put you in touch with another owner (if yours and their dogs are good with other dogs and get on etc) who might help you with this.
  6. Dog treating other dogs like they are her puppies - help!

    Totally unacceptable behaviour, no matter what you think is causing it. I disagree that she's acting like a mother dog personally and it's dangerous. Not that i go to dog parks but if i did, i'd know enough to be telling you that you shouldn't be there until you have control of your dog's behaviour. It's also a legal requirement and you could be fined and your dog declared menacing etc. Stop going to the dog park and find a good dog trainer asap.
  7. Ninja Dogs happening today in Sydney (Farmer Dave )

    He's a horrible person.
  8. Nipping around butt area

    So what have you given him to prevent fleas? Dogs are still coming out the pounds and into rescue, crawling with them, in NSW.
  9. Italian Greyhounds

    I'd recommend a whippet for an inexperienced sighthound owner and for someone who wants to do lure coursing and have a more robust type of dog. Some whippets come in at 12 or so kilos (Iggy Rescue just rehomed one). Break an Iggy's leg and it's around $7,000 to fix, easily done
  10. Obsessive behaviour help

    I'm a dog rescuer. Similar rules should apply for dog sitters - don't take on too much. My golden rule - to prevent any issues at all - is NO undesexed dogs here, ever. They go to the vet for boarding until they can be done because it just causes problems. The licking behaviour you describe is unacceptable for the small dog to endure and quite possibly frightening also. It could be worse and end in a mauling or death - yes, i'm serious. I can think of a dog minder in Sydney who has had more than one death. Please move either the undesexed dog or small dog now and if you cannot do that, then keep them separate at all times. And safe dog minding (and rescuing) requires a huge amount of experience in dog behaviour which the average dog owner is unfortunately lacking in.
  11. I'm sure you can find somewhere nice for y our dog. What sort of dog is it? Is it dog sociable etc?
  12. Recommended Boarding Kennels (sydney)

    That's peculiar!!
  13. Recommended Boarding Kennels (sydney)

    I can recommend a wonderful place at Kangy Angy on the central coast - I put a small but difficult dog with ongoing health issues there, 3 times within 6 months last year - due to circumstances - they are amazing. Called "Just Like Home Pet Resort", incredibly good level of care, facilities and staff to dog ratio. No kennels, only indoor enclosures at night. In wet weather they have indoor rooms. THey post videos and photos all day. My difficult dog's health issues were cared for, his finicky ways with food and his difficult behaviour, he had a ball - so happy in all the videos and photos. They only take small good natured dogs there and supervise all play, all day. Young dogs have their own space as do the oldies etc. Brilliant, I'd never worry about my dogs going there - i won't do normal kennels anywhere.

    My first question would be - has she had her teeth checked out? Pain could cause the aggression but so could fear - Chihuahuas and other toy breeds are not suitable for young children. I also don't put elderly dogs with young children.
  15. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    Yesterday I read about a greyhound at 4 yrs of age with strange behaviours and they couldn't find anything wrong but ended up having to put to sleep. Hard to believe these things happen to young dogs but they can, they can still get cancers and other major health issues sadly.