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  1. I love an English Setter, you hardly ever see them sadly.
  2. If the man's name is "Alan" - run a mile, he's in country NSW and is a byb, dishonest and unscrupulous. Has family and friends, looking him up on Facebook won't help - they are all involved and as bad as each other. You'd be far better off going to a rescue or registered breeder but i would be looking for a bigger dog - they should be more robust and there's less chance of an accident with the children dropping them etc. Toy/smaller dogs often require more dentals than larger dogs. Many toy dogs aren't cut out for handling children's play, injuries happen far too easily.
  3. This is correct, i'm always trying to educate people who cannot understand that oodles aren't purebred and also explain what the "papers" for purebreds actually are .... I alert them to puppy farming and suggest Poodles, Bichons etc from registered breeders. Noone is EVER dissuaded or interested, they don't give a crap about puppy farms and how unethical it all is. I've been so abused but I haven't given up yet.
  4. Best if they prepare with some antihistamines or stay somewhere else. Years ago we had family coming to stay that didn't like dogs so ours was consigned to kennels for 4 or 5 days. He got kennel cough very badly and nearly died .... I made the decision that day that never would I send my pets away from their home so someone could stay that didn't like them. Hard luck, it' s my house and theirs. I wouldn't personally dream of going to someone else's home and ask them to send the kids away because I didn't like the noise they made.
  5. Italian Greyhounds are prone to heat stress and don't often make good single dog pets. I've got one on the GC looking for a home but cannot go without another dog.
  6. Beecroft Vet also have amazing opening hours - all day Sat and Sunday and later during the week.
  7. I can recommend Anthony at ActiVet in Carlingford, it's his own practice. He's a lovely caring vet, on Pennant Hills Road and has seen my elderly dogs over the years. More difficult for me to get there with traffic so it was ok if i could get in on a Saturday. For a closer vet, I'd also recommend Beecroft Vet, one of mine gets groomed there and recently became very ill suddenly, i drove there as Hornsby wasn't allowing you in with them and he was almost unconscious. The vet at Beecroft was just lovely and caring, my boy was in there for 4 days on a drip with Vestibular Disease. All the staff were amazing and so kind.
  8. Yes hard to know, we were told she didn't have any interest in other dogs although she lived with them but after i brought her home, she ran around howling, it was awful. Didn't know if it was due to separation but there were a lot of other dogs and you couldn't rehome that many. She has huge separation anxiety but has gotten better over the last 4 weeks. It's a work in progress ....
  9. There are AWL and RSPCA branches that wouldn't be on Petrescue? I've rescued a small dog from Lonsdale RSPCA. THere's also Sahara Dog Rescue that isn't on Petrescue: https://sahara.org.au/dogs-for-adoption/ Also, I'd recommend contacting breeders directly and asking if they have any ex show or breeders they would like to rehome. I know several people that recently adopted from breeders (different breeds), dogs that were not advertised at all.
  10. Thank you, I think we might be heading back to the vet to see what his thoughts are. I also wondered if she might have a UTI however she can sleep for 9 hours through the night - she doesn't want to get up when everyone else does, so am not sure if that would be the case.
  11. I've rescued/fostered many dogs over the years and they have the odd bad habit but I've got a 13 yr old maltese female currently. Came from a home of neglect where she was bred from and kept outside for over 10 years (many of the dogs i've taken on have come from similar situations and in awful states). Her teeth were horrendous so they've been fixed. She'd already been desexed. My issue is that she is extremely "oversexed". She spends much of her day trying to mount my own dogs or alternatively, scrunching items up (it's winter so I've got blankets and beds etc everywhere), today it was a large rug. She then spends hours humping these items and constantly sniffing where her rear end was making contact with the item. This is week 4 and she's only increasing this behaviour. Has anyone experienced this before? My dogs have been so patient with her but don't like the behaviour of course. It's also annoying to constantly have blankets/beds/towels/rugs dragged around and humped .... She also wees a huge amount, like territory marking when we are out and turns around to sniff where she's been. I'm interested in people's experience and theories. I've got a humper of my own, Peke cross but he never bothers the other dogs and it's not every day. This is really excessive to me and doesn't make her very appealing for being rehomed, you have to be honest about dogs' behaviours and I'm always 100% transparent no matter what it is. Any ideas please or thoughts on how i can treat this? Haven't been back to the vet yet, she's now over the dental but not sure what he'd be able to offer for this?
  12. Dog Movers are still transporting down the east coast to VIC.
  13. To have a dog arrive and be totally perfect in whatever home environment is on offer, is a massive ask and not realistic. Dogs are more anxious after being abandoned/lost and not collected and it will take a while to settle in - AT LEAST 2 weeks and it's 2 months before you see the dog as they will usually be. ALso, being locked in a kitchen is not a great option for a young working breed. I personally, as a rescuer of many years, would not place a young dog alone in a home where people work full time - especially not a working breed or busy type of dog. People often want to go out in the evening, after work and what happens with the dog then? It spends 16 hours alone. A dog of this type and this age needs 2 long walks each day and preferably more interaction in between.
  14. You've made my day, i shared the vet's post and was praying someone wonderful would come along!! There's no greater joy than taking on senior dogs.
  15. Now is not the time to get a puppy, when you have a dog with heart problems they don't need the stress. It's why you don't get 85 yr olds to baby sit toddlers .... The type of dog you mention is most likely from a puppy farm - an absolute no no due to the way the parents endure horrible environments. Finally, yes, secondhand smoke can definitely affect animals. I rescued a beautiful 9 yr old dog from a heavy smoker and she died a year later from lung cancer. I don't believe that was a coincidence.
  16. Is she OK if she has another animal with her? I rescue a breed that often cannot cope at all when left alone but if they have a companion they are fine.
  17. They can refuse but the owner can still go elsewhere. My friend is a vet nurse and taking a few weeks off after a case where a healthy 1 yr old purebred dog was euthanased by the owner because it needed a leg amputated. Was hit by a car. Vet didn't want to do it. Vet nurse offered to adopt dog and pay all costs. No said owner, put to sleep.
  18. Have you tried VIC Dog Rescue? Good rescues in VIC - have a look at www.petrescue.com.au and see who is rehoming similar dogs. I'd avoid AWDRI (rescue for working dogs) but plenty of others. I've also had to return a dog i had on trial, he was not good with my other dogs and was getting worse rather than better, it can happen to anyone but the golden rule is always your own pets must come first.
  19. So you have a pug as well or is it a visiting dog? Best to desex all dogs. If the 2 females fight that will be that pretty much, they don't get over it so you are best to avoid anything that brings on issues. Brain tumours can cause sudden aggression or a change in one dog's health.
  20. You would be best to get a desexed male. It would be unsafe to bring a female in to a situation with another undesexed female. As a rescuer, I've had the nuisance situation of bringing a female rescue home who turned out to be on heat (from the pound). I've only had one of my males react (and that was a desexed male Italian, they've always got lead in their pencils!). I've usually had mostly male dogs, it's my preference. None of the male desexed dogs I've had, have ever reacted to a female in heat.
  21. He doesn't look like a pure Foxhound to me, more like a Bull Arab? Definitely not going to be an easy placement, much harder when they can't go with other dogs and then they've got a massive bark if you go out. Like finding a needle in a haystack sadly.
  22. I'd ask your original breeder, some do offer support for people with their dogs, in desperate situations. Alternatively they or the breed club could put you in touch with another owner (if yours and their dogs are good with other dogs and get on etc) who might help you with this.
  23. Totally unacceptable behaviour, no matter what you think is causing it. I disagree that she's acting like a mother dog personally and it's dangerous. Not that i go to dog parks but if i did, i'd know enough to be telling you that you shouldn't be there until you have control of your dog's behaviour. It's also a legal requirement and you could be fined and your dog declared menacing etc. Stop going to the dog park and find a good dog trainer asap.
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