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  1. Thanks LP! Yeah her beautiful coat is ruined it's crazy. I'll give all these a go
  2. Thanks guys. It's crazy how much her coat has changed!
  3. Omg panto I didn't know you were getting an Aussie! Gorgeous!! I haven't been round much but looking for advice on a brush. Long story short my girl who was entire got pyo and had to be desexed. She's all good thank dog, however her once easy to manage silky coat is now a coarse, fluffy nightmare!!! I used to just run a brush through a few times a week but it's out of control now! So...what is everyones favourite brush?
  4. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate everyone's honesty. The home we were looking at for him is on a farm with an older couple who have no children, that was the only reason we considered rehoming him there. Would this change your opinion? I really appreciate everyone's thoughts, I feel so torn here as I'm so close to it all. I do understand though, it can't be guaranteed that he would never come into contact with a child. The thing that's making this so hard is that he has been around children before with no problems. He loves them. This makes me think that if we get through the crawli
  5. He's always been fabulous with older kids. That's what surprised us so much. But yes you're right, the consequences could be serious
  6. I won't lie I'm really struggling I keep thinking we should do more training but then I'm terrified we'll slip up and if he hurt her then rehoming wouldn't be an option anymore. I can't decide what to do. I can't stop crying
  7. Well unfortunately things haven't improved here. After getting some professional advice and trying to make his interactions with her positive etc, plus keeping them seperated we were going ok, but this weekend he growled again and bared his teeth at her and she wasn't even touching him. At this point we could do further training and management, but I feel that the risk of something going wrong is just too big given his size (50kg). We've had a full vet check and he's fine health wise. I am in touch with a rescue group who is going to see if they have a home with no children that mig
  8. I don't think it's rocking the boat to ask the dog be locked up while he's there
  9. So all the same restrictions as currently but at least they won't be trying to seize and destroy family pets. It's a good step!
  10. Thanks guys. Ruralpug we did have baby in a pen but now I've got said pen in a line across the open plan kitchen/living area so baby is on one side and dogs are on the other, it can be used in different configurations. Baby was starting to get upset when in the pen which is why we gave her more room but I could change it back maybe Bullbreedboy yes we want them to be able to be around each other, supervised of course, and they had been doing fine until she started crawling. I don't want them to associate her with anything negative if possible. I'll update once we have seen the behaviorist
  11. Thanks espinay Things are going well, no growling since I posted. We have contacted a behaviourist and just waiting to hear back now
  12. And yes he has made it clear he's not comfortable and given a few warnings rather than just biting, I'm very thankful for that.
  13. He'll be spending more time outside yeah, only problem is that with his breeds he's a real barker. Showdog the main stuff we did before baby arrived was getting them used to the baby gates and being sectioned off in the house (they had free run before).
  14. He was checked fairly recently and 8s healthy. I can take him for another check up though, that's no problem. I agree he probably just finds her weird and confronting now she's moving. I'm happy to manage it and get advice, I just worry it won't get better and I don't want to risk a bite. The OH has agreed to work on it before rehoming Thanks for all the advice guys much appreciated
  15. I was thinking of just managing it till she is a bit older but my husband would prefer rehoming. We do have a friend who is happy to take him for a while but she has kids (he has met them and likes them) and I'm just terrified he might decide he's not a fan and have a go. This dog has been pretty much bulletproof so we're really thrown by this.
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