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  1. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    I got this Papillon from the pound.. do you think he is a cross - if so, with what? JRT? His face isnt as fine as some of the papillons I've seen.. He doesn't have ear fringes.. and I think his feet are quiet large for a little dog. and he has those merle freckles on his nose and legs.. (is that a possible papillon trait, or that is from a crossbreed?).
  2. I think that in this case, her weight is irrelevant - I am not getting "dragged along" by the dog or anything like that - it's just that she is injuring her throat by pulling as hard as she does. I've had lots of little (and large) dogs before- several of them were "pullers" - but none did it so bad that they injured themselves like this one has. I might start with the Puppia harness.. she will probably still pull, but at least it won't be harming her throat.. and I can gradually work on the obedience training which will be useful in training her to walk alongside me or heel.. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you Kavik. Yes they walk fine, separately. Why do you say you wouldnt put a head collar on a 5kg dog? I have read about the general dangers of head collars, but why is it worse on a 5kg dog as opposed to a 20kg dog? Because a 5kg dog's muzzle is more fragile? I am going to find it a bit difficult to walk them separately, because I live in an apartment, and one of them will go nuts (and bother the neighbours) if I leave them at home whilst I take the other one out. The best solution for the time being, seems to be getting her some sort of harness (or head collar), while I work on obedience training her. I do 'correct' her when she is pulling but she basically just ignores me and sails on - she is so intent on pulling and sniffing around. I have only had her for 3 weeks so unfortunately I do not have as much 'power' over her as I would like to have, at this stage!
  4. Hi all I have a new (adult) dog who is 5kg. Initially when I first adopted her from the pound (about 3 weeks ago), she was walking perfectly on the leash. I then adopted another dog (the male dog that she had been surrendered with) one week later. Now, when they are walked together, the female dog pulls on the leash, all the time (sniffing around madly). It seems like she is either super-excited to be going on a walk, now that her buddy is there to accompany her; or else she is going straight into "pack"/hunting mentality. Two days ago she began gagging and coughing constantly. I took her to the vet thinking there was something wrong with her - it turned out just to be bruising from when her flat collar had been pulling on the leash (when my mother walked her - I wasnt present so I had no idea she had begun pulling so badly). I know that I must train her to walk beside me, using treats etc; however for the meanwhile, I need to buy her either a halti (I've heard that Black Dog Infin8 is the better option), a no-pull 'chest' harness (like the Sporn harness), or a regular harness (Puppia soft mesh harness). Which would be the best for her? Check chains, martingales and prong collars etc are not really an option as she seems to be oblivious to any pressure/pain around her neck, and is causing herself serious damage...
  5. My new doggie from the pound has kennel cough. I thought that both components of kennel cough were "canine" diseases - so I introduced my dog to my mother's 2 (very old) cats, and my dog stayed the day.. coughing in the loungeroom that the cats share, etc. I've now done some more research on the net and have found articles (mostly american) that say that Bordetella bronchiseptica CAN be caught by cats (and humans). Is this really true.. does it really happen? Have you ever known this to really happen? Should I panic and get the cats put on antibiotics and madly attempt to disinfect (which is a bit impossible - my mother has lacquered floorboards.. there is no way we could put bleach or strong disinfectant on them)..
  6. Hi The subject line pretty much sums up my question.. I didnt think that owners could even buy vaccines but I have noticed some (at least, feline vaccines and individual canine parvo & kennel cough vaccines) available on pet websites. I need my dog C5 vaccinated shortly.. Can I do this myself (assuming that they are just subcutaneous injections)?
  7. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    Thank you Brett.. that pap comes as a "package deal" for rehoming, with her chihuahua mate.. I dont think my strata would allow for 2 dogs. I'm also leaning towards getting a male. Can anyone tell me - I was under the impression that papillons are good "apartment dogs" as long as they are sufficiently exercised and obedience trained. But what about barking? Are they yappy? I live on a ground floor, and the building's letterboxes are attached to the wall that my loungeroom windows are on.. Im concerned that a dog may bark constantly at people checking their letterboxes.. I shouldnt get a breed that is known to be a barker.
  8. Well, I am in Sydney, and can do the Syd training blocks. Though I was contemplating doing it in Melb because Ive seen some posts saying that people thought Melb training may have been better. Im sure that NDTF can just get another company (or ADT's old trainers who are now out of a job) to teach their practicals at the same kennels.. ?
  9. Hi all I'm meant to enrol in the NDTF course by tomorrow (to get the pay in full discount).. I'm really interested in seeing what their certificate and statement of completed modules looks like (preferably first.. before enrolling tomorrow!).. Has anyone got a scanned copy of theirs that they wouldnt mind showing me?
  10. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    Has anyone seen any Papillon puppies available at any rescue organisations? (I know - fat chance, but.. )
  11. Separation Anxiety

    How about installing a doggie-door into the motorhome's door? Or a flyscreen/security grill door.. she might not feel as "locked in".. I would suggest (if it is safe to do so), encouraging her to stay in the motorhome with you during the daytime.. but leave the door open. Also, I would be feeding her in the motorhome, giving her lots of cuddles, bellyrubs etc while in there.. anything to make her feel like the motorhome is her "happy place"..
  12. Hi guys I'm just trying to find out the names and places of any MAJOR dog training/obedience/sports clubs or classes in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. So far I only know of Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club (Centennial Park).. are there any others? Also, are there any qualified and professional trainers that visit vets to hold classes??? (not just vet clinic receptionists/nurses who may not be trained specifically in Dog Behaviour & Training).
  13. That bed looks like fabric, Raz.. I think Eeiko321 said the dog urinates on anything that is fabric.. so whatever she uses, will have to be easily washed..
  14. I've tried explaining several times that I've already done the RUV units at TAFE, so there would be no point in me doing the course if the VBN units aren't nationally recognised as well.. they werent able to confirm that for me.. I'm frustrated because I want to get the Pay Upfront discount (one month in advance) which means I have to pay next week.. and still dont know/havent decided if I should do the course (because I havent been given answers..).
  15. A Query About Throwing Up - Rover

    It could be a blockage of the pyloric sphincter (tube which carries food from the stomach into the intestines). My old JRT developed that over several months, and had to be PTS. I doubt that it would develop overnight, but I suppose it is possible to have something else (i.e. undigestible object - bone, plastic, a rock.. whatever) block the tube in the same manner. Something similar could also happen within the small intestine. If it's possible that he has been throwing up without you noticing (ie in the backyard on toilet breaks?) then weight loss is a sign that can be linked to that condition. Feed him several very small, easily digestible meals, several hours apart, and see if he keeps them down ok / doesnt have any problems. It may have been a one-off/nothing to worry about. But take him to your vet if he gets bloat or other pains, seems restless, or vomits... or if he doesnt poo for a day.