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  1. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Wow Beautiful tiny babes xxx squeeeeel is ‘isabella’ common or uncommon in igs? I can’t wait to see the little golden girl grow edited to ask Kirislin > will the Isabella’s keep a dilute pale nose as supposed to a dark or black nose like dads/ Arkeys
  2. That’s extremely lucky for the pup on the highway!! What breed? @asal In regards to your pup being listed on gumtree did you enquire as a buyer or get the police involved? Also in regards to not inviting potential puppy buyers to your home, where do you prefer people to meet you and your dogs? I would think after many emails and spoken phone calls you would build up a rapport with the person as to whether they were ‘safe’ to give your home address to. Meeting the parents and seeing the home environment where puppies were raised is highly important to me and others when buying a purebred. I’d hate to meet up in the local Maccas car park, get my pup and to never hear from said ‘breeder’ again. (Sorry to highjack) once again very glad DDB chipper is home.
  3. Thank god! I was watching and screaming how dare they! People are ruthless So pleased he is back where he belongs!
  4. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Hold up people. Think the lines have gotten crossed. Can I just state right now, that l never recommended a Pitbull to ZestyLemon. I said there are so many staffys In pounds requiring rescue and that they are great companions for cuddling / couch / bed buddies. I dont like the accusatory tone that I ever said pitbulls are not restricted... And I certainly wouldn’t advise one for a first time dog owner. That’s plain stupid. Im brave to own a chihuahua. I’m brave to own Shar Pei I’m brave to foster and rescue toy poodles And having owned a pitbull in the past, I didn’t need to be brave just kind and loving and devoted to him!
  5. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Hi Jessica, I’m not too sure what ‘most people’ even means. Do you mean common breeds??? Also ‘brave enough’ and pitbull don’t ever need to go together in a sentence. Pitbulls, just as other breeds have individual needs and requirements. You don’t need to be brave at all. Sounds very arrogant. Some might say that I’m brave having a chihuahua” ...
  6. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Hello ZestyLemon, considering you have yet to own a dog, I believe you will warm up to the idea of letting your companion sleep indoors. Dogs have a way of getting what they want, weaseling their way into our hearts and our beds Also if you are looking for a ‘buddy to cuddle’ up to I would recommend a foster Staffy - in the age group of 3years and upwards. If you look around the many rescue organisations you may even be able to meet and have a trial in your home to see if a Staffy is for you. Lots of staffys get overlooked in pounds especially brindles. Be sure to ask lots of questions and find out the ‘energy and excersize’ requirements of the individual dog Also are you interested in male or female? Be sure to find out as much as possible about the dog that is in foster care, re: temperament, bad habits, training, good on lead or off lead, social with others etc. all the best with your search
  7. Foster Dogs

    Fantastic thread !!! Koalathebear >What a great way of sharing your Foster kids as they grow, learn and their individual journeys into happy new homes Love the photos especially Evie and the couple of pics with your turtles ! Monkey has the sweetest puppy ears and eyebrows Thanks for sharing
  8. Italian Greyhounds

    Funniest little monkeys
  9. Italian Greyhounds

    Hi IG people I’ve found myself becoming very fond of these pint sized guys. I met my very first Iggy years ago at regular Kepala meet approx 2006. Fast forward to 2016 / 2018 and I’m now a regular House and Pet Sitter of these 2 little ones They are hilarious, super fast, Cheeky, naughty, food stealers !! Oh and did I mention the play fighting and wrestling between the two ! The female is younger and tries to dominate but she’s a delicate petal
  10. Does anyone know Ades17 ? I hope He/She is going okay because this situation really sucked !!! Having broken up with a partner, not allowing a dog whilst in that relationship, finding a dog to love that required to be rehomed, then having to give up said dog after the relevant ownership transfers had taken place ... that’s really emotional and stressful stuff. Put this into a different perspective : that of adopting a child or having paid an incredulous amount for a surrogate to carry a child, whom ‘changed her mind’ after birth. I’d feel so sick not knowing if ‘after returning the dog’ it was in the better place than what the OP was genuinely offering. Very murky/muddy situation. Would happen quite a lot with people changing there minds back and forth, if rehoming was absolutely necessary to begin with. I only hope that Ades17 has been able to move passed all of this and is looking towards a future with a new furry companion.
  11. My ‘Not so sweet’ little Violet

    Ha! Thanks Dame Danny
  12. My ‘Not so sweet’ little Violet

    My mum dropped me on my face as a child so sometimes I look like this but if im feeling pretty I put my best face on