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  1. Italian Greyhounds

    Iggymum I received a lovely email from Mitch and Muppy's previous owner that he asked be passed onto their foster carers. Would like to send to you but I don't have your email address.
  2. Italian Greyhounds

    Wow 10 yrs old. That went fast. Capri is 11 now and had lumps and bumps (and his balls) removed a week ago. He is still a happy chappy, fit and active.
  3. Do they mean limiting it to 10 breeding bitches ir 10 dogs inc stud dogs?
  4. Italian Greyhounds

    Love this collection of Igs pic :)
  5. Italian Greyhounds

    You are welcome to come see them all and squee over them as much as you like Julie. There will be 6 Bipsy pups with us inc Tilly.
  6. Italian Greyhounds

    Pics of Paris who broke her leg 3 months ago, Top pic is last night, bottom pic is 3 weeks ago. Huge improvement in past 3 weeks. Her show career is over as its not conpletly straight but in hoping she will produce done lovely puppies for me in the future I should add that Paris runs around the yard happily, with no trace of a limp,
  7. Italian Greyhounds

    3 month old Harley has gone to stay with a breeder friend for a while. I'll see him in Melb in a few weeks tho. I still have Jet for a couple more weeks. So I'm not puppyless lol. At least now I only have to show train one pup. Your girl is gorgeous Kirty I'm keen to see her in the flesh.
  8. Italian Greyhounds

    Well yes lol she will fit right in :)
  9. Italian Greyhounds

    Aww she's soo cute
  10. Italian Greyhounds

    She's very different lol
  11. Italian Greyhounds

    [/url Just got this pic sent to me from Kirsten .. I think her new ig pup is defective ..
  12. Italian Greyhounds

    That's ok I'll have 4 Igs plus 2 pups with me. We will cope :) Renee will have her 2 pups and I'm not sure how many adult Igs plus Claire will have her 2 pups and I think 6 Igs. Oh and Ari will come and hang out too. So will be drowning in Igs.
  13. Italian Greyhounds

    Hah the show will be fun. im keen to see your puppy in the flesh :)
  14. Italian Greyhounds

    Zanbellia Harlequin Opal aka Harley @ 10.5 weeks
  15. Italian Greyhounds

    Yes I'm well aware that first generation complete outcrosses are often not spectacular. It's not until the 2nd generation you start to see an improvement. It's just difficult as I said when the pups are ugly and so different to what I'm used to. Round buggy eyes and small domed heads aren't my thing. I'm entitled to have my own preferences you know. I am guessing Bipsy's lines develop more slowly than mine, and when his pup is line bred back to my stuff those pups should be more tyoey. I've never seen a litter of pups from euro lines in the flesh before but I assume they would mostly look similar to these pups. They are just so different. I'm keen to see how these pups develop and also what they can produce in years to come. I'm grateful to Renee for the opportunity to own a puppy sired by Bipsy.