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  1. Struth! ;) just LMBAO and sprayed coffee over the laptop
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice...shmoo lots of reading to do later tonight Mum has a x king charles spaniel. thanks again everyone... :p
  3. Just hoping that someone could help me with finding a good brand of clippers for my mum on eBay...... there are a lot of them up for auction but I am not familiar with the brands etc and which ones would be good to bid on. There are some that start dirt cheap and then there are others that start a little dearer.....soooo I presume that the cheapies starting at $30.00 would be [email protected] to buy? :D Thanks for any advice....LSW
  4. Thanks so much for that belijae I will get onto it ;) Devil dog is little prob the same size as a jack russell :D Thanks Hesapandabear...I will also look into them as well ;) gotta do something with the 'devil dog' :D
  5. I too am looking around for something to do with my 'devil dog'. I have not done obedience for many years...but I was starting to look into agility...but do you think my little 'devil dog' could do it? He is x terrier/ maltese. I live up on the sunshine coast.
  6. :p WOO HOO.....Good on you michael4
  7. Hi again Michael, I must agree with raz saying that the JRT is a big dog in a small package... I also own a terrier and I can tell you that he can be very bossy over the larger dogs....and being a goldie she takes it but the border collie will take so much and then put him in his place....also terriers just love to dig and dig and dig... they cannot help themselves it is in their nature..... my fellow has made numerous tunnels and holes everywhere in our yard and he even digs hugh holes in the sand at the beach each weekend....such a site to see though If your mate has a JRT then I reckon that i'd be going for a more placid larger breed of dog such as a lab or goldie just so to keep the peace between the dogs and of course the human parents...you dont want to upset your flatmate either. I also agree with everyone else... supervision is very important. Ever thought of a budgie? Only joking.... keep us posted :p
  8. wagsalot I know what you mean, I keep looking out of the kitchen wndow expecting to see her sitting on the outside asking to come in and I can even hear her 'meow' in my head...I woke up this morning to a sunny day and looked out of the window to say a final 'farewell' as she will not get to lie out in the sun anymore like she use to do...My 4yr old even wrote her a message last night saying that he missed her and that he loved her, thankfully we still have her 2 boys with us. I do hope that your heart mends soon over your loss, but we never forget do we keep in touch
  9. hello there, I just read your thread and I am sad too at your loss but tonight i too had to put my dear girl to sleep...she had a lump in her bladder and there was blood in her urine. she showed no other symptoms other than the vet finding it tonight because last thursday I knocked her over with the car and she took off only to come home tonight seemly only shook up but I took her to the vet and that is when he found the problem...so maybe she knew and that is why she came home. he reckons that she has had it for ages and that she would have been in pain also. i honestly did not know that there was anything wrong with her as she seemed happy and content, but then cats are tuff creatures arnt they and if only they could talk
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