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  1. I am a bad mum as work is so busy this time of the year... I can't believe it has been a year though, it feels like yesterday. Bob has been such a good boy and we are so so grateful to have him in our lives. How many greyhounds do you know who can cope with wild rabbits hopping through their yards all the time LOL. I can honestly say I don't think he has any prey drive at all. I wish I could find out if he raced as that would be really interesting! He is still full of life and if I am 5 minutes late with dinner he lets me know by chewing on the corner of his bed :mad :D :D We do love him to bits and I will get some anniversary photos on the weekend :D He's so healthy for a 13 year old, someone obviously looked after him!
  2. I am just wondering if anyone uses this and if you buy it from OS? I recently bought the skin and coat formula from Amazon but the tracking is saying that my order is help up in the customs clearance process Is there a problem importing this? I didn't think there would be as it seem available in Aust, I just didn't want to pay twice the price for it
  3. what about that Paws for Life, their shipping charges seem pretty reasonable and they were selling the HS $30 cheaper than what I bought the last bag for at PetBarn. I think I will order through them or the Natural Pet Store next time. I use Holistic Select and love it. Very exxy though
  4. That probably makes much more sense given you are a rep for Blackhawk :) I had to double check the aussie post website as you made it sounds so excessive. The express post satchels are $14.80. So she has put a $1.20 mark up for bubble wrap and packaging, I consider that reasonable given how well the orders are packed.
  5. Sorry missed your comments, that postage doesn't sound right to me and she certainly didn't charge me that. She's been charging my postage by weight and I just looked through all my invoices and she only charges me what the bag costs her. Maybe just query it with her :)
  6. I would really love him but we probably don't have the room to take on another I've wanted another ridgy since Tina passed away
  7. He's fantastic! Love him to bits. Absolutely no issues at all with the cats and I can leave him in the house with them, no worries at all. I'm fairly certain he is enjoying life :D
  8. I wonder what she is like around other dogs and cats? Not that the cats would be an issue without any teeth I am sure a rescue will take her though
  9. I used it on old Bob (greyhound) this weekend and his coat has come up all lovely and shiny. His skin has been a bit irritated and dry but it sorted that out also. I'm a huge fan
  10. GB I would have the same doubts as you There is so little money in dog walking unless you are going to walk a few at a time and do it for a good solid few hours each day.
  11. I use this on my horses tail and it is great but have found something even better! I am now using a shampoo called Lucky Braids and it is AMAZING!!!! My horse has a thick tail that gets all these twists in it. I used to shampoo, condition and then use the CB magic. Not any more, just the shampoo does the job. It is seriously fantastic stuff. This is the lady who makes it in the US - http://luckybraids.com/ In Australia I buy it from Kerry Mastermann, she is the local aussie reseller. This is her fb page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Top-Turnout-Australia/149308055235143?fref=ts It ges a huge rave from me :thumbsup:
  12. I originally did think it was bogus until I started getting the newsletters. I'm livid that I apparently need to unsubscribe from twitter emails when I have never been on twitter!
  13. Nope, I have never heard of your group until I got your emails and twitter spam. I am also not on twitter so completely confused why I need to unsubscribe from twitter because you want me to join? I'm not on twitter, have never been on twitter, have no intention of signing up for / or signing off from twitter. You've been sending these for months. You emailed again tonight, here's a screen grab.
  14. I received an email yesterday and just now another one requesting me to join twitter. I'd really be interested to know how you got my email address
  15. I'm obviously out of the loop Who are NARGA?
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