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  1. Thanks for your reply sunny - yes I'm a bit upset -"Some" people only seems to read what they want to read, as I said earlier I do not want to rehome her, but they all keep jumping down my throat because of the 'otherwise' comment. Which is why I fully edited my opening post.
  2. This post has been deleted by steve as it breaches forum rules [ personal attack] Please take this as a warning as the next will be official. Julie
  3. Quote: What's family duties have to do with deleting a post you had already made earlier on? Because I had started doing an edit ast the wrong time so came back later to do it properly.
  4. Thanks Bellaperson...I guess that not many here understand what it can be like to have 4 kids and 2 dogs!! :p
  5. Should specify that my pup don't just jump on us, she actually jump for quite a while, so much that soometimes we think that we have a kangoroo and not a dog in the yard :p
  6. Quote: You were given plenty of helpful advice and then threw a hissy fit and deleted your original post. It doesn't always happen that people will tell you what you want to hear if it is not in the best interests of the puppy. Hissy fit?? LOL I didn't know that when family duties calls me that people sees that as a hissy fit, good one :p ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thought that the knee thing would have been 'classified' as dog abuse, so I haven't employed the method yet, might be worth a try.
  7. Nice to be judge when we come for ADVISE. Thanks to everyone that came to give advises and not judgement.
  8. She is 3 months old, and I really don't want to rehome her, just starting to be desperate as what to do. My older one is not like that. I have no crate to confine her. How do you correct them? When she jump I keep saying NO! and SIT!, but she seems a bit like she is ignoring my commands, and she knows them. I'll try a few things, I know patience is a good thing, I just hope to be able to get her back on track, and fast, I don't want my kids to be knocked over, or else. Thanks for all your inputs, I really appreciate it.
  9. Ok, lets get a few things straight here, I have tried few things already mentionned below, such as ignoring her when she jumps, going back inside when she won't settle down, getting her to sit and pat her, saying NO with a firm voice the give her the command DOWN! All this things so far hasn't work. hanks again for all your advises:)
  10. So good to know I don't have this problems!!! LOL
  11. Thanks very much for that. I never owned this type of 'breed' before, I had German Sheperd before, but the last one I had had obviously been abuse by his previous owner, to the point that I was unable to do anything for him so this time I got a Sibe, and this little 'mutt' like hubby calls her . I've bought the new Pedigree Natural, the price of BARF where I live is quite expensive, and I didn't find the Nutro or Eagle Pack, I also buyu plenty of raw stuff for them aswell, which they love greatly.
  12. Thanks for your replies I was actually wondering when to get her desexed, but didn't have the chance to asked....you answered without me asking Ok, I thought that her frame was more boxer like, would the joint probs etc be a risk aswell? Ta PS. Nekhbet, she is a boxer x Bmastiff, would you have any idea of what her weight should be at 3 months?
  13. Just wanted to know if anyone ever read his books and if it was worth your money? Ta ;)
  14. an a couple of my pup :rolleyes: ;) Will be taking some more when she isn't busy chewing!
  15. [a tachment=46829:attachment]Ok here it is ;) just took some new photos of my sibe and of my boxer x Bmastiff :rolleyes: NB. I can already see changes in my pups weight!! YAY!
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