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  1. Pet Insurance

    We were with PetPlan until they went stupid and their cover was great. Now we are with bow wow meow through HCF.
  2. .

    Is Mita still on this forum? Here is some information she gave me back in 2005. And I'm guessing it is still valid. I don't know exactly who the vet was.
  3. .

    @HunterDoggy different breeders may have different processes. I've had dogs with very little asked in advance by the breeder, and no contact afterwards. After all, breeders are people too! And mine have been found from the DOL mature dogs page Diva linked to.
  4. Red Fox Labradors

    My boss has one - bought from a breeder somewhere near Sydney. Not much help to you in Perth, but I could ask for the name if you like?
  5. A Springer! Don't tempt me. Not sure what the OH would say about dog #4 however.
  6. Thunder shirts

    @crazydoglady99, you sure did and I still have it. (I did give it away to someone in rescue but she must have given it back to me.) Unfortunately it didn't work for my GSD with storm phobia or my English Setter who is very anxious in cars.
  7. Alternative to a "groodle"

    No, she hasn't yet. I keep giving her homework!
  8. Dog coats - where to buy

    Do you mean this website: http://www.anniescoats.org/ Which style did you pick for your Setter?
  9. My dogs need new coats to wear inside at night. They currently have polar fleece coats, with velcro straps at the chest and belly. The two English Setters have coats. And tonight the GSD looked so miserable I put a coat on her too! Whether it will survive the night remains to be seen. (She hasn't always lived with us.) It seems the company that made these coats may no longer exist. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would waterproof coats be OK inside, or get too hot? And I'm not keen on the "pyjama" style of coat. I think we are better off with straps of some sort.
  10. Alternative to a "groodle"

    I don't think she is being unreasonable saying she doesn't like the thought of a pure poodle. Poodles have a different shape of face to a groodle. And they do seem to have different temperaments to the groodles. @Dame Danny's Darling Styles Dog Grooming comes up as being in Pennsylvania. Somehow I don't think that is the one you mean? @mingaling thank you. That advice was really helpful. @grizabella somehow I don't think a long wait is on the cards. @Thistle the dog interesting. I'll look into the Murray retrievers
  11. Alternative to a "groodle"

    Like this? http://thedogist.com/post/131715420011/razzmatazz-penny-standard-poodles-1-2-yo
  12. Alternative to a "groodle"

    She doesn't like poodles apparently. They do always seem to be "fussed" a lot, but maybe that says more about the owners!
  13. One of my colleagues is ready to buy her first dog. She looked after a friend's groodle puppy and is smitten. After a couple of conversations on the topic (thanks for this link), she is willing to look at other dogs. Her question today was: 'So what pedigree dog is like a standard groodle?'. What breed would you suggest? - Not as big as a Golden retriever or Labrador - low shedding - good with kids (she has one daughter, near the end of primary school)
  14. Back car seat cover

    Thanks @Thistle the dog have ordered the one you suggested. We have a Subaru Forester and the backseat buddy slides around terribly. Hopefully this one will be better.
  15. Cordless Vacuum Recommendation

    We have the V6 Absolute, and I have no complaints about it. Great for doing the stairs and other "touch up" jobs. We have tiles downstairs and I've never had the sort of issues that animallover99 is reporting. Oh - unless the dogs have decided to bring in mulch. Neither of the vacuums seem to like sucking up mulch chips very much. However, it does fine with bird seed; long Setter hair; piles of GSD hair; random mud and grime; the odd twig... But I don't think I would want to vacuum the whole house with it. I'm sure that would be slower than using the barrel with its wider heads.