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  1. https://petpress.net/14-things-you-didnt-know-about-the-english-setter/
  2. Yes! And in such unexpected places too. Like the cornices or the actual ceiling itself. Mine actually know "I'm clean" means don't come near me. Generally because I am dressed for work or church and would like to arrive there in a reasonable state.
  3. In our house there are three dogs: - Mazda- 11 - ES - Choc - 7 - GSD - the brains of the pack - Veli - 6 - ES Mazda came to us from his breeder aged about 18 months. He had lived on a farm and never been inside a house. For the first two days he wouldn't come inside. Then he walked in and that was it. Somehow he was house trained from the get-go, even though the breeder said he wouldn't be. He is a real couch potato but very food motivated. He has learnt to sit and drop. His only health issues have been food related. (Let's eat anything we find lying around.) Wouldn't describe him as sensitive or needy. Veli came to us from his breeder aged about 14 months. He is completely bird obsessed and spends most of his time trying to ensure there are no wild birds in our garden. We had to fence off the grevillea growing along our back fence because he kept breaking them. Veli will stay out in the rain (birds do after all); get really cold; come inside and climb into Mazda's crate with Mazda to dry off; and then go back outside again. Veli has never learnt to sit. And he is the fussiest eater I have ever met. From time to time he may get an ear infection. I blame the amount of time he spends diving onto the grass to catch a bird. Not particular sensitive or needy unless you count a thunder phobia. Maybe mine aren't needy/sensitive because there are three of them, and they calm each other down? If you like , message me your facebook link and I can invite you to the English Setter group.
  4. What would you like to know specifically? Like most dogs, your choice of breeder will affect the sort of dog you get. One of mine is a complete couch potato and the other is far more active. (Neither were officially "working lines".) There is some grooming involved. You have to be prepared to deal with that feathering. And the slobber. Again, that varies dog to dog. My couch potato slobbers. Mr Activity - hardly ever. For me, they were a good mid-sized breed. I didn't want another GSD because of all the health problems associated with that breed. Although walking them can be funny. I've had them called everything from cocker spaniels to afghans.
  5. Julie / Steve suggested this site: https://www.australherbs.com.au/
  6. Use to buy slippery elm powder from Steve / Julie's website but that no longer exists. Does anyone know a good place to buy this? (Other than just randomly picking somewhere from Google)
  7. Well my Groodle loving colleague bought a Groodle. (Maybe she was just pretending to consider other dogs to keep me happy.) Now she wants a recommendation for home boarding for two weeks in July, preferably somewhere in the Hills. Personally I'd be putting the dog into a boarding kennel. Home boarding sounds dodgy to me, but hey maybe I'm just getting older and more cynical! (waves at @Loving my Oldies) Would anyone care to recommend a home boarder. They got the puppy at Christmas so she must be about 8 months now.
  8. Weird. Google "dyson vacuum patent expired" and you can get to it just fine that way. The title is "Inventor James Dyson faces challenge to clean up EU vacuum tests"
  9. Yes but if you contact the breeders who are listed on DOL, maybe they can refer to you to someone else.
  10. We once had three German Shepherds at the same time - that's a lot of hair. Now we have one GSD and two English Setters. Still a fair bit of hair. We have two Dysons - a barrel and a stick. The barrel one would have to be 8 or 9 years old. At the time it seemed to be much better than anything else. But now I think things have changed. After all, his patent has expired. (This story is old, but gives some information https://www.ft.com/content/65d41ba2-9a9f-11e5-be4f-0abd1978acaa) I'm not sure what I would buy now, but I would look around before automatically choosing Dyson. However, their customer service has been awesome.
  11. @mymatejack Yes, I can SO relate to what you are saying. In our suburb there seem to be people that dump their food scraps onto the nature strip. There is also a local KFC, and the amount of chicken bones that get discarded along the foot paths is staggering. My dog once managed to sniff out a packet of sandwiches that some kid had stuffed into a hedge. By the time I realised what was going on, they were consumed cling wrap and all.
  12. Post from Steve on prong collars http://blog.k9pro.com.au/prong-collars-e-collars-why/?fbclid=IwAR2YeOi-xFKV5ad8IkAgFs3KpVgHbbYPWrGudI8g4X5ufs_GtKANge9ZlCE
  13. We have two English setters & there are definitely breeders here in Australia. Last time I looked there were two older Setters advertised here on DOL.
  14. @Malamum Interesting. I have three prongs from Steve - K9.pro. The first one I bought before he had the Sprenger brand. It comes undone in random places. Then I have two Sprengers. One also comes undone. Always at the same place even when I rearrange the links. That does my head in. And the third one is absolutely fine. My three dogs are walked in a prong, a necktech and a flat collar. As Steve always said to me - use the tool that works for you and your dogs. In my case I'm walking dogs with a combined weight of over 100 kgs so I like the extra safety of a prong in case we meet say a pussy cat.
  15. We were with PetPlan until they went stupid and their cover was great. Now we are with bow wow meow through HCF.
  16. Is Mita still on this forum? Here is some information she gave me back in 2005. And I'm guessing it is still valid. I don't know exactly who the vet was.
  17. @HunterDoggy different breeders may have different processes. I've had dogs with very little asked in advance by the breeder, and no contact afterwards. After all, breeders are people too! And mine have been found from the DOL mature dogs page Diva linked to.
  18. My boss has one - bought from a breeder somewhere near Sydney. Not much help to you in Perth, but I could ask for the name if you like?
  19. A Springer! Don't tempt me. Not sure what the OH would say about dog #4 however.
  20. @crazydoglady99, you sure did and I still have it. (I did give it away to someone in rescue but she must have given it back to me.) Unfortunately it didn't work for my GSD with storm phobia or my English Setter who is very anxious in cars.
  21. No, she hasn't yet. I keep giving her homework!
  22. Do you mean this website: http://www.anniescoats.org/ Which style did you pick for your Setter?
  23. My dogs need new coats to wear inside at night. They currently have polar fleece coats, with velcro straps at the chest and belly. The two English Setters have coats. And tonight the GSD looked so miserable I put a coat on her too! Whether it will survive the night remains to be seen. (She hasn't always lived with us.) It seems the company that made these coats may no longer exist. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would waterproof coats be OK inside, or get too hot? And I'm not keen on the "pyjama" style of coat. I think we are better off with straps of some sort.
  24. I don't think she is being unreasonable saying she doesn't like the thought of a pure poodle. Poodles have a different shape of face to a groodle. And they do seem to have different temperaments to the groodles. @Dame Danny's Darling Styles Dog Grooming comes up as being in Pennsylvania. Somehow I don't think that is the one you mean? @mingaling thank you. That advice was really helpful. @grizabella somehow I don't think a long wait is on the cards. @Thistle the dog interesting. I'll look into the Murray retrievers
  25. Like this? http://thedogist.com/post/131715420011/razzmatazz-penny-standard-poodles-1-2-yo
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