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  1. Litters Due December 2018

    I would have liked to add to this list but with the ANKC Anatolian Shepherd / Kangal fiasco decided not to breed.
  2. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    The more things change the more they stay the same Information on the Anatolian Shepherd Dog and Kangal Shepherd Dog RATIONALE FOR CHANGE OF BREED STANDARD From: FCI ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD DOG - FCI KANGAL SHEPHERD DOG To: ANKC KANGAL DOG http://www.takasvolkodav.com/anatolian-shepherd-or-kangal-dog.asp
  3. Problems Whelping

    No there is no way for you to tell. You should take her to the vet. Hope the outcome is good. Might be, there are 2 or 3 puppies that are dead inside. Godspeed to the vet!!!
  4. Breed Id

    oh no totally not Anatolian :) I'll read all the posts better next time :D:)
  5. Breed Id

    Rough coat Anatolian?
  6. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Ali Aladja Michel (Kyrgyzstan) female CAS, dam of Pandora ~
  7. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Ali Aladja Pandora - female CAS from Kyrgyzstan
  8. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    woops way late reply, but yes I agree with the other replies. I dont own a GP or Maremma, but GP seem more people orientated, gregarious and less reactive. Maremma, seem more aloof. Of the LGD breeds generally available in Aus (Maremma, Pyrenees, Anatolian/Kangal, Central Asian), in general I think the GP is easier to live with (wrt acceptance of strangers, dog aggression, reactivity etc).
  9. I think its great you are asking all these questions, but maybe ring and ask the questions, a lot of questions take a lot of time to answer via email (ie essay), so perhaps an introductory email, and ask or suggest a convenient time to call. :)
  10. Colour Not To Standard?

    population genetics facebook course seem to base a lot of the theory on plants. And not on mammals. Yes and no. UK Kennel club allows dogs with no pedigree to be added on to the register and so do some FCI members for some breeds. So hypothetically one could breed 1 x breed 2, and in two or three gens (depending on the colour/cross) get the non pedigree outcross close enough to pass the appraisal system.
  11. Colour Not To Standard?

    But can't dogs be updated at any time? My understanding in Vic is that a dog can be upgraded from Ltd to Main at any age. That said, I tend to put more on main reg in co-own these days.
  12. Colour Not To Standard?

    Yes the new FCI Azawakhs breed standard has dramatic changes to the amount of white allowed on a dog. As I understand, the FCI changes prevent Azawakh from country of origin being accepted through the FCI grading system ie where dogs from country of origin without pedigree undergo judge appraisal - and those which meet the standard can be entered in the stud books. So Azawakhs with a lot of white will no longer be accepted. ie white stockings, chest etc
  13. Try an import agent in Australia. Some vets will also liase and do all the requirements on the client's behalf. Monash Veterinary clinic in Victoria are great: Speak to Melanie or Stuart. MONASH CLINIC I recently imported semen through Monash and they were fab ETA: There is significant cost difference between importing a live dog and importing frozen semen in a group shipment. If the dog is young and your bitch is young, imported semen can work quite well. Just make sure you get the entire ejaculate or 4 - 5 breeding units.
  14. Dog Ramps (For Cars)

    The Solvit XL Deluxe telescoping ramps are on ebay for about $260 AUD EBAY SOLVIT RAMP FOR SALE