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  1. I would have liked to add to this list but with the ANKC Anatolian Shepherd / Kangal fiasco decided not to breed.
  2. No there is no way for you to tell. You should take her to the vet. Hope the outcome is good. Might be, there are 2 or 3 puppies that are dead inside. Godspeed to the vet!!!
  3. oh no totally not Anatolian :) I'll read all the posts better next time :D:)
  4. I think its great you are asking all these questions, but maybe ring and ask the questions, a lot of questions take a lot of time to answer via email (ie essay), so perhaps an introductory email, and ask or suggest a convenient time to call. :)
  5. population genetics facebook course seem to base a lot of the theory on plants. And not on mammals. Yes and no. UK Kennel club allows dogs with no pedigree to be added on to the register and so do some FCI members for some breeds. So hypothetically one could breed 1 x breed 2, and in two or three gens (depending on the colour/cross) get the non pedigree outcross close enough to pass the appraisal system.
  6. But can't dogs be updated at any time? My understanding in Vic is that a dog can be upgraded from Ltd to Main at any age. That said, I tend to put more on main reg in co-own these days.
  7. Yes the new FCI Azawakhs breed standard has dramatic changes to the amount of white allowed on a dog. As I understand, the FCI changes prevent Azawakh from country of origin being accepted through the FCI grading system ie where dogs from country of origin without pedigree undergo judge appraisal - and those which meet the standard can be entered in the stud books. So Azawakhs with a lot of white will no longer be accepted. ie white stockings, chest etc
  8. Try an import agent in Australia. Some vets will also liase and do all the requirements on the client's behalf. Monash Veterinary clinic in Victoria are great: Speak to Melanie or Stuart. MONASH CLINIC I recently imported semen through Monash and they were fab ETA: There is significant cost difference between importing a live dog and importing frozen semen in a group shipment. If the dog is young and your bitch is young, imported semen can work quite well. Just make sure you get the entire ejaculate or 4 - 5 breeding units.
  9. The Solvit XL Deluxe telescoping ramps are on ebay for about $260 AUD EBAY SOLVIT RAMP FOR SALE
  10. I am looking at a ramp as well! My concern is the width of the commercial ramps (max 50cm) - so this ramp might be an option to make: ETA: Beautiful GSD in the vid :)
  11. weblink for Antoan's Schedule and Master Handling Seminar including Progam and Video. Antoan Hlebarov's Handling Seminar There is also an Anatolian Easter Picnic & Anatolian Specialty Championship Show on Good Friday at KCC Park ~ Group 6 Trainee Judges welcome to attend. Approx 25 Anatolians entered in the Specialty Show and about 30 dogs at the picnic
  12. ASDCV Inc Anatolian Shepherd Breed Club - based in Victoria, members australia wide ASDCV Inc has a significant pet focus, hence our shows and events are catered to this membership. ASDs have never been highly represented in All Breed Dog Shows, so ASDCV make events and generate interest by creating breed/club specific activities. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club
  13. Canasten works for yeast infections in the ear, but first get Puck to allow an ear massage. Use a 3ML syringe to apply the cream in the ear. Does not make the dogs shake their heads like drops. Hope Puck is on the mend soon
  14. My Cooper is from Raennik :) Looking on the Raennik site, and the life span of two of the bitches was rather poor with one passing away at 9 years of age and another at 6 years of age. My Diesel has had a score of health issues and is nearly 11 years old. What's the average lifespan of GSD?
  15. OT question; As Aboriginal / native Samoyed dogs were many colours, were the white dogs a strain of this hence the name?
  16. Will they?! None on their website. At the moment I am doing what ANKC advised me to do. Getting an official translation from RKF website of the breed standard for use by ANKC. Have you contacted the RKF? Address: Moscow, Gostinichnaya st., 9, 5th floor Post Address: 127106, Moscow, P.O. Box 28 common address: [email protected] international department: [email protected] WEBSITE IN ENGLISH: http://www.rkf.org.ru/en/index.html?PHPSESSID=852de37f5604d7c2bcb559e44c5efa2e They are an international organisation, and FCI documents are prepared in English.
  17. Why are you still going on about that discussion? That's not really friendly, Alexsandr. You sound like you are trying to put Yonjuro down. On a forum, people are allowed to have different thoughts. I have replied to dotdashdot with my opinion about Laika dogs. I think I can because I know this type of dog. I raised them and I use to hunt with them. Besides I would never bring one to Australia it will be just simply cruel to the dog which is developed to love the snow 9 months a year and not feeling comfortable on +25C heat. Nobody trying to put anybody down. Apologize if it sounds like. In fact I have a great respect to Yonjuro He've got a russian missus and i've got one too! I believe we both know how tough live can be! :)<br style="font-size: 9pt;"> As someone who breeds Samoyeds I don't believe that to be the case at all. The samoyeds in Australia cope extremely well with our hot climate and I don't believe they suffer in the slightest with proper care I'm biased. But I wont send CAS to humid climate. I appreciate that a special effort can be made by the person to counteract the climate, but CAS morphology is not meant for humid, tropical areas of Aus.
  18. The Dog Registry of America does. But what standing would /could they have here? None. If it had been the KC or the AKC or similar, it would possibly have been easier. Aleksandr that fine print about "full export pedigrees" is very important. Prefix and suffix are not required. Mutual recognition of Pedigrees - FCI standing orders applies. Export pedigree is whatever the country of origin issues wrt accepted as pedigree from the country of origin. This is the ANKC Requirement: ANKC Ltd recognises new breeds, which are recognised by the Recognised Overseas Controlling Body provided that: That each individual dog to be re-registered is registered with a overseas Canine Control Body that is recognised by ANKC Ltd and accompanied by the original registration issued by the controlling body in the country in which the animal was last registered and by an “Export Certified/Pedigree”. (10/06, 6.1.2
  19. You should be corresponding with the RKF Breed Club Rep. Your dog's pedigree papers will have FCI logo on them.
  20. You only need RKF information. You can call them and they will provide their documents in English for you for a fee.
  21. I think it has more to do with their genetics than size.
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