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  1. so he may have megaesophogus? Having to eat in an upright position?
  2. Lots of dogs don't like having their collar grabbed, it doesn't necessarily mean they were mistreated - but it is something you can work on :)
  3. I've had 2 dogs who were bad with thunderstorms/fireworks etc and now 3 who are fine with them. I don't think I did anything differently, just some of them were more highly strung/anxious and more likely to develop these fears I think.
  4. Apparently things have changed a lot just within the last year, as a friend imported from the same breeder last year and didn't have to do nearly as much or pay nearly as many fees as I do this year.
  5. We are going with an animal transport company, but for some reason need a broker as well?
  6. The tricky thing with us is that we are bringing over a few pups from the same litter. As they are coming together it sounds like we have to combine their price which will then be over $1000 and pay the GST?
  7. We are now super confused :laugh: Our broker is just confusing all of us! He can't seem to put it into English and we have no idea what he is going on about
  8. No, I don't intend to breed and value of dog is not over $1000 I was told GST needed to be paid on price of pup and price of transport. Hmmm we are flying some siblings together and one of the other pups is valued over $1000, maybe that is why we have been told GST needs to be paid
  9. I am also importing a pup from NZ next month (all going well!) and the breeder has recommended a broker for us to use. Yes you will need to pay GST on puppy price and transport costs.
  10. The Vebo fold the same way as any other wire crate I have had. Occasionally I struggle to undo it to fold up because it is a thicker wire and stronger than others I have. They are also fairly heavy (it says the XXL one is 24kg). I have a Large (36inch) for the Kelpies and I certainly couldn't carry anything bigger than that!
  11. Looking to update how we configure dog beds and crates in the house, has anybody tried the Vebo Trampoline Beds? Are they good quality?
  12. Castle Hill Showground is my homeground training ground for agility :) Not sure which is the Federation Building, think it is a different grounds to where I do agility. The area where I do agility has an undercover section with currogated iron roof. That is where I sit for our trials, but it can still get quite hot under there. Other people bring gazebos but I don't have one. I'm not sure if there is shelter at the Federation Building section
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