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  1. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    What flooring do you have inside? Could he slipping?
  2. Leg braces for senior dogs

    @peter fenton a rehabilitation vet http://www.primalpaws.com
  3. Hello! You’ll want to check out Family Paws Parent Education (and here) for their dog/baby/toddler content, and Reisner Veterinary Behaviour for stacks of dog bite prevention info. You have a few Family Paws Parent Educators in Perth so there might even be a Dogs & Storks or Dogs & Toddlers presentation you could attend. Re trainers, I would enquire with - PATS in Perth / Charlotte Smithson - Morley Vetcenter / Laura Ryder (check out her awesome puppy socialisation video) - Ashleigh Leece, a Family Paws Parent Educator who is SOR but may travel or have suggestions. Best wishes!
  4. Heavy duty dog toy recommendations?

    Aussie Dog Toys (they give them to lions at zoos!) but if you’re on Facebook, take a look at the Canine Enrichment group. There’s a “tough toys” post.
  5. She has an anxiety disorder, a medical condition for which a veterinarian has determined she needs medication. She’s only just in her new home, trying to settle in, and is beside herself regarding the cat along with all the other changes. This is not the time to take her off the medication that is holding her together. As someone who has a dog diagnosed with an anxiety disorder for which he takes medication, you need to put this dog’s needs FIRST. And that means returning/relinquishing her to a rescue knowledgeable about behaviour, or obtaining help from a veterinary behaviourist.
  6. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Our VB gave us a 7 or 10 day trial, so I’m guessing you can probably call it now. Has he had that checkup you mentioned? Make sure they don’t skimp on the exam. Ask for bloods. Some vets refer to it as a senior wellness panel.
  7. Advice or recommendations please

    Have a look here: https://www.ppgaustralia.net.au/find-a-professional Jigsaw Dogs is in Valentine but it depends how you split your time?
  8. IBD in dogs frustration

    My dog also has IBD along with multiple other serious illnesses where it’s been trial and error to find the right treatments (yes he’s a genetic nightmare). It’s frustrating isn’t it! Your boy has a medical condition for which medication is often required. All medications have side effects but it’s a matter of weighing the risks and benefits as your vet has done. I fear you are not taking into account the ‘side effects’ of IBD, an illness that can result in death. And steroids are sometimes only used for a set period of time until they become stable. Yes food trials are necessary, but those expensive prescription diets can be returned to the place of purchase for a refund if found to be unsuitable. Though it is hard to judge suitability if you’re not fully treating your dog’s disease! If you want to feed a home made diet there’s a vet nutritionist in NZ who can formulate a diet for your dog. I’d caution following recipes from the internet. Studies have shown that the majority are not complete and balanced for dogs. https://www.veterinarynutritiongroup.com/ The thing about diets for IBD is that there’s no one single diet that’s best. Your dog might need x protein and y carb as the basis of his diet, where my dog might need a different protein and carb source. It won’t be trial and error for his entire life, just until you find what’s best for him. You might like to listen to this podcast about IBD where they interview an internal medicine specialist. https://www.twovetstalkpets.com.au/2018/12/21/internal-medicine-specialist-dr-clint-yudelman-inflammatory-bowel-disease-ibd-vomiting-diarrhoea-weight-loss-intestinal-cancer-lymphoma-pancreatitis-bladder-stones-feline-infectious-periton/
  9. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    If I had a dog with mild anxiety I would try adaptil, and perhaps zylkene, alongside behaviour modification and environmental management. But it’s unlikely to do anything by itself if your dog is more than just a little anxious. Sometimes people think it does nothing, until they stop using it after a minimum of a month (some vet behaviourists suggest a 3 month trial) and notice a difference, or their dog is prescribed anxiety medication and they see the same. For example a friend’s dog who is medicated for anxiety becomes aggressive again if the diffuser is switched off or runs out, when she first thought it did zilch! The collar might be more suited to your dog as the spray only lasts a couple of hours. Oh and purchase adaptil from an authorised Australian stockist (not eBay) and keep your receipt as there’s a money back guarantee if it doesn’t help. Adaptil and zylkene do nothing for my dog even when combined with the whole kit and caboodle. Some dogs just don’t respond to it, but it does have an evidence-base.
  10. I think I’d say low to moderate shedding, but they’re tiny so it’s not a lot of fur and it’s the tumbleweed type rather than the sticky glitter variety. I think just brushing a coat is far less arduous than all the grooming that goes on with having a poodle!
  11. Help needed training

    Hey Mischie, I would encourage you to consult a veterinary behaviourist and a positive trainer. The reason food is not “working” is probably because she’s too anxious to think and learn (unless she’s overfed or your food isn’t high value enough for the situation). It might also be why she appears “disobedient”. If you thought your life was in danger you’d hardly sit down for a meal or follow cues that seem in opposition to keeping you safe! You’ll need to train within her comfort zone and, if she has an anxiety disorder, treat that too.
  12. Playing Music to my Pup

    I love Through A Dog’s Ear albums! They are specially formulated for dogs, with specific albums for puppies, adults, and geriatrics. As some here may know, Malcolm has anxiety disorders. I’ve found TADE a helpful adjunct where other music is just, whatever. My parents used a puppy album with their toy poodle and the little mite would go off to sleep at night and when they went out. Since you have Spotify, there’s a Through A Dog’s Ear playlist by amystribula. It’s a compilation of some TADE songs for adults but has other things too. I’ve also received good feedback about Pet Acoustics but haven’t tried it myself.
  13. Primal Paws https://www.primalpaws.com/titre-testing
  14. Dog following cat everywhere

    Do the cats have lots of high spaces they can get to, away from the dogs?