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  1. In some communities the population of dogs has dropped up to 30%. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7088192/cross-border-bans-mooted-to-slow-deadly-dog-disease/?cs=9676&fbclid=IwAR081n0hUgfzbHBqMcZjOhU3SHxCF88C2bd9jjTdxQhUepy7cg7OQzWD4t4
  2. My knowledge of propalin extends to it sometimes causing anxiety. GI upset and appetite loss can be a symptom of that but your post doesn’t scream it, like it would if you had said he’s suddenly snapping at other dogs or easily startled. I do know there are other options when there are untoward side effects though! I hope you can get to the bottom of it and that Mezza is his bright happy self soon. It’s reminding me of Malcom during an IBD/lymphangiectasia flare. Mal’s currently very picky, in the mornings especially. We recently got one of his meds compounded into a
  3. Yelping/saying no either increases arousal, making things worse, or frightens your puppy. Rather than writing a lengthier post, watch and implement the things in the below video. Kikopup has lots of excellent, up-to-date content around puppy raising. https://m.youtube.com/user/kikopup/featured Where people come undone is often the (physiological) arousal and management piece. Be proactive and set your pup up with activities, especially in peak bitey times. Ensure he has adequate sleep and quiet time. Don’t constantly amp him up. And teach him to settle and be calm around e
  4. Lol. My chi mix is clear for everything Embark tests... and has a very, very long list of health problems due to bad breeding.
  5. @Aussiegal02 You should be cautious buying any dog, regardless of whether the dog is a recognised purebred or a mixed breed, and whether it’s sourced from a breeder, a rescue or a shelter. If you’re on Facebook, the group Functional Breeding may be of interest to you.
  6. I make a variation of these baked into a pyramid/dot pan. Original recipe is fine but I double the salmon and add mackerel, sardines in spring water and anchovy, and use oat flour (oats ground in a food processor) rather than wheat flour as we don’t have that in the house. It’s a forgiving recipe. https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Salmon-Crack-Dog-Treats-Great-Treats-for-Gaining-Focus-During-Dog-Agility-Training-or-Competitions
  7. Big hugs to @Powerlegs and @sandgrubber I am so, so sorry for the loss of your treasured friends.
  8. Just want to add these articles in case she needs tablets in the future. I wish I knew about these things back when I had a dog who found tablets unbelievably stressful and would go to the lengths of cheeking and spitting them out under furniture half an hour later. It made things harder than they needed to be when he was a geriatric needing lots of meds. You can also get medications compounded into flavoured suspensions or tasteless gelatin capsules. https://eileenanddogs.com/blog/2013/11/13/give-dog-pill/ https://eileenanddogs.com/blog/2019/08/20/train-dog-to-take-p
  9. It’s the perpetually raised eyebrow that does it for me.
  10. Which does not bode well for the breeder being of any help. How about getting a second opinion from another vet, illysium? It is what I would do if I or my partner were worried. You only get one chance to grow a puppy well, and I agree with Rebanne that from your photos your pup doesn’t seem to be thriving.
  11. You can do nose work through ACSW. On their website you’ll find lists of certified K9 Nose Work instructors, rule books, trials info and more, although for trial info following the ACSW Facebook page and joining the Aussie Noseworkers group may be better. You don’t mention it but if tricks interest you there’s Do More With Your Dog tricks titles and while it’s not a sport, Deb Jones has created Virtual Titling for Cooperative Care (animal husbandry). Oh and then there are the Fenzi Dog Sports TEAM titles. Now that I think about it you’d probably love all the cours
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