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  1. Greyhounds

  2. Need collar measurements for XS and XL sized dogs please

    Hi LG, Malcolm’s main collar is 12mm, adjustable length 20-32mm. Hamilton’s (toy poodle) is 11mm, adjustable length 20-31mm. I’d try a 15mm collar on Malcolm but he has an 18mm one and the buckle on it looks uncomfortably large. I’m unsure what you mean about measuring the prong end. Could you post a photo?
  3. Medication isn’t necessarily for life. It’s used in conjunction with behaviour modification and can be carefully discontinued under vet instruction if/when able. A panicked brain can’t learn properly hence meds. You also mention symptoms of anxiety disorders other than isolation distress. This won’t just go away with rehoming; she needs to get a proper diagnosis/diagnoses and treatment plan, whether you do this or someone else does.
  4. interesting point raised, bit late though

    I come across stacks of people vilifying any breeding, but I wouldn’t say they are rescue groups as such, more individuals.
  5. See a veterinary behaviourist. Anxiety is a treatable medical condition. There might be a neighbour (rent a granny?!) who would love to sit in during the training phase, but even if that’s not possible there are medications that can give quick relief while longer acting ones build up. I assume you’re in Sydney, so I would look at Pet Behaviour Vet or Vet Behaviour Team depending on your location. Here’s a list: https://www.anzcvs.org.au/chapters/veterinary+behaviour+chapter PBV looks after my little one with generalised anxiety disorder and OCD. I highly recommend them. I know it’s a considerable investment, but when you take into account the hours, knowledge, continued support via email/phone – it’s worth it. And results will be faster than with a general practitioner vet. In the meantime keep her away from triggers and increase at-home enrichment. And if you’re on Facebook, look up the Anxious Dogs of Australia Support Group.
  6. Location, Location, Location - update from a year ago

    There are various quality of life scales posted online that may help you think things through.
  7. Puppy Vaccinations

    I would avoid dog parks regardless!
  8. Separation anxiety

    It’s the Anxious Dogs of Australia Support Group.
  9. Separation anxiety

    Hi! My (rescue) Chihuahua x doesn’t have Separation Anxiety, but he was diagnosed with and began treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Canine Compulsive Disorder (aka OCD) at age 10 and is doing well at almost 14. Age is no barrier to mental wellness! I’d highly recommend seeing a veterinary behaviourist. Scroll down to South Australia at this link: https://www.anzcvs.org.au/chapters/veterinary+behaviour+chapter Another good resource: https://malenademartini.com/
  10. If you needed to hear it from someone else, this is absolutely true with respect to car rental companies.
  11. Puppy vaccination vs socialisation

    Can you tell who has only ever had toy breeds?
  12. Puppy vaccination vs socialisation

    You need to take your puppy out now. Socialisation is your dog’s behavioural vaccination. Don’t go to places like dog parks, which are risky on many counts not just for disease! But you can carry your puppy around elsewhere, have him sit in the car, on your lap or in a dog pram, to safely watch the world go by. If you happen to be in a parvo rife area you’re just as likely to bring it home on your shoes. https://avsab.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Puppy_Socialization_Position_Statement_Download_-_10-3-14.pdf https://m.facebook.com/VetcentreMorley/videos/vb.191471570891009/1934196756664440/?type=2&theater https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qPGd7ElMCJ8
  13. Amber is 10 today!

  14. Nervous in new situations, 16 week old BC, advice?

    @forfarhill brilliant. You’ll need to continue the separate socialisation etc to avoid littermate syndrome with the other pup in particular, but it sounds like you might have read up on that.
  15. Nervous in new situations, 16 week old BC, advice?

    Do you have two puppies at the same time?