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  1. Hey no problem, puppypaws. I just felt the need to check, because you'd be amazed at the sorts of things you see online when it comes to people finding dogs. If you give me your general area, and you can PM if you'd prefer, I may be able to give you some contacts. Some people I know give discounts to rescue groups. It's just that NSW is a BIG place.
  2. Do you think the red thing around his neck is meant to be the 'red coiled collar' they talk about? I find it really bizarre. It looks more like a toy.
  3. Can't personally recommend but I did find this:
  4. I was about to post that update, thanks.
  5. Hi puppypaws! I'm going to ask you some questions to try to help you and to give you some things to think about. I promise it isn't an attack, I just have some concerns. Have you taken the dog to the vet for a checkup and had her thoroughly scanned for a microchip? Has she gone through the impounding process to enable a potential owner to claim her? Have you posted her photo on social media, e.g. the Lost Dogs in NSW Facebook page, assuming she was found in NSW? (based on your profile info) The thing is, this dog may have been missing for some time and/or have an anxiety disorder contributing to/causing the 'wild' behaviour you are seeing, vs being an actual homeless/feral/wild dog. You see I have an anxious dog myself, and what you've written 'just' sounds like a dog with an anxiety disorder who is over threshold and terrified. I'd be very careful of reading too much into it based on finding her in the bush. Someone might be missing their treasured pet. I believe the dog should be seen by a veterinary behaviourist and a behavioural trainer who uses modern, science-based, force-free techniques. I can give you some contacts if you tell me your rough location, but this is assuming that you've done all the above and the dog is actually yours to keep. If that's the case, you should also have her microchipped, registered, vaccinated, desexed and wormed. It is commendable that you wish to help this little dog.
  6. I know this doesn't help one bit but I feel terrible for you. The stress you must be under. I don't think I could cope.
  7. Same! I'm sure you've also seen the people who say "If I can't find the owners I will keep the dog." That's stealing! And it's illegal!
  8. You probably are then.
  9. Hahaha so I broached the idea of doing our Birch ORT in May and I think I freaked out our instructor. But she walked us through one using closed egg cartons and Mal and I blitzed it! Obviously that's considerably easier than fully enclosed boxes but it is three months away. So we'll see. I have some practice boxes that look similar to the ORT ones and instuctions on what to do, but there are no more classes for us to attend until they start up a NW1 class as I have zero desire to travel to Castle Hill. --- It occurred to me recently @Thistle the dog, are you odour that's been certified by Australian Canine Scent Work? It matters if you wish to do Nose Work trials at some point.
  10. I just wanted to highlight the above, that you are talking about this specific case. My dog is on Prozac for GAD and he has not become disinhibited.
  11. If he likes raw, what about barf patties?
  12. Unless you have a light-coloured dog. No black or navy for me! bballj, my dog is a totally different crossbreed, but I find that he sheds a lot year round and then EVEN MORE in Spring and Autumn. The shedding also increases if there's a sudden temperature change at any other time. I use a furminator as my dog has a short, smooth coat but I don't think I would with yours. I think it might damage that sort of coat. I'd go for a regular brush/comb. Very cute dog BTW!
  13. Oh my dog, you're brave! I can fully picture her launching herself at you full throttle. I printed the trick dog thing off tonight and worked out we could get the novice level, lol.
  14. Have you seen this, Thistle?