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  1. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    A lovely tribute to a precious, good girl.
  2. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Sheena, my heart goes out to you. How blessed you are to have each other (always).
  3. Help! Looking for Specific Brand of Dog Toy

  4. Pilling advice needed please

    Dogs can be trained to take pills on cue and/or accept being ‘pilled’. Below are links in case you’re interested on working on this outside of pill times. In the meantime I’d ask if you can coat it ever so slightly as others have mentioned. My dog also has a medication that ideally needs to be taken on an empty stomach, and I coat it in the tiniest bit of canned dog food. Another thing you could ask about is getting it compounded into a capsule. This might help by (a) removing any offensive flavour, (b) potentially making it a smaller, and (c) putting it into a shape that’s easier to swallow if you’re dealing with e.g. a round tablet. I find capsules easier to swallow than round tablets and I imagine dogs do too! https://caninesinaction.com/2011/03/an-easy-pill-to-swallow-training-to-take-pills-the-easy-way/ https://brentwoodanimalhospital.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/449/2018/09/How-to-pill-your-pet-with-kindness.pdf ETA call around to a few compounding chemists if you go that route. There can be a big variance in prices.
  5. Malcolm has had calcium oxalate stones but can’t have urinary food due to lymphangiectasia, so he’s got a script for whatever is in it that binds calcium. Perhaps there’s an equivalent for struvites? Or maybe she’s reacting to the other things she’s eating?
  6. Hills will definitely have one and maybe Purina (their vet line).
  7. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    Just popping in to give you a high five for persevering and I hope the latest med trial and your new setup are successful. Anxiety sucks!
  8. Food suggestions for my old girl

    Have you spoken to the vet about her teeth?
  9. She will be be able to smell Maggie without vanilla essence. I am not saying Maggie is stinky! We all have a unique scent and dogs have very very very clever noses! Malcolm is pretty much deaf now and has limited vision. If he’s outside sunning himself and catches my scent at the door he starts sniffing madly and comes to find me. It can be hard for us because we want to dote on our dogs, but if she doesn’t wants pats - don’t force her! Many dogs don’t like hands going over their heads either, it’s not necessarily a sign of abuse. Good luck at the vets. There is a lot that can be done to help dogs feel more relaxed. You could see if she responds to Adaptil for starters.
  10. Plastic chewies

    Malcolm’s dental vet suggested chewing on toothbrushes as a way to “self floss”.
  11. The downside of DNA testing

    https://www.facebook.com/327283277934/posts/10156917887667935?s=100000493700819&v=e&sfns=mo Some really good discussion in this episode of Drinking from the Toilet. They get into more than just behaviour.
  12. Rain Anxiety

  13. It might just be him relieving stress. Speak to your vet if you’re concerned.
  14. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    If she makes sure it’s the same product, purchased from an Australian veterinary pharmacy, and offers to pay a script writing fee, that may allay any concerns (and cover their costs).
  15. @FootprintsinSand best to go to the source https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/news-events/fda-investigation-potential-link-between-certain-diets-and-canine-dilated-cardiomyopathy ETA. FAQ link: https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/animal-health-literacy/questions-answers-fda-center-veterinary-medicines-investigation-possible-connection-between-diet-and