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  1. Hi Natalie, I haven’t used this clinic, but know clients/colleagues of the vet behaviourist there: https://holisticvets.com.au/ There are no specialist vet nutritionists in Australia, however this one in NZ does remote consults. Their website also has ready formulated recipes you can buy for healthy pets. https://www.veterinarynutritiongroup.com/
  2. I’ve never ever seen discharge in my desexed male dogs.
  3. The name Star came to mind as he shines bright but I think Merlin really suits him.
  4. The reduced appetite should only last perhaps a couple of weeks as his body adjusts (if it doesn’t or if it worries you speak to your prescribing vet). I’d feed the dog in front of you for the time being and reassess in a few weeks as things might change.
  5. Malcolm had a pain specialist as he was medically very complicated. He ended up on a trio of Amantadine, Pregabalin (which is like Gabapentin but had fewer side effects for him) and Meloxicam, with the later withdrawn if his tummy was upset. So there are lots of opinions in terms of analgesia if needed. Supplement-wise he was on Antinol for a while.
  6. Agree with providing approved space/s for her to play with water in addition to sorting out her drinking source. Perhaps one of those clamshell sandpits? When she is digging at her drinking water, you can redirect her to her pool and reward her (use high value treats or toys) for playing there instead. Also look into other enrichment opportunities like feeding from food toys, having her sniff out hidden food in the yard, providing a regular digging pit? Canine Enrichment group on Facebook has lots of ideas.
  7. I would! There are often waitlists. You might even be able to find some of your late dog’s relatives. I’m sorry for your loss.
  8. You mention different bowls. Were they diffident materials? Just wondering whether your dog is pawing at her reflection in a metal bowl.
  9. Ah sorry I forgot to update. Our vet was able to get some in. Must have finally come off the dock at Sydney port. Thank you so much for checking again. You all are so kind and thoughtful!
  10. Good luck on your search. I’m excited to see what you get. Amusingly, a giant version of my childhood Papillon would fit the bill, minus the long slow trail running component.
  11. Long time no see! May I suggest a video consult with Dr Jaime Jackson? She’s awesome and is helping Malcolm stay as sprightly as he can. One exercise I do with him is raise one leg while supporting the other, but I would be wary of suggesting/trying anything without a rehab vet assessing what’s going on. https://www.primalpaws.com Routine bloods are important with any senior (we do 6 monthly) and would include kidney and liver function. It would be a good to get a baseline if you don’t have one. Have you discovered Canine Arthritis Management (Facebook page
  12. I’m not sure whether they have it in stock anyway (Petbarn for example says they have it when they don’t), but they only do click and collect for this item and the Sydney stores are in high covid rate locked down suburbs. Thank you for checking though.
  13. If anyone in Sydney (but not a locked down IGA) sees Hills D/D venison and potato formula at their vet can you let me know? It is on back order everywhere including with all the online retailers (yes, including those who have it on their websites). Please respond only if you have literally just seen it at your vet not just if your vet stocks Hills, you saw it a month ago, or you saw it on a website. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time.
  14. Yes Dr Christine does braces where appropriate and I imagine finances are also a consideration. Some of these dogs are constantly stabbing their gums when they close their mouths. Ouch!
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