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  1. looking for obediance trainer

    Welcome! I have an anxious dog of my own so know all the ins and outs of treatment and training. Here are links to the two veterinary behaviourists you have in ACT. http://www.innersouthvets.com.au/ http://www.hallvet.com.au/ And here’s a recommended behavioural trainer. You’ll be wanting a home consult not obedience classes. Anxiety is not an obediance problem. http://www.caninecoach.com.au/aboutus.html Be sure to take your Shepherd to the vet for a comprehensive checkup too, as sometimes other medical problems cause or contribute to behaviour problems. Good luck!
  2. 2 or 3 meals a day, or free feeding? Tiny Dog!

    A vet behaviourist told me all dogs should have 2-3 meals a day to keep them feeling their best. Our GP vet has also said splitting the food is better on their tummys. What I do for my Chi x is portion out his food each day into a measuring cup then split that into his meals. And all of his food is used for enrichment games (food dispensing toys etc) or training. He no longer has a standard bowl. ETA. Just saw you asked about snacks before bed. Mal has a bedtime routine which he loves as it culminates in his favourite dental chew.
  3. Fly Snapping after eating

    If it’s OCD then she will need medical treatment and should not be bred from. I would query some sort of GI problem though since it happens after eating. Perhaps a referral to an internal medicine specialist would be advisable if your GP vet can’t help.
  4. 6 month old amstaff food amount

    I think you should speak to your vet. They can advise you how much to feed and look into any problems.

    Oh, an 18 year old with dementia? Have you discussed treatment with a vet?

    Hi Stitch, I think this might help you. http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theotherendoftheleash/resource-guarding-treatment-and-prevention
  7. Toothpaste is toxic to dogs

    Toothbrushing is great. Just use one for dogs.
  8. 52/2018

    It looks so out of place!
  9. Dog toys not made in China? Recommendations please?

    So... bought anything yet?
  10. Barking collar advice

    Scent games may also tire dog out and be calming at the same time e.g. https://www.dog-games.co.uk/sprinkles-tm/ or just hiding food around the house.
  11. Barking collar advice

    I think, in Zena’s mum’s case, considering why this dog is barking and addressing that beats either of these options. Is this the dog you’ve talked about elsewhere, Zena’s mum? It’s highly likely that it is stressed. It is having a hard time, not giving you one, as frustrating as I know it is (believe me, I have a dog who barks incessantly when stressed due to his anxiety disorder). If you are willing to spend money, may I suggest Adaptil and Zylkene instead. You can also try a ttouch half wrap using a scarf or bandage, or alternatively a T-shirt wrapped firmly, as a DYI Thundershirt; playing some gentle classical music; keeping the dog with you if separation is the problem; a quiet place in case external noises are a problem - perhaps a covered crate with door open? Perhaps fashion a bellyband for the toiliting issue. Wrap: http://www.allpetseducationandtraining.com.au/ttouch-wrap.html Sample of the best music for dogs I’ve found but any will do: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f-szLQy7JHg
  12. Barking collar advice

  13. Dog toys not made in China? Recommendations please?

    I haven’t purchased it myself, but others recommend JW brand toys. You can get a hollee roller and stuff it with strips of fabric, with or without treats, for dogs to destuff.
  14. Dog toys not made in China? Recommendations please?

    Not Australian but well-made. Planet Dog Busy Buddy Kyjen / Outward Hound Kong (they have loads of toys, not just the classic Kongs) Snuffle mat (home made or numerous Aus sellers) Buster (cube, maze) Zippy Paws* Oh, there’s also Aussie Dog Products but I associate them with dogs for staffies and lions. *have not bought but the burrows look so cute for dogs who like soft squeaky toys!
  15. Itchy existing scar tissue

    Best to ask your vet about the meds, scratching and swelling. Have you looked online to see whether you can get the medication cheaper? Even if you need to pay a script writing fee, you may still be ahead. There was a recent thread about pet medications.