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  1. Getting papers for adopted dog

    The two dogs would need to have mains papers too, right, in order for offspring to be recognised by ANKC? They may have been put on the limited register?
  2. Rose hip Vital..latest opinions

    Their website lists a lot of studies. It would be interesting to see what the studies say and if they are well-designed and peer reviewed.
  3. Pulling hair out

    Best to get help from a vet I think, including with any dietary changes, as otherwise you may not know the true cause. You could unnecessarily restrict her diet or cause it to become unbalanced.
  4. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    I’m sorry for your loss.
  5. Long quicks

    My Chi x had super long quicks. I used the alternate cut line and now his nails are off the floor provided I attend to them weekly. Skip a week though and it’s business as usual... Señor Chi nails grow like they’re on steroids. I assume you’ve seen this? http://susangarrettdogagility.com/2013/08/cutting-your-dogs-nails-how-important-is-it-really/
  6. Water Additive for Tartar control

    You can buy it online from a few places, but I get it from a local vet as their prices are pretty good when you factor in postage costs.
  7. Dog Injured

    Does that happen with grass seeds?
  8. Owner not happy

    DNA test.
  9. Water Additive for Tartar control

    I haven’t seen the leave on gel, I just buy the water additive. Yes, it is bright green! It can also have some floating particles which are not a concern. Well done with wiping with gauze!
  10. dogs eating raw chicken

    When it comes to at-home care, toothbrushing beats everything.
  11. Older dog with kidney ssues

    Does RC have a suitable kidney diet she could try? Or they could have a veterinary nutritionist formulate a home cooked diet? http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/learning/colleges/college-of-sciences/clinics-and-services/veterinary-teaching-hospital/vet-referrals/vet-referrals_home.cfm
  12. Anxious weeing

    It did zilch for us too but ditto on others swearing by it. There is a money-back guarantee that I found out about too late. Keep the receipts and claim within the required time period if unsuccessful!
  13. Coping with old age

    You could ask your vet about trying Hills B/D and dementia meds.
  14. Anxious weeing

    • Adaptil - diffuser or collar, but buy online from a reputable/authorised stockist (not eBay) as it’s very expensive otherwise • An experienced force free behavioural trainer to help desensitise/counter condition to triggers and reduce anxiety in general (check PPGA or Delta websites) • There is a lot of environment management you can do too - trainer/vet can help with this • Anti-anxiety medication if needed - may need to see a vet with further training/quals in behaviour medicine if beyond the expertise of their GP vet. With generalised anxiety/noise phobia I think they’d be more likely to try something like Fluoxetine first rather than a benzo. Do not give meds alongside supplements without vet clearance. • I assume a slew of tests includes blood tests to screen for other illnesses that may cause/contribute to anxiety. Malcolm has generalised anxiety disorder, noise phobia and canine OCD. I did a lot of DS/CC to noises, but medication has absolutely been necessary and has improved his quality of life dramatically. I wish I knew he needed it sooner. This Ridgie is blessed to have owners helping with her anxiety.
  15. A cute little 60 sec. doco on elderly dogs :) :)

    My favourite señor Chi retirement home. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeCeNYGn2oV/