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  1. Heart Rate

    Malcolm has a very low resting heart rate due to Addison’s. If it’s Addison’s then know you have struck it lucky for it to be diagnosed without an Addisonian Crisis, and that while there are a lot of blood tests and altering med doses initially, once stable they do very well and you wouldn’t know they had an illness. He’ll need an ACTH stim test to confirm.
  2. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    For a while I kept googling my preferred vet and vet nurses to see if they had switched clinics, so you could try that? I was expecting a mass exodus as I could tell the vet in particular was unhappy. Malcolm was so comfortable with them and the old clinic itself, but even that has gone. He used to direct our walks there to weigh himself (lol) and say hi to his friends!
  3. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    I’m sorry this happened. I experienced it some years back after our vet of 15 years sold to Greencross. Dr Penny Mead at Hornsby Vet is recommended by someone I know who has an anxious dog if that helps. I’d also look on the Fear Free Pets website.
  4. Goodbye my precious boy

    I’m so sorry. That little dude meant the world to you. Rest easy, Kane.
  5. No help re vets but I just want to say that $150-$800 does not seem reasonable for a canine tooth extraction. You may be able to get it cheaper than $2k, just saying not to think it will be near those numbers! Canine teeth are harder to remove, so a trickier surgery and more time under anaesthesia (=$). I wouldn’t expect even a routine scale and polish to be anywhere near $150. The amount you’ve been quoted probably also includes necessary dental X-rays and you’re getting the whole mouth addressed too. You could see if vet pay is an option? Best wishes for your dog! He or she will feel so much better with a healthy mouth and that painful tooth gone.
  6. Try Jade Fountain at Animal Behaviour Matters. https://www.animalbehaviourmatters.com.au/index.html You might also need a behaviour vet in which case there are two local options, Dr Isabelle Resch at Inner South Vets and Dr Helen Purdam at Hall Veterinary Surgery.
  7. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy! https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/ and grab yourself this book https://www.politepaws.com.au/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1893
  8. Elderly female rescue with too much testosterone?

  9. Pet insurance - curious question

    I don’t think the full coverage is worth the paper it’s written on. We have accident and ... health? The middle option. It pisses me off that dental surgery and veterinary behaviour are excluded (there’s only one underwriter that includes mental health). The latter especially is ****** up stigma against mental illness BS that NEEDS TO DIE. Anyway, for the dog attack we’d have got 80% back minus a per condition excess.
  10. Puppy spam

    Hello, Soda!
  11. Vaccination

    Congrats on your puppy! Here’s a position statement from AVSAB on socialisation. You do not need to and should not wait until the last needles! https://avsab.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Puppy_Socialization_Position_Statement_Download_-_10-3-14.pdf Many positive trainers are offering online puppy schools at the moment and will teach you how to properly socialise your puppy. The PPGA website is a good place to look for trainers. Two I know off the top of my head are All Pets Education & Training, and Polite Paws. Socialisation is about forming positive associations with all manner of things including novelty, noises, surfaces, sights, etc. Not just seeing other pups at classes and definitely not the puppy mosh pits that can happen at poorly-run classes. Or going to dog parks (DO NOT go to dog parks). As an example, just going on a drive, parking the car, and seeing the world pass by from a safe place can be socialisation. Oh something else I recommend is getting the sound proof puppy training app which has a bunch of noises you can play while they’re doing something fun like eating meals or playing with you. Be sure to read the instructions.
  12. Dog tag size

    Doesn’t answer your question but I love Boomerang tags.
  13. AmStaff friendly dog park

    https://wagtailscountryretreat.net/ Private dog park you can rent yourself or invite any friends your dog may have for a play.
  14. Haha the majority of his medication including gaba is compounded because he’s teeny tiny. Our pharmacist is probably compounding a tablet that’s different to what BOVA uses.
  15. Separation anxiety

    Some contacts if you decide to see someone in the future. This is your local Behaviour Vet, but there are many e.g. Creative Animal Solutions, Pet Behaviour Vet, AVBS and more who do remote consults (which can often be cheaper). http://www.calmcompanions.com.au/ and a trainer Canine Journeys. Nancy Tucker (via fenzi dog sports I think) and Malena de martini have online courses re separation related anxiety. Check Malena’s website for lots of info too.