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  1. Poo bags and plastic waste

    I’m out of poo bags so am currently trying to find the least worst thing. Thanks for starting a thread. There’s PVA (poly-vinyl alcohol) but I’m confused about how environmentally-friendly it is? https://www.ohcrap.com.au/official-techie-testing-stuff/ Googling also brought up this: http://store.biobagworld.com.au/environmental-dog-poo-bags Also important: how they actually hold up to the job!
  2. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    “Stubborn” = haven’t been taught what is wanted and rewarded for it enough. Did you take Ragamuffin to puppy preschool? She is out of the usual age but there are some senior puppy classes around. An at-home trainer with experience training deaf dogs would also be great - possibly better, actually. Lots of suitable trainers at this link: http://www.rspcasa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/FF-List-Update-3-Oct-17.pdf
  3. Quiz on canine body language

    15/19 i speak dog is a good website and the Dog Decoder app. They have Facebook pages too.
  4. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    I have dived into a bush. No joke. Also ran up the driveway and stood in the garden of someone's house in a fancy suburb. They peered out their window like WTF. I pointed to Malcolm. Pointed to other dog. Waved and went on our way.
  5. Urgent - Behaviourist in NZ

    Yikes. This link might help (scroll scroll scroll!) https://www.anzcvs.org.au/chapters/veterinary+behaviour+chapter
  6. Mita, I have just sent you a PM.
  7. Hmmm, now that you mention it, so can I...
  8. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    How to live with a dog-reactive dog and not lose your shit: An (im)practical guide
  9. Meals for Mutts putting on weight

    I suggest you compare the kcals in the two products. You may be feeding the same quantity but the calories may differ per cup or per kilogram. Otherwise it may be a %PCF thing. My dog is leaner when protein is higher even when overall calories remain the same.
  10. Kidney failure

    You wouldn't remember, Gretel, but I signed up to DOL shortly after our Papillon passed away and you were so very kind and had a piece of the puzzle that helped me locate his breeder. Sadly she too had passed away a month prior, but I will always remember your kindness to me when I was hurting. Malcolm and I send our love back to you at this time when you are hurting.
  11. Hi Everyone

    I like big ears and I cannot lie My love for Paps and Mals can't be denied When a pup posts in with an itty bitty bod and big ears up above You get likes!
  12. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    Excellent! CREATURE TEACHER Dr. Melissa Starling aka @corvus http://www.creatureteacher.com.au
  13. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    Can you record him, Thistle? Not barking doesn't necessarily mean better. There may be other anxiety signs like excessive panting, drooling, pacing, trembling, etc.