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  1. Oh, I thought the default was QLD. Sorry I can't seem to find a QLD Pap Club, only NSW and VIC. You could contact the NSW club anyway, they are a friendly bunch, passionate about their breed (though who isn't ) and may know others interstate. NSW Pap Club website and Facebook page Our Pap was 5kg as an adult. He was huge!! Started out as the tiny runt of the litter too.
  2. Are they checking thyroid function (T4), biochemistry and CBC as well? These are some of the things that vet behaviourists (vets who specialise in behaviour, a bit like psychiatrists for dogs) recommend testing.
  3. A five year old is not a toddler. I don't know what breeds to suggest Merricreek but I wish you all the best in your search!
  4. I note you're in NSW. I'd give Rick & Sue Scott from Kalkite a call to chat about all things Papillon. Rick is the current secretary (I think) of the NSW Papillon Club. Incidentally they have a Papillon puppy listed who sounds like he might be suitable. Here's all the puppy listings for NSW:
  5. A Papillon shouldn't be anxious. I would describe them as happy, energetic, friendly, intelligent social butterflies. Ours loved visitors, he basically thought that anyone in his presence was there to admire him. Guests over? Must be a party thrown in his honour. I don't think this particular Papillon would be suited to your family. A Papillon in general may not be suitable depending on the age and temperament of your children. A toy breed puppy could easily be hurt by an on-the-go, rough-and-tumble kid. That's not to say they are always unsuitable though. We got our Papillon when I was four and the breeder did not usually sell to families with kids quite so young but took our temperaments into consideration. PS he was great with kids too.
  6. How did you go at the vets yesterday @Carrie W-Taylor?
  7. No one wants to talk about it but I question whether such a traumatic event would cause a dog to become dangerous after the fact.
  8. Hmmmm... what I think? There are other things too but what jumps out at me is that there's an awful lot of lip licking going on. I don't think the dog feels comfortable with the little critter. What do you think RP?
  9. Hi Carrie, Welcome to the forum. Have you discussed Miss Berry's weight and anxiety issues with your vet? I would book a consult to check for illnesses that may cause or contribute to her weight loss and anxiety. They will want to give a physical exam, run blood tests, and so on. Switching foods would be the least of my concerns, as the weight loss is just a symptom of underlying pathology whether physical and/or psychological. It's more important to get on top of the cause! In the meantime you might like to try an Adaptil collar or diffuser, which emits a pheromone that dogs find calming.
  10. Here's a front attach harness that will fit the sighthound shape: And another: Leopuppy sells both of these:
  11. Hahaha don't they ever. My parents have quite an enterprising young toy poodle. He thoroughly enjoyed the escape room puzzles they provided, including ones with lids. Trainers: I don't know any personally but the Delta and PPGA websites are good places to look for positive reinforcement trainers. There's also Pawsitive Connection who are usually listed with PPGA but aren't appearing for some reason.
  12. The praise and pats sound great. I would add in some super awesome treats as The Spotted Devil mentioned. This is your chance to bring out the big guns, like BBQ chicken or cheese or kangaroo sausage. Anything high value that she doesn't usually get. Use small pieces but a number of them at a time. With the Labs you were lucky that praise worked by itself! Most dogs need food rewards too.
  13. Welcome to the forum! When she successfully goes outside, what do you do?
  14. The crate photo is just gorgeous SM.
  15. Which part of Sydney?