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  1. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 9 April

    Oh little sweetheart. She was so blessed to have you as her person. I am sorry for your loss.
  2. Help with barking

    Oh, here’s a barking at noises presentation from Emily Larlham but for the training side you’ll need to work out your setup re your other dog. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vhc2jlc6dmc
  3. Help with barking

    A bunch of force free trainers have moved things online. For the dog/baby stuff, get Dr Lewis Kirkham’s Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant book and CD set, and look up all the Family Paws Parent Education stuff. But you need help for this given all the rest that’s going on. I’m going to send you a message. Hope that’s ok.
  4. Exercises for low impulse control

    Look up Susan Garrett’s It’s Yer Choice.
  5. My mini dachshund is always itchy

    Definitely see a vet dermatologist. You could waste a lot of time and money trying different things that might be useless, all the while your girl suffers.
  6. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Skype consult with @Jumabaar?
  7. Cavs upset tummy

    Hey, I just thought I’d mention that vets are starting to offer phone/video consults for when they don’t need to see your pet in person. One vet who has done this for a while is Your Vet Online, but you might find with COVID-19 that your usual vet is starting it too. My own vet just instituted a policy where you call them from your car, they take your pet, do the consult, and call you to discuss before returning your pet. Payments are done over the phone or by email, and there’s also drive-by medication collection or they can post meds to you. So do call your vet if you’re ever worried. I’m sure they can sort something out that keeps you safe and your dog well.
  8. Tasty food

    I’ve been baking (pâté style) canned food into treats using those pyramid/silicon pan mats. Takes say 30 minutes on 180. When it’s hard for him to take his tablets he will sometimes take some treats and I can use behavioural momentum to get him to take the tablet and then keep going with the treats.
  9. Regular Online delivery

    I love Budget Pet Products. They are always super fast and well priced. Budget was sold out of Malcolm’s prescription food last night so I bought from Pet Circle, but my experience is that they are slow at the best of times. FYI Pet Circle have reduced their range and have all their customer service people working from home so no calls available. Oh, I don’t have a regular delivery I just order as needed. Another alternative that Budget has is a pet clix thing where you press a button on a doodad they give you and it automatically orders.
  10. Tasty food

    I’d consider whether he might be nauseous or in pain, which can sap their appetite. Recently I found that Malcolm could eat a little once I got his nausea and pain medication down. Mornings remain worse as you’re finding.
  11. Vet recommendation

    A friend highly recommends The Bloomin Vet at Greenbank. They are raw friendly, so I imagine would be on board with titre testing. Unsure about the snake anti-venom though. They are also great with anxious dogs if that is a factor for you.
  12. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    I’m so sorry
  13. Puppy Vaccinations

    You might like to check out Fear Free Happy Homes. There is a lot that you and your vet can do to make vet visits less scary for your boy. There’s also a directory of Fear Free certified vets but there may not be many near you (it’s rapidly growing but still new).
  14. ADVANTIX - Your experiences

    I don’t know about the mozzie situation, but I have never had a problem with advantix or nexgard for that matter. I asked our vet which products to use as it can change depending on various factors.
  15. Food suggestions needed to add variety

    Royal Canin ingredient lists are interesting. If you call them up they’ll tell you exactly what is in a product. If they wrote out the ingredients individually, for example naming the meat and organs that go into “meat and animal derivatives”, it would look fancier and I think the internet would have a different opinion.