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  1. Yikes, this has been weeks!
  2. Is there a way to get Filta-bac OFF a dog? It looks and feels gross, and also seems like it's making some fur fall off or something. Instructions say to wash with soapy water but that hasn't worked.
  3. I love the flying leap shot.
  4. I hope she is everything they are after and more!
  5. Just sharing. Alice has Addison's Disease which is life-threatening without routine medication, especially when the dog is under stress. PHOTO HERE:
  6. Ah ha! The news is now out of the bag! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name. But you already knew that. Also love the picture of Thistle, it's a cracker! Sounds like you need to build some drive with the nose work. Perhaps keep sessions short and sweet but with HUGE payouts.
  7. Welcome! I am so sorry about your beloved Zena.
  8. Why not a purebred cavalier?
  9. The incidence certainly increases when in at-risk areas, but dogs most definitely pick up ticks in Sydney suburbia.
  10. That was interesting, thanks! Love me some tail feathering.
  11. I was going to say something to that effect. Vets are finding that the traditional 'tick season' is lengthening...
  12. What does she mean by easy care, Roova?
  13. Quadruple T! Treats, toys, training and timing!
  14. Not related to greyhounds but a good example of adapting to community expectations before you are stamped out.