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  1. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Great post Scrappi. Samantha, it would be worthwhile having a checkup at the vet to make sure there aren’t any dental issues at play. Also just a good idea in general when you have a new pup or dog. You might also like to join the Canine Enrichment group on Facebook for more ideas about feeding her food in a way that exercises her brain, is fun, and slows down her eating.
  2. Liquid Tramadol

    Peanut butter?
  3. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    That ‘thanks’ is more a ‘thankful’. ... that you gave your pug puppy the specialist care she needed, it did indeed sound like a very complicated surgery! ... that the surgeon and animal hospital provided and is providing such quality care. ... and that we finally got a photo! Wishing her a swift recovery.
  4. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    I’m so sorry, Rascal.
  5. Dog Stairs

    Thanks all. He’s quite a small dog so even if he jumped less enthusiastically it’s still a big drop and high impact. @Dame Danny's Darling @Powerlegs I was curious about the Innovations after seeing DDD’s post from a previous thread but thought the slope and tred size may be an issue. Seems to have been confirmed! Funky Cat look perfect but the price. I took some more measurements and don’t think there’s enough room for a ramp (or at least those I’ve browsed so far).
  6. Nosework: Great For Dogs!

    Incidentally there are lots of new instructors now: https://acsw.com.au/certified-instructors/
  7. Nosework: Great For Dogs!

    Denise Fenzi has online classes. You could do some other scent activities like Sprinkles or snuffle mats or just hide treats around the house.
  8. Nosework: Great For Dogs!

    So, anyone else going to the K9 Nosetime Christmas Sniff n Go?
  9. Vet N Pet Direct

    Ditto what everyone else has said. It’s been some time since I last used them though.
  10. Dog Stairs

    We are thinking of buying or fashioning some stairs for Malcolm and I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations and/or tips? I’ve gone through past posts but they’re all pretty old. We don’t have a problem with him jumping onto the bed as he sits for permission, but he launches himself off if we don’t swoop him up in time. It’s a height of about 62cm... quite a lot of them stop at 30 or so? Thank you!
  11. Flea and worm treatments

    They actually have free shipping on most flea/tick/worm products with no limited spend.
  12. Flea and worm treatments

    I use Budget. It’s worthwhile seeing if you can get a less fancy brand of the same treatment. For example, Milbemax is Interceptor Spectrum at a fraction of the price.
  13. Poo bags

    Oh Crap Poo Bags (available online)
  14. Mac

    Sending love! So blessed we are to have these special dogs in our lives, and so rotten it is that we eventually must part.
  15. Teeny Tiny Dog Boots

    I was hoping for photos but I’ll take that update! I hope the dear boy starts feeling better soon. Oh and I notice you have your own Malcolm these days. Did he come with that name, is it just a coincidence or were you inspired, LOL.