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  1. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    Can you record him, Thistle? Not barking doesn't necessarily mean better. There may be other anxiety signs like excessive panting, drooling, pacing, trembling, etc.
  2. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    Hope this link works. Your Vet Online is having a Q&A session/discussion with a vet behaviourist. Thought fellow reactive/anxious dog owners might be interested. You can leave your own questions on the page. https://www.facebook.com/yourvetonline/posts/508378899512230 ETA ok maybe the link doesn't work. But if you go to the Your Vet Online page you'll find the post.
  3. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    Yeah, that doesn't sound good.
  4. dog peeing in the house

    Just in case as he's at the right age: http://petsci.co.uk/canine-cognitive-dysfunction-questionnaire/ and https://dogdementia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Canine-Cognitive-Dysfunction-Checklist.pdf PS: Treatment is available if so.
  5. Puppies front paw knuckling over

    These days they recommend large breed puppy diets. They are adapted in a way to help prevent these issues.
  6. My two dogs are fighting ☹️

    First up I'd contact Kalmpets. They may know someone suitable near you. Otherwise: Dr Kat Gregory (also a veterinary behaviourist) Dr Melissa Starling
  7. Phoebe is having puppies!

    How's Phoebe?
  8. My two dogs are fighting ☹️

    If you are in a remote or otherwise unserviced area, I know people who do skype consults.
  9. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

  10. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

  11. Be careful of internet scaremongering. Correlation isn't the same as causation.
  12. Over production of red blood cells

    Staffies are probably also at the size where they can be regular blood donors. If that is a 'treatment' option, you can do some animal husbandry training to condition the dog to be comfortable with having blood drawn if your staffy is fearful at present.
  13. Tiny little foster dog being Bullied

  14. Online Pet Shop

    I very rarely buy dog things from regular stores these days. It's just too expensive! Even sale prices at the big stores are usually more expensive than online.
  15. Little Dogs and Bones

    Submarina dog.