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  1. Hey Cat, sorry to hear your dog is getting worse. Best wishes for the vet - do check for pain and run a blood panel. You can find a veterinary behaviourist/behaviour vet here: https://www.anzcvs.org.au/chapters/veterinary+behaviour+chapter
  2. Malcolm has been enjoying navigating piles of mulch. One section is a bit like a ramp with a viewing (sniffing? can’t see anymore) post. He also has a potted sensory garden.
  3. It’s not (or shouldn’t be) unusual, but scrap the food bowl and feed from enrichment toys. Snuffle mats are a good starter, just supervise at first. If you’re on Facebook, check out the Canine Enrichment group. Hope this helps!
  4. Mal’s BV just told me it’s old news so there’s your answer. I didn’t know either. We switched specialist hospitals a while back as neither Mal or I were happy anymore. I’d be curious as to the ownership status at the time we left... When vets sell to big corporates they sometimes go downhill. We made the sad decision to leave our family vet of 20 years. I can see there being benefits for practice owners but I know not all vets are happy working for corporate practices.
  5. I would ask a vet instead of people on an internet forum. I suspect a vet would advise against storing it. Open packets are no longer a protected atmosphere.
  6. I’d be desensitising and counter conditioning to all aspects individually and then putting what you can together. Sound proof puppy training app has take off/landing and in cabin sounds which you can work up to being on proper speakers. Combine with adpatil if it helps, and discuss anti-anxiety medication (NOT acepromazine, and note that anxiety meds aren’t necessarily sedatives) or at least zylkene supplementation with a vet experienced in treating anxiety (most aren’t). Start now and ideally get help - it is very easy to inadvertently sensitise instead of desensitise a dog. Pet Professional
  7. Have parcels delivered to the post office then. Messages are sent to an app or email to tell you when they’ve arrived. https://auspost.com.au/receiving/collection-points/choose-a-post-office-for-deliveries
  8. If it’s an option and you’ve got the insurance/money/time, I think I would seriously consider immunotherapy shots for the grass allergy. In a young dog I imagine there would be considerable payoff in getting it sorted now and not needing as much or any medication and management along the lifespan. Maybe something to ask your vet/dermatologist about.
  9. Anxiety has unfortunately become more common in ridgies so be sure to ask some questions about that - how are the parents/lines with things like storms, fireworks, noises in general, separation, children, men, other dogs, novelty...
  10. Just wanted to say that it’s great that your dog is doing well on apoquel and best wishes for the appointment with the dermatologist. I strongly recommend doing the allergy testing before mucking around with diet or other interventions. You might restrict things for no good reason and create a rod for your back if your dog requires a novel diet in the future, if for example they develop a food allergy, intolerance or IBD
  11. Have you considered the help em up harness?
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