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  1. HELP! 12 Wk Female Puppy - Chronic UTIs

    Double check that you are correctly following the instructions for the antibiotics.
  2. If you’re after a kennel situation, Akuna Pet Resorts was recommended to me by a number of vets and trainers (I have a special needs dog), but the owners and therefore procedures may have changed. Worth looking into. At the time when we enquired due to a similar problem, they did not share kennels/runs/yard time/walks unless with family and the general design was good for a kennel. It’s like a private room with a grassed run at the rear and some of the yards are paneled so dogs don’t have to see others.
  3. prevent dog from laying under the car

    Fences!!!! But also the vets you’ve spoken to are wrong re nothing being able to be done if your dog wasn’t properly socialised to loud noises, storms, etc by 4 weeks. Patently wrong. They clearly know NOTHING about learning theory and phobias. You need to find yourself a veterinary behaviourist and a reward-based trainer aka not someone who is going to use shock collars, sprays, any of those aversives. You don’t make a dog feel better about scary things by hurting them. What country are you in? And please get good fences before your dog is run over!
  4. Sheltie Decendant

    I thought she’d be your best bet! I joined DOL for similar-ish reasons many years ago (wanted to find my dog’s breeder to thank her and tell her how special he was). I found out she had died about a month before he did, but spoke to a friend of hers and found another breeder who has her lines. It’s fascinating to look at that third breeder’s dogs, see a family resemblance, open up their pedigree information and see the same names pop up. Given these names aren’t necessarily his breeder’s prefix I’m wondering if I’ve stumbled upon other family members (I don’t have his pedigree information). I’d love to meet them in person but would be a crying mess.
  5. Taking council to court (NSW)

    No, but you might like to contact these people. http://lawyersforcompanionanimals.com.au/
  6. Children's probiotics for my dog

    I think you should see a vet given bloody diarrhea. FWIW, I give a dog/animal probiotic for reasons stated by TSD, but haven’t seen any improvement. I intend to try a different brand when I run out as a friend noticed her dog responded well to one brand but not others. PS Is your dog truly happy on walks as stress can cause soft stools/diarrhea.
  7. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    Well, that explains Malkie’s rate of loss. #cathuahua BUT BUT BUT Hooray for your latest update!
  8. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

  9. Rose Hip Vital - Experiences Please Any Animal

    I put Mal on it for a while. I did not see any improvement in his movement or sprightliness whatsoever, but oh my was his coat luxurious. Have you considered Antinol?
  10. Please help me make the right decision

    Kenny, you’ve made the right decision. May I suggest you look at adopting a rescue dog or puppy if you want to go ahead with getting a dog. I would suggest one that has been in foster care, so there’s a greater chance of knowing the suitability to live with children. Your rescue will come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, all that great stuff; you won’t be supporting unethetical breeders; and you’ll save a life in the process. Rescues are overflowing with the very type of dog you have your heart set on.
  11. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    Oh I can tell @Loving my Oldies !! And in other news, I seem to have found an answer to your original question! http://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2018/10/how-fast-is-too-fast-for-my-pet-to-lose-weight/
  12. Update: http://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2018/11/dcm-update/
  13. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    I think enjoyment and a balanced diet are both important. I can only say what I’d do, and others might disagree as feeding dogs seems like politics and religion. But if Mal had a lot to lose and cutting back on an existing diet didn’t, well, cut it – I’d see if he relished another vet diet brand’s offering, or have a veterinary nutritionist formulate a therapeutic diet.
  14. Snake aversion training

    Great podcast: https://www.animaltrainingacademy.com/podcast/training-tidbits/lynn-webb/
  15. Enrichment ideas

    If you’re on Facebook, join this group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/137561280156280