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  1. We have a 12kg and 21kg Dog. We buy bulk now, but used to buy from woolies. We’d get - a bag of Chicken drumsticks - a 500g pack of chicken livers - and/or a pack of lamb kidney And then the amount of muscle meet to balance that out... - A tray of lamb offcuts - 500g pack of chook giblets - 500g pack of chook hearts - lamb heart or any other cheap meat
  2. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Yes, I always separate my dogs when we do this. Especially since the OP has a new young dog, need to get to know them very well to be comfy with that.
  3. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    These bowls have been a life saver for us https://www.dogtrainingproducts.com.au/dog-bowls/318-kyjen-slow-feeder.html HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Slows them right down and makes them think a bit more about what they’re doing. The three pronged usual slow bowls did nothing for us, I’d just get a kyjen slo feeder. Other feeders you could rotate could be kongs, treat dispensers & food puzzles. Also snuffle mats. Or, you can just chuck the kibble out on the lawn and she can forage for it. Just make sure other dog is well away so she doesn’t feel threatened. (She might think he’ll steal it)
  4. Taking for a drive

    Oh ok, I know some yr 11 kids who are finished. Maybe it’s a private school.
  5. Taking for a drive

    This!! RP, you’re a star!
  6. Taking for a drive

    And it’s school holidays in Vic too
  7. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    Thinking of you all Big hugs
  8. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    Glad your gorgeous pup’s surgery went well.
  9. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    I would guess the most functional/real part? I.e. if the penis works and that’s how pup wees then that, but if the vulva works and she pees like that then keep that? I’m pretty sure they can just have “pseudo” bits, that are just tissue but don’t have a function. I’ve seen a surgery of a male dog who must’ve got glass stuck up in his penis when it retracted back in and it kept bleeding & getting cut up, the rescue realised he had something sharp in his bits. So they had to amputate the penis & “turn him into a girl” ie make a false vulva so he could urinate from there. (From memory) Ps sorry Lulu for going off topic! <— me
  10. Hello y'all

    Ahh so sorry for hijacking a tiny bit... (seems to happen accidentally a lot on dolforums) sorry!
  11. Vet N Pet Direct

    Hmm that’s not good. Wouldn’t be too happy about that... they do seem to need to get it fixed because a fair few (I think 20) reviews were saying they took months to restock & send them what they ordered, or they sent them a substitute without asking. That’s pretty poor to advertise something as in stock when it really isn’t, and advertise 3-4 day shipping when it’s been almost a week...
  12. Top Quality Food

    Oh that’s a shame @Diva As they say, feed what is best for YOUR dog. (But still feed as best you can imo.)
  13. Vet N Pet Direct

    Cheers everyone
  14. Top Quality Food

    Meals for mutts is still a good food, if she’s fine on that just stick with it. I bought a bag last year to try our dogs on it but unfortunately it gave them stinky breath and runny poos I think. (We swapped them over gradually, and they both have pretty strong stomachs) Which is a shame because it sounds pretty good. We feed Black Hawk and occasionally SavourLife, they aren’t top of the top but they’re good and work for our dogs.
  15. Hello y'all

    @Dame Danny's Darling oh that’s a shame. If the kid can’t control the dog the parents certainly shouldn’t let them walk it. But then again I have met many adults who can’t control their dog either. (Either physically or obedience-wise.) I probably would think any high school age kid who is responsible and can handle their dog physically should be able to walk it. No younger than 11 though. I used to walk my dog as a kid since I was about 9. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been walked. And I was always the best at walking him since I taught him ;-)