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  1. I don't know. It is meant to be a chew toy, I've seen them before. Maybe he was wearing a different red collar and it's a coincidence, but I have never heard of a "coiled collar" before? I have seen coiled springy leads made out of those surf leg rope type materials, maybe they got collar and leash mixed up, people do that surprisingly often. Nonetheless it is quite a weird turn of events. I am annoyed though that he tricked the public, the media and let alone the police into thinking it was true though, such a low thing to do. Perhaps he had a (probably twisted) reason to do so, but regardless.
  2. The other morning I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of Monty coughing and vomiting up a (medium) mango seed. The second morning in a row that he threw up something weird. Over the year we've had him, he has been notorious for eating weird things, he's not as bad as some dogs but it's pretty dangerous! We have several fruit trees, and when each come into season he eats the fruit/nuts that fall (excluding mulburries, he also picks those haha). At the moment he has been chewing up macadamias (the hard shell then (probably) eating the poisonous nuts which are nowhere to be seen among the crunched up shells and peels) and also mangoes. The bats get in the mango tree despite all of our efforts to stop them, then they take a little nibble out of the mangoes and often drop the rest in the middle of the yard. Then Monty will go and eat the rest, usually skin and all, and at least one time he has eaten the seed too (the one he threw up!) Surprisingly this hasn't had any particularly negative effects, and gorging on lily pillies doesn't seem to do much either and mulberries when they are in season just causes purple poos and a tummy ache. But one day I swear that dog is going to make himself really sick. I was really worried about him getting a disease from the bats but apparently it's very uncommon and things like Hendra virus are spread from bats to horses to dogs? We have tried fencing the trees off with a temporary wire fence and a puppy pen kind of thing, and we pick the fruit up as often as possible but it doesn't help much. I was thinking of maybe trying a "Smuzzle?" any thoughts?
  3. Here's the new news report. ^^^ Not sure if it's true, but apparently he made the story up to cover up for accidentally killing him or losing him or something. That's appalling that someone would make rubbish up like that, wasting police time, the public's time and media coverage. I remember thinking "wow, it's unusual that it has been so widely covered", but obviously it's because a) dog lovers felt sorry for the owner and the dog, and b) media would've known it made for good story; a cute pug with a cute name stolen at knife point. Meanwhile actual stolen dogs and lost dogs aren't getting coverage (suppose that's "boring" for news) This whole time we were worrying for the owner, and being worried about what these "burglars" would do to Egg, but then it was the owner we should be skeptical of... Hopefully Egg is ok. (if he ever actually existed I suppose.)
  4. I think though if BYB and Puppy mills were somehow ended, and that wasn't an issue anymore, there would be more registered breeders. I would love to be a (registered) breeder, I find genetics quite fascinating and I love dogs and puppies (obviously), and would love to show and do dog sports. Although I doubt I will ever breed, because there are enough dogs and pups needing rescue that I feel I should be doing that instead. (though I'm so glad there are awesome registered breeders, no issues with that)
  5. We feed Black Hawk (lamb and rice) for breakfast and for dinner they have raw. Either Big Dog raw patties, or home made raw of meat from supermarket and butchers. (At the moment it is beef heart, lamb offcuts, chicken hearts, chicken liver and chicken giblets) Every few nights they get a chicken drumstick, and occasionally they get veggies and fruit, yoghurt, eggs, or left over meat from our food.
  6. His tummy might be empty, might need a bigger or later dinner or a little snack before bed. Hopefully that fixes it for the little fella. We have had it happen a few times, strangely if we feed Scrappi raw chicken necks or turkey necks (even though he is fine with drumsticks or wings etc)
  7. That's so sad sandgrubber! That's why sometimes I'm reluctant to use it even though Scrappi needs it because they play wrestle and mouth each other's faces and scruffs (they're weird haha) and then at night time Scrappi wants to get on the lounge and have pats and sometimes the rest of the family forgets, even if I have reminded them a few times.
  8. That sounds good, I believe I had considered that before but then just decided to go with the usual (interceptor spectrum) as it was on sale. So is it one tablet for dogs between 5kg & 25kg? Scrappi is about 13 and Monty about 21 so that would be good! (Sorry OP for kind of stealing your thread) I also sort of have the same trouble with the drops, but they do seem to work well.
  9. Only problem with Sentinel is it doesn't kill adult fleas, if your dog has a flea allergy then Sentinel won't work. We had Scrappi on Sentinel for ages, but then every spring/summer he would be itchy, vet originally said grass allergies and prescribed Prednisol. (Which he didn't do well on) But a few years later we went back because he was itching badly and turns out he has flea allergies and that even though he had none on him, there was flea poop and bites so they just jump on and off. So this whole time we disqualified fleas because we thought he was covered So now we use interceptor and advantage (flea only?) and feed a better diet so his skin is better now. Plus he HATES the taste of Sentinel and interceptor. Helpful haha. Have to chop up in tiny bits and mix with sardines etc.
  10. Aww, some sad & happy stories there asal! Hopefully Egg's story has a happy ending, his poor owner would be feeling awful! How scary & devastating?!
  11. A news report from yesterday said he still is missing I am going to look on Gumtree now to see if I can see any black puggies that look like him, but if the criminals had any sense I doubt they would be putting him up for sale now... Probably keeping it on the down low so the police don't get them. I hope so much that they keep the little guy safe, and fingers crossed they don't just dump him somewhere
  12. I don't know unfortunately Me too, so scary! What low human beings to do such a thing.
  13. That's what I thought too, will keep an eye out on Gumtree for black pugs. Bit hard to tell them apart in a small photo though Hopefully he is microchipped and has "missing" added to his to his details.
  14. Some people probably shouldn't have dogs. :-(