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  1. The other day I was watching a friend's soccer game and it was a lovely day so lots of people brought their dogs. There was a boofy British bulldog which everyone was giving pats and fussing over and he was near us on a really long lead. There was also a man who had a border collie on a bright yellow NERVOUS collar & leash, jogging around the oval. The man was about 5 metres away from the bulldog and he made the border collie heel closely and they calmly walked in a sort of arc around the bulldog (obviously so it wouldn't chase or lunge at them or frighten the collie) The man with the bulldog let it lunge and chase after the border collie and said "haha chase 'em buddy" despite the border collie being obviously uncomfortable and the owner slowing down and carefully walking around AND an obvious brightly coloured lead that I would've thought said NERVOUS very clearly. Maybe be the general public aren't as aware and switched on about things like that as I thought. I was thinking of getting a yellow 'Nervous' or an orange 'No Dogs' one for Monty if we join up for obedience, I feel like people at dog training will be more aware, but seeing that man not even notice just made me a bit annoyed. Also a lady with a beagle on a retractable lead walked past the bulldog, and the owners let them say hi. The bully was sniffing the beagle quite forcefully and pushing it about and the beagle had its tail tucked under and was trying to get away but tangled up and neither owner did anything about it.
  2. Yes, that's mostly a cat thing. I have 2 male dogs who have NEVER toileted in the house since they were housetrained. Our eldest dog we got as a 12wk rescue puppy, he was 100% toilet trained within weeks and I remember taking him to Tamworth and we brought him to the markets to socialise him a bit and there wasn't any grass up the whole main street. The little fella (4mths old) held it for ages until we got to the end of the street and there was a little tiny patch of grass which he quickly ran over to haha. In 2015 we got flooded and had to evacuate, only one motel was kind enough to let us bring our small dog in, and we had to leave him in the bathroom. It was pouring rain for 3 or 4 days solid and every time we took Scrappi out to go to the toilet he would refuse. I think he did one little wee over the course of 2 days. Haha he's very particular.
  3. Thank you Thats good to know.
  4. It is just behind his armpit where that lump node is...
  5. Just randomly stumbled upon a chart of dog Lymph Nodes... there is one smack bang where the lump is. I've heard that if there is problems with Lymph nodes and they can have lymphoma which is pretty bad right?? Anyone know much about this? I think we will try to get him into the vets!
  6. I saw this on Instagram and thought I would put it up here, might be handy for someone about to get pups chipped...
  7. This Coton de Tulear is free to good home. She's 8 years old, desexed female, in QLD but you could ask breeder about flying her down I suppose (fairly easy to organise, and as the dog is free it would be equivalent to adopting her anyway) I believe they are somewhat similar to Maltese. Although I'm pretty sure they have a bit more "big dog" personality.
  8. Similarly to that, our dog Scrappi (7 year old corgi x rescue) has had some sore back and leg issues and if it gets sensitive he will growl and have a nip at the younger staffy Monty. A few times I haven't known he was sore so I patted him on the back or picked him up, he has NEVER growled at me or bitten me but even though Monty did nothing he will go after Monty. This isn't very often though.
  9. Yeah, I feel like people with big dogs often just give one meal a day, but people with smaller dogs tend to feed 2 meals. I know my uncle has an old mastiff bitch and a young boxer x mastiff bitch, they get fed 1 large meal a day. Pop used to feed his dogs 1 meal I think, he was a shearer with working dogs and pet dogs. We feed both our dogs 2, I don't know why but we just did. Scrappi was fed 3 or 4 as a puppy so we just weaned him off the extra meal when he was maybe 4 months old.
  10. As mentioned above, if the pups aren't from a registered breeder (sounds like they aren't) they could be from a bit of a dodgy situation, and might have some other breeds in the mix. Might be a good idea to look on here (Dogzonline, 'puppies for sale') if you want a purebred, pedigree, registered pup. Or you could check out something like Petrescue if you don't mind a chi cross. Personally I would be a little skeptical of that breeder, often times the breeders that aren't registered breeders are up to no good, or they are people just wanted to breed their pets/an 'oops litter.' If you're paying a lot of money for that pup maybe you should have a little look elsewhere just in case.
  11. One of our dogs is like that too. Sometimes he's really bad but when we don't see any other (on lead) dogs he is usually good. We had a trainer come to our house in January to help but long story short that particular guy wasn't too helpful. Good tips I find are: -Keep an eye out for dogs up ahead, if you see another dog, try not to let your dog notice, casually turn around and walk the other way (or cross the road so you are as far away as possible) - If possible you can go up someone's driveway and make your dog sit & look at you or something while the other dog walks past. - Walk on a 45 degree angle with your body blocking the way if you walk past a yard with a dog. - Check out the Muzzle Up project and muzzle train him to love the muzzle and if need be you can use that as a back up, paired with being VERY careful not to let him get scared/frustrated. -Treat him lots for ignoring other dogs and instead looking at you. -you can check out Grisha Stewart's BAT methods (behaviour adjustment training) for a different way of helping fearful/aggressive dogs become more calm, happy, and make good decisions. Worth checking out.
  12. He's an 8yo rescue corgi x terrier. Will definitely ask to get it checked next time we go to the vet. Or maybe during the week I might take him for a check up so I don't know if he needs everything else done. He only had the annual checkup in Dec/Jan and she said he was all good. (She said his teeth were probably better than her own haha)
  13. Our eldest dog tore both back cruciate ligaments over the space of a few years when he was younger. (2-5 maybe) He partially tore one and was limping so we took him to the vet, meds & bed rest for a few weeks/a month. He partially tore the other one, pretty much the same treatment. And then he fully tore it and got the same treatment but I think stricter bed rest and probably more meds. He is fine now and never needed surgery and we never did physio or anything. So I'm not sure how that happened (lucky I suppose) but the vet seemed to know how to heal him up well! I can't remember what the medicine was sorry, I can ask her if you really want, but I think he might've had some pain relief shots too; weekly for 2 or 3 weeks. He's a 13-14kg Corgi x Terrier rescue who is now 8 and zips around after his 1yo Staffy brother at lightning speed and only occasionally gets sore legs (more due to old sore joints I think). But I would advise you do what your vet says, many dogs will require surgery with a torn ACL I believe, not all as lucky as Scrappi!
  14. Sorry for your loss We feed kibble for breakie and raw for dinner. Breakfast is around 7:45am and Dinner is around 6:30-8:00pm. (I'm not sure how that affects their health though, or if it would be unhealthy to feed my dogs once a day, but I just feed twice because otherwise there's a doggy riot haha)