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  1. I was just having a look on the Leura Doggie shop website and there is a brand new version of Ruffwear Front Range harnesses. I hadn't even heard about it anywhere. We have 2 of the old style and they are great. This new version doesn't seem too different to the other ones, the only thing I can tell is the strap is coloured instead of being grey. They look good but I think I prefer the old ones. The old style might start going on sale in different places if they are being replaced by this style.
  2. Thistle and Rural Pug; haha. Thank you I wasn't in charge of the paper work when my family adopted him so I don't really know where it's gone in our house. They don't give us vacc. cards at our vet, it's only on the computer...
  3. Breaks my heart seeing that sort of thing!
  4. I'm not 100% sure how finding a microchip works. But I would've thought that if there is a chip it will come up (regardless if the dog is registered with NSW registry) so wouldn't they think "oh it has a microchip, but the microchip doesn't come up on NSW registry so we'll check the others?"
  5. Thanks for the info. I actually don't really know which registry our dogs are on, so next time at the vets I might check Scrappi's. (He was from WA and we are in NSW so might be on a different register.)
  6. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to let him put too much weight on quickly, but a friend adopted a rescue boxer who was skinny and ribby like that and they gave him meatballs to fatten him up. We tried them for Monty too when he was a bit scrawny. Mince, cream cheese (or cottage cheese or something. Can't remember), kibble (crushed up to crumbs/powder), and some grated veg if you want. And you mix it to a meatball consistency and make patties and freeze them, defrosting as needed. For a dane I suppose you could add a decent portion to his regular meal? The cheese might be a bit rich on his tummy though.
  7. Haha pretty over the top but some of those things are useful.
  8. Sigh. I know how you feel. Monty does this, but he's a 20kg staffy who we adopted at 6mths old. Already had learned bad/reactive behaviours. I don't have much advice sorry, but definitely a good idea to keep doing socialisation and find out a way to nip it in the butt before she grows big and thinks it's ok! Otherwise it is really not fun. Cute little puppy barking is ok and cute so people don't mind, but a big dog is annoying and scary, especially as ours is a staffy. The receptionist at our vet wasn't very helpful either, glad you had someone to try and help out while you paid! Makes it a lot easier. Good idea to get her refocused on you, and to remove her from the waiting room for a while and get her used to it in short bursts, and take her outside if she's getting squirmy and looks like she's going to bark. Also maybe you could give her a little treat to chew on for being calm (as long as other dogs don't try to take it!) Does she go to a puppy obedience class? Maybe doing that if you can will get her used to training in the presence of other dogs and smells, and first maybe you could do training with her while your parents do training or play with their ACD on the other side of the yard?
  9. Sentinel Spectrum is good until a flea gets on the dog, and then you probably need something to break the cycle. A quick fix is Capstar. It is a tablet that you give every time (week? Day?) you notice fleas and it kills them off. It isn't a preventative though, but a good way to get them gone for good before you use preventative. As showdog said you could fleabomb the house if it is quite bad, because they can lay eggs in the dogs bedding, your carpet/rugs, and lounges/beds that the dogs have been on. You could also flea bath them; at home or Pet Quarters does medicated flea baths in the DIY hydrobath. For preventative we use Advantage as well as Interceptor Spectrum instead now because Sentinel doesn't kill the adults so Scrappi caught a flea from another dog which bit him and he had flea allergy dermatitis for a few weeks, this happened a few times and we never saw an actual fleas .
  10. Yes sorry I saw that the other day and forgot to post again on here, I commented it on another thread instead. I find that absolutely appalling that someone would do that, they wasted the public's time, the media coverage and let alone the police time and money! And whatever happened to the poor puppy if it even existed in the first place too...
  11. I don't know. It is meant to be a chew toy, I've seen them before. Maybe he was wearing a different red collar and it's a coincidence, but I have never heard of a "coiled collar" before? I have seen coiled springy leads made out of those surf leg rope type materials, maybe they got collar and leash mixed up, people do that surprisingly often. Nonetheless it is quite a weird turn of events. I am annoyed though that he tricked the public, the media and let alone the police into thinking it was true though, such a low thing to do. Perhaps he had a (probably twisted) reason to do so, but regardless.
  12. The other morning I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of Monty coughing and vomiting up a (medium) mango seed. The second morning in a row that he threw up something weird. Over the year we've had him, he has been notorious for eating weird things, he's not as bad as some dogs but it's pretty dangerous! We have several fruit trees, and when each come into season he eats the fruit/nuts that fall (excluding mulburries, he also picks those haha). At the moment he has been chewing up macadamias (the hard shell then (probably) eating the poisonous nuts which are nowhere to be seen among the crunched up shells and peels) and also mangoes. The bats get in the mango tree despite all of our efforts to stop them, then they take a little nibble out of the mangoes and often drop the rest in the middle of the yard. Then Monty will go and eat the rest, usually skin and all, and at least one time he has eaten the seed too (the one he threw up!) Surprisingly this hasn't had any particularly negative effects, and gorging on lily pillies doesn't seem to do much either and mulberries when they are in season just causes purple poos and a tummy ache. But one day I swear that dog is going to make himself really sick. I was really worried about him getting a disease from the bats but apparently it's very uncommon and things like Hendra virus are spread from bats to horses to dogs? We have tried fencing the trees off with a temporary wire fence and a puppy pen kind of thing, and we pick the fruit up as often as possible but it doesn't help much. I was thinking of maybe trying a "Smuzzle?" any thoughts?
  13. Here's the new news report. ^^^ Not sure if it's true, but apparently he made the story up to cover up for accidentally killing him or losing him or something. That's appalling that someone would make rubbish up like that, wasting police time, the public's time and media coverage. I remember thinking "wow, it's unusual that it has been so widely covered", but obviously it's because a) dog lovers felt sorry for the owner and the dog, and b) media would've known it made for good story; a cute pug with a cute name stolen at knife point. Meanwhile actual stolen dogs and lost dogs aren't getting coverage (suppose that's "boring" for news) This whole time we were worrying for the owner, and being worried about what these "burglars" would do to Egg, but then it was the owner we should be skeptical of... Hopefully Egg is ok. (if he ever actually existed I suppose.)
  14. I think though if BYB and Puppy mills were somehow ended, and that wasn't an issue anymore, there would be more registered breeders. I would love to be a (registered) breeder, I find genetics quite fascinating and I love dogs and puppies (obviously), and would love to show and do dog sports. Although I doubt I will ever breed, because there are enough dogs and pups needing rescue that I feel I should be doing that instead. (though I'm so glad there are awesome registered breeders, no issues with that)
  15. We feed Black Hawk (lamb and rice) for breakfast and for dinner they have raw. Either Big Dog raw patties, or home made raw of meat from supermarket and butchers. (At the moment it is beef heart, lamb offcuts, chicken hearts, chicken liver and chicken giblets) Every few nights they get a chicken drumstick, and occasionally they get veggies and fruit, yoghurt, eggs, or left over meat from our food.