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  1. My dog has a terrible habit of licking his front paws and always has done, and it always gets worse in spring. Then he licks them so much he gets yeasty paws. Perhaps your pup has a similar problem of itchy paws from either the grass / outside or from the shampoo ?
  2. Ahhh oh no! Sorry! Oh god I was so mistaken I always thought those were hyenas!
  3. Oh yeah I forgot about that! Because when I first heard of them, I’d never seen them before so I thought we didn’t have them. They certainly aren’t common though. Will have to meet one one day
  4. I love Swedish Vallhunds, I don’t think we have those in Aus? And Lancashire heelers!
  5. Oh my! They’re so so cute! Like some sort of sheltie/border collie x corgi x koolie x Australian shepherd all bundled into one! They are very pretty!
  6. Except be careful with non-branded pet mince like that as they can put as much preservative in as they like. There’s no laws against it, so sometimes they can put dangerously unhealthy/toxic levels of preservative in for pet mince...
  7. You could just feed minced chicken frames (instead of whole ones, same difference.) We can by chicken mince w/ bone in for like $1/kg in a bulk bag from a local guy, perhaps you could find similar? Chat to people in your area & you might be surprised; I thought there weren’t any raw suppliers around here but turns out there’s a Boerboel breeder around the block who sells raw! Otherwise the premixed stuff like Big Dog patties are all balanced with bone in. They’re really good, but the cost adds up if that’s all you’re feeding (unless dog is tiny.) edit: oh in your case BARF could be reasonably affordable for most of their diet. Probably barely need 1 patty a day per dog! And you can of course supplement with any other meaty bits as well. Edit: on the Big Dog website it says your dogs would barely need 1 patty a day between them so you’re in luck!
  8. We scored 2 Ruffwear Front Range harnesses on Gumtree for $20 each as someone bought them but they didn’t fit their dogs. (They run big, we have a small which fits both a corgi x terrier and a tall staffy x) The RRP is about $69, which personally I think is very pricey for a dog harness, but they are very good. Ours are the older version though, but I don’t think that much has changed aside from colour combos. https://ruffwear.com/products/front-range-harness We’ve also had an Ezydog Quickfit harness. It’s very easy to fit and good quality, equivalent to a collar though really. Their chest plate harnesses are apparently good too. And I’ve seen these, never used them, but they look like they could be a decent cheaper alternative: https://www.budgetpetproducts.com.au/m/product/true-love-dog-harness-nylon-reflective-padded-green-xsmall-for-dogs/10102/
  9. I agree with Maddy, the black & white one looks like some sort of bull terrier type mix. The ones with the little legs possibly have corgi in them, or even just due to a few generations of short-legged parents. It’s frustrating that the media seem to be playing up the “sausage dog” part, labelling them as such and including stock photos of happy dachshunds. Not exactly respectful to the woman who died nor is it portraying accurate information at all... The poor things and the poor woman, they should never have been allowed to roam and become so feral. The authorities were deciding whether to charge the owners, but why is that even a question? Neglected dogs roaming loose, covered in parasites, who killed a woman, it’s hugely irresponsible and neglectful...
  10. *note: there are photos of the 7 dead dogs* https://www.9news.com.au/world/2018/05/17/18/35/woman-killed-after-attack-by-sausage-dogs-in-us?ocid=Social-9News Sausage dogs kill US woman in her home A woman in Oklahoma has been mauled to death by seven sausage dogs. Tracy Garcia, 52, was killed by a neighbour’s dogs in her home last week, reports US news outlet KFOR. Authorities released her name on Wednesday. 1 shot by police, the rest humanely pts on owner’s request. Infested with fleas & ticks. Predominantly dachshund. One of the canines was shot by Carter County deputies when it turned on paramedics who were attempting to help Ms Garcia. County sheriff Chris Bryant said: “Unfortunately, yes, we had to shoot one dog”. “It did charge our deputies and to protect our deputies, as well as the medical personnel, we did have to put down a dog.” Vets at the animal shelter that carried out the euthanisations told US media none had legs longer than an adult human hand or weighed more than 18kg. They were believed to be dachshund-terrier or dachshund-border collie mixes.
  11. Yeah that’s what I figured it must be for, but sad that they can’t charge the adequate amount for the animals that need it (but then they’d never be adopted ) I suppose a cute little pup will be much more likely to sell regardless of price, especially if pups from breeders cost thousands.
  12. Yeah I’ve seen young pups on there for $800 or so who have only have the regular vet work etc, and are simply more expensive because they are purebred or a high demand cross breed... yet dogs with heaps of vet work often only cost $350-$450... dunno
  13. Haven’t looked into it, but would this not just make it more of a muddy mess for those looking to buy/adopt a pet and avoid ACTUAL pet shops? How is someone with not much understanding of the matter supposed to avoid buying pet shop puppies now??
  14. Hmm that’s interesting that she’s gone off Black Hawk, apparently they just recently altered the ingredients a little to “make it more palatable” according to the pet quarters guy. Maybe she’s not into the new taste? I used the newer pack as training treats for the first time the other day, and compared to the old one which was fine to handle, this made my hands stink for hours. (Despite washing my hands thoroughly 5 times and putting on fragrant hand sanitizer)
  15. I’m a bit torn. If there are no kids at our local playground and I walk by with the dogs we’ve occasionally taken them on the equipment for a play haha. (Onleash) But at the same time as someone who was frightened of dogs as a child, I’m hesitant to do so because it could make some children really scared.
  16. So so so true!! As an owner of a dog who is overwhelmed by new dogs, and as someone who was terrified of dogs as a child I really appreciate this article. That party situation described is the perfect way to make a kid scared of dogs. The big ‘scary’ excited dogs running up and boofing kids over, upset/nervous/cranky parents, and then retaliation by rude and aggressive idiotic owners. All of these things could send a dog-weary kid to the point of being terrified of them for years. As a 2yo I was chased around the yard by my neighbour’s happy sweet but hyper kelpie. This traumatised me and I was scared of dogs until I was 9. Now as I’m much older and a mad dog lover, I feel sad for the sweet child-friendly dogs that had to be locked away when I visited friends/family. Simply because I got a fright at an impressionable age, by no fault of the dog. The kids in the article are just having a party with their friends on the play equipment, dogs should be well away.
  17. For future reference: If you have clippers maybe shave the area, and flush/rinse with saline (just dissolve a fair bit of table salt in warm water) to clean out any gunk and hair and excess blood. Then you can get a good look at the wound and see what needs to happen. Poor pup, looks pretty sore! Hope all went well at the vets today!
  18. I did a bit more reading on the disease, and it is certainly not very nice. My neighbour had the human equivalent and it was awful. It came up it can also be called Coonhound Paralysis because coonhounds and other North American hunting dogs get it from raccoons. So the bacteria can come from many sources, and as Maddy said dogs ingest all kinds of terrible germs, they’re dogs. I’ll just be aware, and probably cut down their raw chicken intake. For muscle meat I’ll cut all chicken and use other alternatives. For bones I’ll keep feeding chicken because it’s the most appropriate for my two. ETA: here is a study on the links between campylobacter and APN... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/29356096/
  19. I just came here to post too... a friend saw it and let me know! She has a cavvy, and feeds necks. I feel like the risk of dental disease by not feeding bones is far greater than the risk of this disease. I advised to keep feeding bones, and if any symptoms arose to rush to vets, which they would anyway. I read the article and it seems to be very vague/uncertain language (ie “possibility”, “may”, “hypothesis” etc). Plus it’s a rare disease, usually attacks already immunosuppressed dogs, barely any results when googling the disease. And thinking about how many dogs have eaten raw chicken every day of their life for centuries, it seems pretty unlikely. I’ll be cautious though, I barely feed chicken muscle meat, but the only bones I feed are chicken (frames/drumsticks/feet/wings.) What are some good soft edible bone alternatives with low chance of choking or swallowing big chunks of hard to digest bone?? Maybe we could try turkey drumsticks or wings.. just a lot more expensive...!
  20. For your dog @Mrs Rusty Bucket you could get one of these?? https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/all-for-paws-chill-out-garden-fountain-p-26465 Dogs sure are weird
  21. Oh that’s disgusting to hear. So relieved you listened to your gut instinct & sought advice from others! Hopefully something can be done about this “breeder” in terms of punishment/taking the dogs off them. Absolutely unacceptable and upsetting.
  22. Hello all, thought I should update you. Vet checked him recently and turns out it’s just a smooth wart! Apparently harmless and only removable by surgery, but it’s tiny and doesn’t worry him. Thank goodness! He’ll just get more as he ages & become a warty old man. Haha. Also he does have arthritis and (as suspected) the annual yeasty paws.
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