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  1. We stay home. Not worth risking our dogs welfare.
  2. I have Lucy, a beautiful14 month old kelpie-staffy cross we rescued last year. We took her to dog obedience training for 3 months and she has done well, but one thing we haven't got yet is excellent recall with distractions (We don't even have reasonable recall with distractions). When we call, she just races past us, close but not close enough for contact, and goes around and around running at turbo speed for about 3-5 minutes, and then as she comes past she will plonk down and let us put a lead on her. We know to release her again so she doesn't associate the lead with end of fun. We are det
  3. Huge congratulations, such an exciting beautiful addition to your family. yes we need more photos of Jimmy for sure. dirtyeyeboy Sorry you lost both you boys.
  4. Glad you found someone, that is great news. Now you just need to ensure your dog will get along ok with his dogs, and have a back up plan in case this one falls through before you go or while you are away. I think all things considered, a shorter time away would be better, your dog is only young. While this person sounds very nice, you don't actually know them really well, so while its not my place to say so, I would recommend only going for 3 -4 weeks, rather than 9 if that is at all possible. Just think about it
  5. I'm glad you posted. 9 weeks is way too long to leave him. He will wonder where you are, he will fret, he will miss his walks - and he is super intelligent. You may come back to a dog with all sorts of behavioural and psychological issues. You absolutely need a better solution. This is your dog, you need to make sure he will be ok - he needs looking after. I would be getting a pet sitter, someone to live in your home with him - or find a foster carer type person who will have him at their place. This is highly likely going to need payment. If I was you and couldn't find e
  6. The RSPCA needs to look at itself. Many years ago I was going through a difficult period in my life. We were evicted unfairly (which was a surprise/unexpected ) from our rental and locked out. Friends let us stay at their place. We were allowed to keep our dogs in the rental backyard while 'processes' took place. We had 2 weeks I think to sort things out and get our belongings off the property. This included the dogs. We we went to see and walk the dogs every day, twice a day. But a nosy neighbour, instead of talking to us called RSPCA after a few days. When the RSPC
  7. I wish Australia would catch up with countries that allow dogs in shops and on transport. Really tragic about those two rotties, my heart just breaks for them and their owners. i'd fly your dog over and get professionals to pick it up - that way its safe. I did read about a dog that died flying, hadn't even got on on the plane - it was a 36 degree day - Sydney airport. The dog was with all the luggage in a crate on a trolley thing in one of those hot sheds that have the front section open waiting for the guys to come get the luggage to load up the plane. Dog died from heat exhaustion. It wa
  8. I've used two play pens set up in the family room joined together. It has a donut bed, a crate with door open and bed inside, a really solid water bowl the puppy can't spill easily, and a grass tray with real grass from potty plant. I also got a NetCam from JB HiFi and I can open an app I. My iPhone and see my puppy any time I want - it's peace of mind that they are safe, sleeping, playing. My puppy was home alone only two half days a week but this set up works well. I did gave puppy pads in there but they ended up messy and totally shredded. Proving a goood solid none to chew, or treat
  9. Thanks everyone. I do think she has a fiorm of anxiety, well I know she does. I just thought a dog with anxiety would be needy but she is a strong confident girl. Her environment is very stable. But yes she seems concerned/distressed/anxious by noises - especially when a Neighbour in the distance has a party and extra guests - that sort of thing unsettles her. She also gets super hyper anxious when if drive yo the shops, walk away from the car and into a store. She absolutely freaks out and barks/whines/screams as if someone is repeatedly stabbing her as soon as she loses sight of me. So I'm
  10. It is usually voice, we speak to her and say 'Lucy its Mama,' & then she wags her tail and all is good again. Yes it's clothing, I wore a new all white top fir the first tine and she barked at me as if she didn't know me. In the garden she want ecodcting me but she barked for more than a few seconds, even thought th I spoke to her. It ddid occur to me her eye sight might be an issue. But she can catch a treat as small as anything that flies through the air. Also tonight she was in the master bedroom when she started barking loudly. She wouldn't stop. I opened the door to let her out t
  11. We rescued Lucy at Eater time after we had to say goodbye to our beautiful 15 yr old Kelpie Punpunya. Lucy was nearly 5 months old, - Kelpue-staffy cross. All we knew was she had been dumped in St Kilda, a vet nurse took her in and fostered her for a month. She was brought back after 1 night in a trial new home and we got her. She is a typical Kelpie type, energetic, smart, beautiful. We do regular dog obedience and progressed well. She goes to Doggy day care twice a week for socialization and physical/mental exercise, lots of walks, lots of love. She had Jindi our Westie as a companion unt
  12. Hi Everyone, you are so lovely - I've just come back in... I've found losing Jindi incredibly difficult. I have been through it before and I've so many of my dogs do much. But once they are gone I tend to be ok, I tend to be accepting. But with Jindi I've cried every day since. Sometimes I not even thinking about her and I find tears streaming down my face. I have felt like I am rather broken. I've even had to ask the guy who runs the cremation business to keep Jindi in her custom made box there a little while longer because I didn't think I could cope with receiving her in a box just yet.
  13. Boronia I only just saw this, what lovely dogs and what a joyous full life they had with you. How sad that Penny and Mac's first human parents died in a car accident, but then so wonderful that you gave them a home keeping them together. Losing three so close together leaving for the rainbow bridge must have left a significant hole at your place and in your heart.... each one so precious and gorgeous. The photos you shared are beautiful. Sending much love.
  14. Just wanted to thank you all so much for the love, support and guidance you have given to me over the years but especially this year when I lost my kelp Punpunya, and the years leading up to this one as she got more fragile in her old age. And also for all your love and support and guidance for Jindi. You here are so special, you really make a massive and wonderfully heartfelt difference to dog owners and dogs lives, there just aren't words. I let Jindi go to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday and just haven't been able to post about it until now. I have a full post in the Rainbow Bridge section.
  15. Jindi you've been with me through more than a decade of life's biggest ups and downs - it feels like Ive had you in my life forever. From the day I met you as a 12 week old baby west highland terrier I absolutely adored you. You were so delightful, such a good girl. Everyone that met you commented on how settled and calm you were. Doggy Day Care staff adored you too and helped take good care of you in your last year of life. They cried so much this week too, they miss you my beautiful girl. You were a ray of sunshine every single moment of every single day. We shared life's ups and down, it w
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