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  1. We stay home. Not worth risking our dogs welfare.
  2. I have Lucy, a beautiful14 month old kelpie-staffy cross we rescued last year. We took her to dog obedience training for 3 months and she has done well, but one thing we haven't got yet is excellent recall with distractions (We don't even have reasonable recall with distractions). When we call, she just races past us, close but not close enough for contact, and goes around and around running at turbo speed for about 3-5 minutes, and then as she comes past she will plonk down and let us put a lead on her. We know to release her again so she doesn't associate the lead with end of fun. We are determined (husband, adult son and I) to put in as much effort as is required to get excellent recall in place with our girl. My plan is to - practice and train at home with a 10m lead, then a 25m lead - have treats only used for recall training (highly enticing treats - bought some duck sticks today I'll try - once her recall is good on the 10m lead, I'll progress to the 25m lead Question 1 - when I call and she does not come, I will call once more and then if she doesn't come I will quietly reel her back in. No treat. Is this right? And once I reel her back in, do we stop recall training? Or do I try again. I don't know what to do. Also, I can't many leads over 30m. Should I find a 50M to train with or should I not need that? Once she is on the 30m lead and recalling reliably, I can then trial her in quiet off lead parks with low distraction and work up from there? Any advice would be so appreciated. Recall is quite the challenge!!
  3. Huge congratulations, such an exciting beautiful addition to your family. yes we need more photos of Jimmy for sure. dirtyeyeboy Sorry you lost both you boys.
  4. Glad you found someone, that is great news. Now you just need to ensure your dog will get along ok with his dogs, and have a back up plan in case this one falls through before you go or while you are away. I think all things considered, a shorter time away would be better, your dog is only young. While this person sounds very nice, you don't actually know them really well, so while its not my place to say so, I would recommend only going for 3 -4 weeks, rather than 9 if that is at all possible. Just think about it
  5. I'm glad you posted. 9 weeks is way too long to leave him. He will wonder where you are, he will fret, he will miss his walks - and he is super intelligent. You may come back to a dog with all sorts of behavioural and psychological issues. You absolutely need a better solution. This is your dog, you need to make sure he will be ok - he needs looking after. I would be getting a pet sitter, someone to live in your home with him - or find a foster carer type person who will have him at their place. This is highly likely going to need payment. If I was you and couldn't find either, then I wouldn't go overseas. Also you need a back up plan - in case something goes wrong with what you originally arranged. I don't know how to go about this but some ideas follow; Contact the German Shepherd club and ask for help on how to find somewhere he can stay, ideally someone's home, not a boarding kennel. Go on Facebook and find German Shepherd groups in NSW, and post on there to see if he can stay with someone there Advertise in your local paper Put a notice up at all the local vet clinics on their notice boards.
  6. The RSPCA needs to look at itself. Many years ago I was going through a difficult period in my life. We were evicted unfairly (which was a surprise/unexpected ) from our rental and locked out. Friends let us stay at their place. We were allowed to keep our dogs in the rental backyard while 'processes' took place. We had 2 weeks I think to sort things out and get our belongings off the property. This included the dogs. We we went to see and walk the dogs every day, twice a day. But a nosy neighbour, instead of talking to us called RSPCA after a few days. When the RSPCA spoke to me I explained our situation and that the dogs were still fed, walked, loved, visited twice daily and we were working hard on securing a new home. We secured a new home within another week. But my point is that the RSPCA said I had a week to find a home where I could take the dogs or they would forcibly take my two dogs into care. Then I had 6 weeks to get them, or they would be euthanized. i was a hard working woman who adores and cares well for animals. My situation was out of the ordinary. I was shocked that the RSPCA, were instead of being supportive, threatened to take my beautiful dogs and kill them. Kill 2 loved healthy, cared for, members of a family going through a crisis. Appalling.
  7. I wish Australia would catch up with countries that allow dogs in shops and on transport. Really tragic about those two rotties, my heart just breaks for them and their owners. i'd fly your dog over and get professionals to pick it up - that way its safe. I did read about a dog that died flying, hadn't even got on on the plane - it was a 36 degree day - Sydney airport. The dog was with all the luggage in a crate on a trolley thing in one of those hot sheds that have the front section open waiting for the guys to come get the luggage to load up the plane. Dog died from heat exhaustion. It was a French Bulldog which would not have helped, but thats simply horrible. Since reading about that I have sworn if I am ever flying with my dogs, I will cancel if its a hot day. I don't care what it costs me, or whether I make the trip.
  8. I've used two play pens set up in the family room joined together. It has a donut bed, a crate with door open and bed inside, a really solid water bowl the puppy can't spill easily, and a grass tray with real grass from potty plant. I also got a NetCam from JB HiFi and I can open an app I. My iPhone and see my puppy any time I want - it's peace of mind that they are safe, sleeping, playing. My puppy was home alone only two half days a week but this set up works well. I did gave puppy pads in there but they ended up messy and totally shredded. Proving a goood solid none to chew, or treat toys that take a while to get through are good. Dogs need mental stimulation. You can also buy automatic feeders that open a section of food at preset times.
  9. Thanks everyone. I do think she has a fiorm of anxiety, well I know she does. I just thought a dog with anxiety would be needy but she is a strong confident girl. Her environment is very stable. But yes she seems concerned/distressed/anxious by noises - especially when a Neighbour in the distance has a party and extra guests - that sort of thing unsettles her. She also gets super hyper anxious when if drive yo the shops, walk away from the car and into a store. She absolutely freaks out and barks/whines/screams as if someone is repeatedly stabbing her as soon as she loses sight of me. So I'm not taking her to the shops at the moment until I find the right person to help to make sure I do it properly. I know to stop the carry on, but what I want to do is be sure to address the cause of the anxiety as well,
  10. It is usually voice, we speak to her and say 'Lucy its Mama,' & then she wags her tail and all is good again. Yes it's clothing, I wore a new all white top fir the first tine and she barked at me as if she didn't know me. In the garden she want ecodcting me but she barked for more than a few seconds, even thought th I spoke to her. It ddid occur to me her eye sight might be an issue. But she can catch a treat as small as anything that flies through the air. Also tonight she was in the master bedroom when she started barking loudly. She wouldn't stop. I opened the door to let her out to see what was bothering her and it quickly became apparent it was hearing my son and his girlfriend getting ready to go out that set her off. So that was an auditory one. And she she is very familiar with hearing them do this. They are putting cups in the sink, grabbing coats, they have their shoes on so hearing shoes is a bit different because normally we are bare foot or in slippers .... but we all always have shoes in before we go out. I'm going to get a vet check done. Il will asks for eye sight to be tested. But is there anything else you think I should specifically ask for? I'm kinda thinking maybe it's a mental thing? I've had dogs all my life and never experienced this. Not sure if it's related but she does also have some separation anxiety issues though she is not a 'needy or clingly'dog.
  11. We rescued Lucy at Eater time after we had to say goodbye to our beautiful 15 yr old Kelpie Punpunya. Lucy was nearly 5 months old, - Kelpue-staffy cross. All we knew was she had been dumped in St Kilda, a vet nurse took her in and fostered her for a month. She was brought back after 1 night in a trial new home and we got her. She is a typical Kelpie type, energetic, smart, beautiful. We do regular dog obedience and progressed well. She goes to Doggy day care twice a week for socialization and physical/mental exercise, lots of walks, lots of love. She had Jindi our Westie as a companion until we had to say goodbye to her in October due to a tumour ion her spine. We now have another dog that is 4.5 months old and the two get on great. The issue we have with Lucy is that once every two weeks she barks at a member of the family as if to say 'Hey who are you who are you what are doing in my house?!?!!?!' It very loud, very focused on the one person, not scary, not agreesuve, it's as if she is confused or forgets who we are. It's happened with me in the garden, with my husband in the currufir, with my sons 21 year old girlfriend who practically lves here and with my son. It's as if she forgets who we are. It's really weird because she knows the 4 of us well, really really well. My husband walks her a lot in his own, we both walk her, I train her,my son walks her with his girlfriend, my son trains her.... she knows the 4 of us very very well. Has anybody come across this? Is a veterinary behaviourist the right sort of specialist for this issue?
  12. Hi Everyone, you are so lovely - I've just come back in... I've found losing Jindi incredibly difficult. I have been through it before and I've so many of my dogs do much. But once they are gone I tend to be ok, I tend to be accepting. But with Jindi I've cried every day since. Sometimes I not even thinking about her and I find tears streaming down my face. I have felt like I am rather broken. I've even had to ask the guy who runs the cremation business to keep Jindi in her custom made box there a little while longer because I didn't think I could cope with receiving her in a box just yet. I'm not sure if it's because losing three this year, all who were with me over a decade made it so hard, or whether it was because Jindi really left way too young and the tumor was so cruel, I don't know. But it's been especially hard. I'm so glad and nicely surprised that you have said I should feel ok staying. I've been a member for about 12-15 years and I love DOL. Where did I get the feeling I couldn't stay? I think I saw a new person post and they had a designer dog and they were made to feel unwelcome. I was surprised and felt sorry about that because they had questions and needed guidance. It was many years ago now but never forgot it. I do understand the concerns and issues with designed dogs. I know DOL sippports rescues and I do have Lucy who we rescued - she is a Kelpie-staffy cross - rescued her at Easter this year. She seemed impossible to toilet train but we got there. She was a big handful - incredible energy. She is 1 yr old this week. We took her to dog obedience training every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night for 3 months straight - didn't miss a session. I'd do the handling and my husband would sit and watch with Jindi on his lap. Jindi didn't like to be separated from Lucy and loved coming to watch on my husbands kap and see all the dogs. . We continue that training. We wanted a Westie but we just couldn't get one - not yet. Jindi was a Westie. We now have Ziggy who is a poodle cross - and not a rescue. I was very careful about where I got him from. The good thing is that Lucy and Ziggy get on incredibly well becauseL Lucy was very attached to Jindi.
  13. Boronia I only just saw this, what lovely dogs and what a joyous full life they had with you. How sad that Penny and Mac's first human parents died in a car accident, but then so wonderful that you gave them a home keeping them together. Losing three so close together leaving for the rainbow bridge must have left a significant hole at your place and in your heart.... each one so precious and gorgeous. The photos you shared are beautiful. Sending much love.
  14. Just wanted to thank you all so much for the love, support and guidance you have given to me over the years but especially this year when I lost my kelp Punpunya, and the years leading up to this one as she got more fragile in her old age. And also for all your love and support and guidance for Jindi. You here are so special, you really make a massive and wonderfully heartfelt difference to dog owners and dogs lives, there just aren't words. I let Jindi go to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday and just haven't been able to post about it until now. I have a full post in the Rainbow Bridge section. I'm not sure if I can still be part of the forum though Ive been here maybe 12-15 years now ... because I rescued a kelpie cross and the family have decided on non-pure breed dog. Thank you, thank you so much for everything xxx
  15. Jindi you've been with me through more than a decade of life's biggest ups and downs - it feels like Ive had you in my life forever. From the day I met you as a 12 week old baby west highland terrier I absolutely adored you. You were so delightful, such a good girl. Everyone that met you commented on how settled and calm you were. Doggy Day Care staff adored you too and helped take good care of you in your last year of life. They cried so much this week too, they miss you my beautiful girl. You were a ray of sunshine every single moment of every single day. We shared life's ups and down, it was a bonus that you were such a cuddle-able size. We went to parks and walks in the ranges, we'd go to the St Kikda dog beach and Brighton dog beach, you actually loved swimming. We loved our weekends away down the Great Ocean Road with your beautiful Kelpie soul mate Punpunya and Daddy. We loved Johanna beach, Apollo Bay, all the drives and scenery, the pet friendly cottages and all our many adventures. I cried for three months straight when in January this year you were diagnosed with a nasty tumor in your spinal cord that was compressing against your spine. I knew it wasn't arthritis when the local vet said it was. I took you to a specialist to get you the right help. It was then we were horrified and shocked to find the tumor. You were given 3 months to live if we did nothing - I remember feeling so shocked, so very shocked or 6-8 months if you survived immediate & risky surgery from which you may never walk again, which if you could walk again it would take 3 weeks minimum, then be flown up to Brisbane for 3 weeks of special chemo where we wouldn't be able to see each other due to the radiation levels.... we decided to not put you through that and let you live the best joyful life without invasive risky unpleasant medical procedures so you could live joyfully for as long as possible. I researched anti cancer treatments, diets, & put you on a grain free diet, special supplements, the best yummy protein, golden paste turmeric....I met so many wonderful beautiful caring people during this time on forums, on the phone, in person. I am deeply thankful for all of their time, knowledge and guidance. I worked with the Melbourne Specialist Vet Centre, Dr Tanya Shaw and team who were so incredibly wonderful. They had you on many different medications, we worked together in getting the balance right, often me using gut feel and knowing you well....adjusting and readjusting as required to allow you the best quality of life. Your physiotherapist was so helpful, & lovely. She taught your daddy and I how to massage you. And she really helped because after a while your front right paw could no longer lift properly and she explained we had to find you boots to protect your nails from breaking, bleeding and getting infected. When we finally found waggle socks with a protective layer around the toes we hit the bullseye. They were perfect and did the trick. Your new pair arrived this week but devastatingly you are not here to wear them. And thanks so much to all those here on DOL who helped with my many questions, especially those in the Palliative care forum. Just the most precious and knowledgeable people that really are so supportive and helpful. One of the really useful tips was about how to pull a very sick dog when everything you have tried is no longer working. Crushing the medication into dog friendly peanut butter and smearing that on the roof the mouth was magically effective. In time my little darling girl , you could no longer come on walks with your young energetic rescued Kelpie-staffy sister. So we sat you in a stroller and took you with us - you really liked that. I remember one day when daddy was pushing you and a man in a 4WD wound down his car window and made fun of him. It was funny, we could only laugh - we could not expect him to understand that we couldn't walk without you and so this stroller was a very good workable option :) Making the decision to let you go and taking you to get that happen was beyond heart wrenchingly difficult. I'm not sure I'll ever recover from that. Knowing it's a gift that I can do that for you is something I don't lose sight of, but fighting the powerful instinct to save your life while instead taking you willingly to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge was honestly nearly more than I could cope with. Was it too early, was it too early, really was it too early? Or was it too late, or was there any other alternative I had not yet thought of? One more week? One more day?? How could I ever let you go?! I don't know how I did it, but daddy and I were with you together and we did let you go with all our deepest love. I've said goodbye to so many furry souls Jindi, but it doesn't get easier. I feel that losing you hurt the most. I think its because you were like always 3 years old to me, or maybe because of your delightful outlook and approach to everything everyday, maybe because you were y third this year. whatever the logic or reason, I just miss you more than heart can cope with. Losing 10 year old cat Ellie to bowel cancer in March, then 15 year old Kelpie Punpunya a week later and now you is beyond devastating. We were all together for over a decade. Now you three are all together again, & I'm sure you are and will forever watch over me with your other many brothers and sisters. I love you so much my darling beautiful girl. You are so extra super special. I am utterly filled with so much sorrow, but thank you my darling ray of sunshine. You will forever be a ray of sunshine in heart. I will never ever forget you. Your rays shine beautifully in my heart where your paw prints will stay forever. I love you forever my beautiful Jindi. This is my farewell to you on DOL, which was a huge part of your life. ]
  16. Looked up CCD, she is not showing any other symptoms but now that I know about it I'll see what happens. She seems normal this morning thank goodness.
  17. The wind was blowing a gale so could be Boronia. I'll check out CCD. Thanks for letting me know about it.
  18. She is 10 years old. I have considered some kind of brain function issue - the vet said behavioral issues can result from the tumor - but she was fuagnosrd in Jan and we've had no behavioral issues.... until last night. She's been fine for hours now. I was at the point of taking her to the emergency vet. I'll watch her closely tomorrow. Just thought I'd post in case someone knew what it might be, the things people know about on this forum are amazing. I guess she was upset/anxious about something I could not work out or else may have done neurological issue. I guess time will tell.
  19. Need help. Jindi is whining/crying/howling at what I would explain is 7/10 intensity. and I don't know why. She only ever does this when she is anxious or upset. Not often. An example is when my husband takes our Kelpue cross for a walk because I stay home with Jindi because she can't go on such big walks because she is lame due to a tumor. She is on medication - 4 types, & she has been fine all day. My husband took our Kelpie for a walk this evening, all standard practice - I stayed with Jindi. Jindi got a bit upset and I distracted her. Hubby came back, Jindi was normal, I had a shower, we went to bed. Jindi normally settles on a dog bed on the floor or on our bed with us. She came up on to our bed and started the whining/crying howling. I've given her water, taken her outside, taken her for a walk, tried everything. At times she will stop for 3-4 minutes but then starts up again. For the life of me I can't work out what is wrong. When in pain she just goes quiet. So I don't think it's pain. Anyone experienced this? She has gone quiet as I write this, hopefully she is ok now. Edited: she settled after a while, sleeping now. It went on for about 1.5 hrs.,I lay on the bed and held her, massaged her and it helped - I think she got tired too.
  20. Thanks. She has been fine since and is snoozing happily in the bed tonight. ????
  21. As some of you know, my beautiful 10 yr old Westie girl has a tumour in her spinal cord compressing on her spinal. She was given 3 months to lie in January. She has been doing so well. We have had a few frightful times where she stops eating and won't take mess but each time she has come through. The vets can't believe it. Anyway she is eating really well, doing well but tonight while laying with me on bed she is panting lightly for no reason. She does not feel hot. I think her pain levels are increasing. She is not obviously in more pain but maybe it's hard to tell because she us still eating, she limps all the time now. It's just the panting. She is on the highest level of med's she can have now - 4. We had to reduce one from nightly to every two nights then I stretched it to every 3 then every 4 and now it's back to every 3. I call the specialist vet tomorrow morning and see what she says.
  22. Boronia I am so very deeply sorry. I feel for you so much.
  23. I'm so very sorry to read of Danny being gone. There just aren't words but I send you much love. We miss them always. You gave him everything and he gave you everything and together you shared a very rich life of love. I'm really feeling for you. I hope when the grief leaves that you find the happy memories come to the surface without as much pain associated to the loss. Our babies are just not with us long enough are they? Big hugs. He will always watch over you with love.
  24. Update: thank you so much. Jindi did eat the critical care food. I then started to give it with some minced beef or chicken or salmon, reducing the critical care good until she was back to eating normally. I didn't have to crush it cut open capsules. The training regime is great Ptotomy, thatceouldceitkbeith my rescue is getting full on obedience trained - classes twice a week. Jindi turned a corner, again. Yay!!! Each time I think maybe this might be the end. And each time I hope against hope she comes good again, and she does. Soooo oooooo happy. She is loving life. Her little Westie tail wagging so fasti is just the best joy in the world to experience.
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