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  1. Wolf rescued

    Some men rescued a 'dog' from a river, took it to the vets only to find out it was a wolf! They had even towelled the 'dog' down to dry it off. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-23/good-samaritans-rescue-dog-that-turns-out-to-be-a-wolf/10843102 Wolf, rescuers and vet are all ok!
  2. New breed in Australia

    A quick search found at least one breeder - https://www.fairmatecatahoulas.com/ They 'imported' the dogs at the same time they 'imported' themselves
  3. Pedigrees, coat color and breed standard

    This sort of thing can be changed though if breed members are determined enough. The Border Collie recently had a breed standard refresh and most of the really silly cosmetic things were fixed up ie colours, ears & coat length. My purebred, pedigree sable Border Collie is now legal for instance
  4. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    I reuse those shopping bags for shopping. Yeah my stash is growing but they are getting used. I use nappy bags for poo bags. I don't do fenced dog parks but do go to parks with off lead areas, even those annoy me fairly regularly.
  5. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Sounds like an upset tummy from the stress of a new home and new diet. Because he is so young not eating like that can make a puppy go down hill very quickly. You would have seen a very upset tummy if it was parvo. Puppy is too young for 'walks' btw. Even when his vaccinations are finished don't go walking long distances. Do very short walks more for socialisation than exercise.
  6. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    You could maybe try the Pediasure if she is wanting milk. I use it when Amber is really poorly. It is for sick children. Only get the vanilla one. I don't know if it is suitable for a dog with Kidney disease but did find it as a suggestion for kids with kidney disease. It has easily absorbed proteins which give the organs a break whilst supplying nutrients. I use this as a meal btw. https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/72519/pediasure-vanilla-850g Have you tried the baby food? I get the Raffetty ones in the veggie flavours. https://www.raffertysgarden.com.au/baby-food-products/4-month-baby-food/pumpkin-apple-sweetcorn
  7. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Sorry to hear this Sheena. Amber has always eaten her Hills food ok. I squirt a bit of baby food over it to make it a bit more interesting.
  8. Sheltie Decendant

    Really? Strange that they passed out MY phone number to someone then.
  9. Sheltie Decendant

    Dogs Victoria might be able to help. The passed on my phone number to someone in the same sort of situation. The Sheltie Club seem pretty good at helping though. They just helped my Mum find a dog.
  10. Sheltie puppy

    Mum got an older Sheltie girl from a breeder yesterday. Which is what I wanted her to do rather than a puppy. She had found a breeder she liked but the matings didn't work out. New doggie is going well and Mum is happy.
  11. How do you prevent this?

    You can get this plastic stuff that has holes in it and sort of feels sticky. I've used that before. Not sure it would stand up to really rough play. Maybe worth a try? This stuff - https://www.rugsandstuff.co.uk/premium-hard-floor-rug-gripper-anti-slip-underlay-ako-profilo-109-p.asp I got some from Bunnings a while ago to put on a shelf in a shower that was sloped too much and shampoo bottles just fell off!
  12. She was on a comparable food prior, maybe slightly less protein but fish and grainfree. She has also had the Prime Kangaroo dry with no problems. She has had all sorts of different brands and I haven't had a problem with her before. She seems fine thanks.
  13. I actually took the food back today. The shop said that they have had other cases of it causing diarrhea. They said that Prime had said that the formula was too rich and that was what was causing upset stomachs. Hopefully Poppy will be ok. She seems fine.
  14. That is interesting as I just started a bag of the Prime Salmon this week and Poppy has a upset stomach. I don't normally have issues when I change food for her.
  15. Fly Snapping after eating

    So a smaller, lower protein meal and she isn't doing the snapping? And a higher protein, bigger meal and she air snaps? That isn't a habit. I would be getting a second opinion.