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  1. Asking the price is ok. Haggling over the price is not so popular!
  2. You have confused people on here so maybe you confused the breeder and they thought you wanted a girl. Why don't you just ask them what is going on. They are obviously not hiding the fact that there are male puppies.
  3. I think Big Dog made the original Dr B patties and there was some falling out and they ended up making their own patties. Dr B patties have also been sold to a larger pet food company now - Real Pet Food Company.
  4. You did a good thing looking after Nana Gem PME. Glad that Nana Gem got to have a lovely home for her final years.
  5. Yes I've used it. Similar to VAN. The lady that developed it used to be near me so have spoken to her personally. I liked that she was a Naturopath. Have used some of her herbal preps as well for dogs and horses. The dogs ate it happily and did well on it. I didn't use it to address any issues so can't tell you if it worked or not. I would use it again. If you like mixing up warm horses feeds you will enjoy making this
  6. I hope he is much improved from your last thread.
  7. I have a couple of the Surf Dog robes. They are pretty good for drying and reducing mess.
  8. I'm going to give you some sympathy as I would be pretty upset if I had waited ages for a puppy and then at the last minute had the breeder change their mind. Especially if I had visited the puppy. I imagine you had names picked out and puppy things purchased. If you say what breed you are looking for perhaps someone can help you with a new puppy.
  9. A good place to start is to visit a dog show and go chat to the Dane people. Most will be happy to talk to you as long as they aren't about to go into the ring. If your state has a Dane club that would also be a good way to find breeders.
  10. Yes the auto fill gives good pressure. I wouldn't bother with a twin tank if you have hot water plumbed in.
  11. How they normally work is like this: one tank is heating the water, you move water from this tank into a 'washing' tank, I normally add shampoo into the washing tank. Wash the dog. Drain the washing tank. Flick over to the heating tank for fresh water for rinsing. So the good thing about a twin tank is you have fresh water heating up whilst you are washing. You could fill the wash tank with the rinsing water by turning the draining bit off so the rinse water isn't draining out. My main angst with the FIdo is that it takes a while to heat up the water. This is ok if you are spending time drying the dogs off.
  12. I think the general consensus is to feed what your dog does best on. If people want info about raw feeding that is provided. If they want info on a kibble that is provided. Then people cam make their own minds up.
  13. I personally class peas as a protein source not as a filler.