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  1. Chi eats toes

    Ok none blurred out photos in this story. Not totally eaten off but the dog had a good chew on it!! http://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/former-afl-star-campbell-browns-fatherinlaw-is-australias-unluckiest-pet-owner/news-story/194f1a94b61e53697e44441943c050ac
  2. Chi eats toes

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4886832/Gruesome-injuries-dad-s-toes-chewed-chihuahua.html?ito=social-facebook_Australia A Chi has eaten its owner's big toe whilst he slept! The man has diabetes so can't feel his feet. This is all very horrible BUT the same dog ate the man's other big toe 2 years ago!!! Why would you let the dog still sleep on the bed after that?
  3. This is a new problem? The dog didn't always have allergies? If yes then it is possible it is 'old age' or more to the point something else is going on. Amber had a nasty allergy when her liver was playing up. I was doing all sorts of food elimination diets that weren't doing much, actually made her condition worse as I was using super premium foods that were quite high in protein.
  4. Congratulations! He is lovely!
  5. Hi Sorry you are in this situation. The surgery is risky but if successful the dog normally lives a normal life span. I chose to have a specialist ultrasound rather than going straight to the CT. Specialist in that it was at a vet emergency place rather than a normal vets. This did show up the shunts, which were inoperable. Doing that could be a gamble as if it doesn't show up the problem you then have to get the CT and end up paying more money. There are also risks with the CT as they need to sedate the puppy which isn't good with liver issues. I treated my dog medically. She was given given 6 months to live at 11 months old. She will be turning 8 this year. It is hard work and you need to be pretty dedicated with the medicine and food. The medicine and food are also going to add up to a lot of money. You have to be careful with worming and vaccinations. If they get sick with something else then it becomes tricky to treat them with other drugs or if they need a general. Good luck with whatever you decide. If you have any other questions just ask.
  6. Is your dog a 'shy' pooper? I had this issue with my dog last year. I ended up taking her to a place that she regularly poops at (local park), putting her on a long lead and pretty much turning my back on her. She also had a nasty shaving rash and putting cream on that also helped the pooping situation. After an op you just want your dog to wee, poop and eat and I never relax until they do so I feel your pain
  7. I feed at 6.30ish and put them out for a wee/drink when I am getting ready for bed 10.30ish. Most of the time they just sit at the back door. They do want to get up pretty early in the morning 6ish. What time are you getting up?
  8. Dog walk drama

    This is what I originally tried to explain to her when we first met months ago. She didn't take it well. Most people call out to me me that I don't have make the dogs sit with me. Errr just following the law people!
  9. Dog walk drama

    A while a go I got abused my a lady when I asked her to call her off lead dog away from mine. Mine were on a lead but it was in the start of an off lead area. She didn't seem to get the fact that you can't just let your dogs run up to other dogs and started foaming at the mouth about me having unfriendly dogs in a dog park. It isn't a fenced dog park btw it is just an off leash area. Saw her today. Hers was on lead, mine were off. So I call them off the path and put them in a sit stay. She abuses me again for having unfriendly dogs in a park park. Well she called them vicious! She then yelled that my black one had attacked hers on another road! Ummm no psycho lady, not sure how mine can attack yours when they have never even touched noses. Last time I saw her I walked on the wide nature strip to avoid her as she was jogging. She likes to keep walking whilst abusing me so a conversation is rather difficult. Normally people thank me for putting my dogs in stay and comment on how well behaved they are!! Very odd and not a good start to the day!
  10. How much is that doggy?

    Asking the price is ok. Haggling over the price is not so popular!
  11. You have confused people on here so maybe you confused the breeder and they thought you wanted a girl. Why don't you just ask them what is going on. They are obviously not hiding the fact that there are male puppies.
  12. Dr Billinghurst barf

    I think Big Dog made the original Dr B patties and there was some falling out and they ended up making their own patties. Dr B patties have also been sold to a larger pet food company now - Real Pet Food Company.
  13. Border Collie Pics

    You did a good thing looking after Nana Gem PME. Glad that Nana Gem got to have a lovely home for her final years.
  14. Anyone feeding or ever used Phuds

    Yes I've used it. Similar to VAN. The lady that developed it used to be near me so have spoken to her personally. I liked that she was a Naturopath. Have used some of her herbal preps as well for dogs and horses. The dogs ate it happily and did well on it. I didn't use it to address any issues so can't tell you if it worked or not. I would use it again. If you like mixing up warm horses feeds you will enjoy making this